as if you didn't know enough about me already...

  1. i'm spoiled. 

  2. i like taking baths.

  3. i like summer

  4. i love the sun

  5. i love water

  6. i plan on having a baby next year. 

  7. i am going to have 2 or 3 children

  8. i have a large family on all sides. 

  9. my family is religious. especially on my dad's side

  10. i'm closer to my father's side of the family

  11. i love my family

  12. i used to wish i was adopted because i hated my family

  13. my mom and dad were and are really strict

  14. i never went to public school for more than a few days. i was home schooled. 

  15. i am older than all my cousins. 

  16. i had a crush on 2 of my cousins and one of my uncles. 

  17. i used to think that my dad is not my dad. i'm still not sure... 

  18. i never go out with guys who remind me of my brothers. 

  19. i have millions of crushes... ok so a few 100. 

  20. i never kissed anyone till i was twenty

  21. i got married at 21.

  22. i have been married for 7 years now. 

  23. i constantly think of leaving my husband. i used to tell him but i quit. 

  24. i feel like my husband doesn't love me as much as my first fiance did. 

  25. i lost a baby from my ex before i got married. 

  26. i sometimes cry when i see other people with kids...

  27. i wonder if my hub will leave me after i have kids like he did to his 3 exes

  28. i think my hub is cute but he's not romantic and i don't feel like i get enough affection from him. 

  29. we have one puppy and one cat atm

  30. we live in a little rental house on the edge of the woods.

  31. i like to take long walks in the woods. with my puppy. 

  32. i miss my other dog iggy

  33. i miss my cat selvester.

  34. i miss max and mia (my other dogs) and duke (my first dog)

  35. our dog now is super spoiled and demanding.

  36. i don't eat 3 meals a day

  37. i have lived in florida most of my life.

  38. i hate rednecks and still consider myself a yankee...

  39. i love ny. i love icy... (idk if i shall leave this here i keep freaking out and erasing anything i write that mentions him) 

  40. ever since i found icy i have been spending less and less time with my "bff" who i tell everything to... at least in the past... i hardly speak to him now... i used to love him and want to marry him but now idk. i know it's dumb because i'm already married. but... *sigh* 

  41. i never nag. but my hub does :( i just realized that today. 

  42. my hub puts up with a lot of nonsense from me because i think he's afraid i'll leave if he doesn't??

  43. i have 6 step kids that i have never met. most of them are older than i am. and 2 are younger then me by only a few years. 

  44. idk why i am writing all this - but i am. 

  45. i used to have a crush on my rabbi's only son... i came here to ep to forget about him... i still like him but i quit crushing on him. thanks. (ep) 

  46. i had a dream that i was going to marry isaac once. i had a dream after that we kissed (totally different dream) i wrote him on fb and told him and some time latter i noticed that he blocked me... that's ok... i told him i was getting into a lot of moral issues online... even though i'm sad and hurt that he blocked me. i respect him for it... no less. i think he's the most perfect man ever. and cute as cupid too. (that's beside the point)

  47. i used to think i was ugly but now i think i'm beautiful (sometimes) 

  48. i love swimming

  49. i love to write... 

  50. i rode a freight train before... a number of times (idk if i should say this here or not) 

  51. i have been to prison once and to jail more times than i can remember... all because i was frighting with my hub because i used to be crazy jealous :( but they sent me to anger management while i was on probation/house arrest. which was so expensive that i quit... but for the record i firmly believe in the proper teachings of anger management :) because they work. If taught properly by someone who knows what they were doing. *sigh* (the first person who taught the class was a novice and not much help) 

  52. i'm like really absent minded... i seriously can go to one room from another and forget why sometimes... or what tv adds are running i sometimes can't remember what i am watching... sometimes i can't remember my own info like name and age... Sometimes... i'm not like that all the time... naturally i can remember things sometimes... *sigh* 

  53. i'm watching tv right now...

  54. i used to think that true love was forever... that you love that one person and that one person only and forever even after they die. that you never ever care for anyone else... 

  55. i married a guy who is now 55. he's sitting to my left atm watching Heart of Dixie. :D my hub is cute... and i love being married sometimes... i just wish i married someone i loved. and i hate myself for what i have done and i wish i could escape... but he won't let me...

  56. i wish i could see the future so i could stop worrying about it. 

  57. i wish i had a Normal life sometimes...

  58. i have a crush on the 2 bros on heart of dixie :D 

  59. i like ballerinas. i think they are super pretty.

  60. i used to want to be an orthodox jew

  61. i used to want to be a nun

  62. i used to have super white teeth... but i don't anymore... 

  63. i have medium long hair :D 

  64. i have dark hair and eyes (brown)

  65. i am relatively short. 

  66. a lot of jealousy on this show...

  67. my brother and his gf are playing in the next room and i can hear them giggling and laughing... reminds me of being a kid *sigh* 

  68. i wish i was in love with someone... i wish my hub would let me go...

  69. i hate liars. i hate lying... i hate pressure. i hate being busy... i like being chill. i like peace. i like sleep. i like taking bubble baths *sigh* 

  70. awkward 

  71. i think my brother's hair is longer than his gf's? 

  72. i'm a scatter brain

  73. i'm a computer addict. 

  74. why do people have to be such liars?

  75. my bro and his gf are like a bunch of giggly kids...

  76. *sigh* 

  77. *sigh* 

  78. oh i sigh a Lot nowadays... i cry easily too. doesn't matter if it's sad or happy if it's emotional i'm be crying over it. a lot... :/ 

  79. i think i like to cry sometimes... really maybe i enjoy it?????????? right? i mean i must if i cry so much *sigh* 

  80. I'm a florida girl. i was born in Montana. in the snow. 

  81. why do people like to live in denial? :/ 

  82. what is with that smile? i wish i could see the back clips of this show... what was that smirk about? 

  83. sometimes in life you have to chose sides... i hope you are happy with yours. 

  84. i was born in 83

  85. my name is Ligaya R. Bales. daughter of the Kirchhevels... (there i said i wouldn't name names but i just did) 

  86. idk how long i will leave this note up before i erase it... 

  87. i used to get spammed on msn for sending out nude picks to strange guys... about 60 of them

  88. i have been nude with 14 guys 12 of whom i have s-x with

  89. my hub was the 6th guy i was ever with... i wanted to be with 7. so when i first met him i though he was hot and i wanted to shag him... but he wanted me to stay. we got married the next month. 

  90. ten more facts to go... my bro's gf is laughing at my hub cause she thought he had a rawhide in his mouth (it was a cig) 

  91. i like tall guys because even though i am short i like wearing really high heels on occasion and i like my guy to be taller than i am even then. 

  92. i'm not afraid of the dark. or of death. or of fighting... though i like to leave in peace. i'm not above kicking people in the face or shins. :D *sigh* 

  93. i am not a saint. but i do admire them. genuine people. honest people. genuine people... not proud people. not braggarts. i hate snobs.

  94. i'm sometimes snobbish and vain. a lot... i like to be nice but only to nice people. 

  95. i hate people who think too much of themselves...

  96. i am going to try to edit this before i post it... i'm known for gobs of typos (at least to myself) *sigh* 

  97. i go bearfoot a lot... i like to cut my nails really short. i wash my hands and feet a lot. i hate dust and germs. 

  98. i am not afraid of the outdoors. 

  99. i have ran away before and slept outside alone on the ground with no covers... it's no fun... my love my bead and blanket and pillows and the warmth...

  100. i like hot water... i believe in G-d... i believe in life after death... sometimes i worry that i'm not a good enough person and i'm going to hell. *sigh* i wish my life had been different but it's not. i changed my mind i am not going to edit anything so goodnight. 

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