Darcy08 challenged me a while back to do 200 so I am finally meeting that challenge!

  1. I LOVE a good dare.

  2. I am willing to try anything at least twice. If it didn't work the first time maybe there was something wrong so a second time might do it!

  3. I have sporadic thoughts. So if I am talking to someone in person about one thing I will accidently change the subject.

  4. I went to a new dentist for a check up and he gave me a lecture about how bleaching my teeth is bad for me. At the end of his lecture I said "Dude I don't bleach my teeth", I got 4 free packs of toothpaste and 2 toothbrushes from him. (Why do we call it 'tooth brush" if it brushes teeth?)

  5. I am obssessed with lip balm. I hate when my lips are chapped.

  6. I'm that girl who bobs her head while listening to my ipod on the way to class. Sometimes I do a little dance while I am staationary.

  7. I curse like a sailor sometimes.

  8. And other times I replace curse words with "cutesie" words like freakin A, darn it, or fudge.

  9. I said it once and I will say it a thousand times I do NOT like birds.

  10. I rethought the idea of a kanji tattoo because I don't want to feel like I'm disrespecting their culture by getting on my body. (If there is a Japanese person that could clarify for me I would appreciate it!)

  11. I currently have some psycho obsessed with me and I am contemplating a homocide (I'm just kidding don't get your knickers in a bunch).

  12. ^That person isn't the only person who has harrassed me. (2 other people to be exact)

  13. I feel weirded out when a person that has known me since childhood hits on me.

  14. My favorite season is spring, not too hot and not too cold its juuuussst right!

  15. A lot of girls I meet in person say I look like a maneater. (What do one of those look like?)

  16. If I were to ever date a man I have a really extensive list so if he doesn't meet the requirements then it won't happen, which is kinda the point DUH!

  17. I love it when people compliment my fashion style.

  18. My favorite part of my body are my legs....I guess.

  19. Me and my bum have a love/hate relationship because my cheeks seem to hang out of my shorts and skirts at the bottom.

  20. My canine teeth are kind of sharp.

  21. I am going to my first live comedy show on May 11th to see Kevin Hart and boy am I excited!!

  22. Although my family knows I am a lesbian the always say I will end up with a white guy.

  23. I defy gravity by tripping upstairs all the time

  24. I read paranormal romance books for fun and yes that means it has sex in it and is sometimes about vampires but there is more of a variety than you think

  25. I am so sweet you might get a cavity

  26. Although I am 99.9% sweet and silly, if you get on my bad side I can be cold and calculating.

  27. I like to keep my nails long

  28. Everything about me is real. I don't wear weave, colored contacts (anymore), or makeup

  29. I got lost in Wal-mart when I was 13 lol don't judge me

  30. I always wonder what people think of me but then again maybe I don't?!?

  31. I accidently say sexual things all the time. (Honestly I don't mean to)

  32. I went skiing and it was sooo scary but fun when I got the hang of it. I plan on going again and staying in a cabin with someone to keep warm with. (hint hint

  33. I love pineapples and anyone who gives them to me will receive my love!

  34. I walked in on my parents having sex and ewww I believe I am scarred for life lol

  35. I don't really care if you get an abortion or not. But I wouldn't get one

  36. I'm not really into politics. Why can't we all just get along?

  37. What the hell does IMHO mean?? I don't like the new text talk thing, I mean golly you have an acronym for EVERY damn thing!

  38. Sometimes I think I'm cursed because people cling to me readily all the time, it never fails. Not being cocky its a fact that I don't really like for certain reasons.

  39. I have been in a car chase before and I was scared as hell

  40. I play pranks on people on a daily basis. Hey I love to have fun, sue me!

  41. I don't think I am prepared for the real world, but good thing I don't want to go on tv lol (get it?)

  42. I walk around in my undies and a shirt because pants drive me crazy!

  43. I really want to go to Australia or New Zealand one day (any takers??)

  44. I LOVE feminine women, they get my blood boiling (Is it hot in here or is it just me?)

  45. If I get married I want to write my own vows

  46. I think interracial relationships are adorable

  47. I love seeing older people holding hands, it gives me hope in love

  48. I am hoplessly romantic but I am single

  49. I like to believe I am spiritual because I don't have a true religion

  50. I would love to sparta kick someone one day lol

  51. I am a passivist 'm a peace and love kind  of girl

  52. Everytime I go to NY and I get on a crowded subway, someone feels on me or rubs up against me like I have a sign that says "Touch me"

  53. I'm not as afraid of death as everyone else is

  54. I never ever had sex with a guy before so yep I'm a gold star

  55. Zoe Saldana is my wife so BACK OFF!

  56. My favorite color is purple

  57. My birthday is in September and finally I will be 21

  58. I tripped over something then turned around to find it was a line...painted on the ground so yes I tripped over the air. No judging me!!

  59. I love to cook and wish I had someone to cook for

  60. I wrote a erotic story a long while ago and got A LOT of good feedback but I will never tell anyone where I put it. That is locked down ~clink clink~

  61. Even though I know what my ancestors went through to gain the right to vote I do not vote. I believe my vote doesn't counts unless the electoral college vote is tied (that's how Bush won)

  62. I haven't been kissed in 10 months! My lips are lonely lol

  63. I am a huge movie buff I even save me ticket stubs

  64. Some people run into me because I am so short they don't care to look where they are walking

  65. I have never used a pick up line but I think I might just try it one day

  66. Yes I listen to KISS sometimes, don't be hatin

  67. I always get called bourgeios because I talk proper or "white" as they call it. But THEY can kiss my ***!

  68. I got a fish hook with a worm on it stuck to my sock and I freaked out

  69. I saw my dad catch a fly in his hand because it was bothering him so I did the same thing and I threw up because I caught it in my hand too

  70. I lock my keys in my car more than the average person lol my parents hate it

  71. The disney channel show Good luck Charlie cracks me up

  72. I miss Hey Arnold and Doug

  73. I write my notes in colorful pens

  74. I love reading because it lets me escape into my own little world

  75. I am a total gleek!

  76. When I was younger I got ran over by four bikes and they just went over me like a speed bump. How rude!

  77. I hate when people think me being a lesbian is a choice. Why would I choose to be discriminated against?

  78. I can contradict myself a lot

  79. I cannot seem to take a bisexual person seriously because I personally believe there is no such thing ( eventually you have to choose)

  80. I am proud to say my parents have been married for 34 years and still going (I want to go as long or longer than they are)

  81. I can physically feel people's emotions. Like when they are mad I can feel heat in my cheeks or when they are sad I can feel my eyes tearing up

  82. I played volleyball and I was damned good at it. My vertical is pretty good for my height

  83. People always say they wish they could have my disposition but if they knew what it is really like to be me they wouldn't want it.

  84. I was named after a young lady from a soap opera. (Why do they call it a soap opera?)

  85. My favorite word and question is "why?"

  86. I love chocolate ice cream but I don't eat many sweets

  87. I love LOVE fruits

  88. I find it hard to snap my fingers when I want to do it on cue

  89. When I see a person disrespect their parent(s) it makes me so mad to the point that I have to get away from them

  90. When I was younger I was trying to open a present and cut my finger. I had to go the ER on New Years. (great resolution now I'm afraid of knives)

  91. My best friend is my mother

  92. I saw this guy with a "Keep calm chive on" shirt and I told him chive on and we high fived like old friends....he was a complete stranger

  93. I talk to strangers (Sorry mom)

  94. When someone compliments me I just say thank you but I honestly feel kind of weird when they compliment me (my looks not clothes)

  95. I can read a book and watch a movie multiple times and never get bored

  96. I will not lie to you EP I have shoplifted when I was younger and I still feel really bad about it

  97. People love my facial expressions

  98. I love my last name

  99. I met Micheal Jordan and he is tall. I thought he was going to be short because people said he was a short basketball player (I was young)

  100. I have been in the newspaper for my mad skills SERIOUSLY

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2 Responses Apr 26, 2012

Lol you like me you really really like me! I will take a bow now. Thanks I never know what people mean when they put IMHO.

You are a friggen ROCK STAR! Way to go. I loved reading your list. I guess this means I am up to bat huh? Your list made me smile and I even LOLed (hahaha, your fave thing) a few times. IMHO (in my honest opinion) :P (now I am just being snarky) you sound like an awesome chick! Bravo!