The List Of Me.

1. I am ¾ Irish ¼ French, and 100% Canadian.
2. I keep a positive outlook in the worst of situations.
3. I play guitar.
4. I write music.
5. I sing.
6. I ride a Harley.
7. I speed excessively.
8. I love girls in dresses.
9. I don’t have an addictive personality and therefore do not understand addiction.
10. I don’t believe that sex addiction is real therefore I stand by # 9
11. I can climb buildings, from the outside.
12. I hate politics.
13. I don’t watch TV. Just don’t have the time for it.
14. I do charity work. Well it’s not really work, it’s more like golfing and drinking.
15. I easily make friends
16. I have five tattoo’s.
17. I’m a dog person.
18. I find a girls bum attractive over boobs. But I like boobs too.
19. I like the way women smell.
20. I like the taste of a women’s neck, lips, juices.
21. I like all music and genera’s, but not a whole lot of new country.
22. I think Toby Keith is a War Mongering, hillbilly douche.
23. I can fix or build just about anything.
24. I have a giant mirror over my bed, it was there when I moved in, and I like it.
25. I am completely loyal when in a relationship.
26. I consider dating a relationship. After about four dates.
27. I have no problem with nsa s3x when I am single.
28. I have been in a ********* with two women.
29. I have never started a fight.
30. I will try to talk my way out of a fight but I have never ran from one.
31. I can stand on the seat of my bike and ride around corners.
32. I am taking flying lessons.
33. I am taking UFC training. For the physical activity, not to compete or to fight.
34. I love the ocean.
35. I want to spend the winters somewhere warm.
36. I am good at sex, but only if my partner is as well.
37. I am not passionate about my job.
38. I do not partake in negative conversations or activities.
39. I dislike rude people.
40. I like people with manners, compassion, and who have general goodness in their heart.
41. I am attracted to women who look after themselves as I also do.
42. I think about sex a lot, and find that sometimes I have to wait out a stiffness in the pants before I can leave my desk.
43. I am a sexual person, not a pervert.
44. I am not into hunting or killing animals. Although I will fish on occasion.
45. I sometimes suffer from insomnia.
46. I have a bad memory.
47. I generally make people laugh.
48. I love sitting at the local pub and trading stories with the guys.
49. I am artistic.
50. I love camping, although now I have an RV……
51. I am a good cook.
52. I love hot tub parties.
53. My hair gets curly when I let it grow long.
54. I like big jacked up red neck trucks.
55. I want to build a driving bath tub.
56. I attend Sturgis bike ralley every few years.
57. I like to people watch.
58. I’m a cup half full type of person.
59. I have had out of body experiences.
60. I believe in reincarnation.
61. I believe in love, and am searching for a soul mate.
62. I am not a great speller.
63. I am a firm believer in manscaping.
64. I hate war.
65. I hate greed.
66. I lust you.
67. The only time I say no is when somebody asks if I’ve had enough.
68. I dislike big ugly bugs.
69. I like a clean orderly house, car, desk, body, etc.
70. I can sing well. I’m told.
71. I dislike the state of the world, but separate myself from it, so that I can say, life is beautiful.
72. When I don’t feel like doing something, I don’t do it. I do what I want.
73. Sometimes I skip work. See # 72.
74. I look good naked.
75. I like a clean shaven or trimmed ……..
76. I am going to buy a motor yacht, and sail everywhere I can.
77. My favorite car is the Ford GT 40
78. I am and Edmonton Oilers fan.
79. I can look after myself.
80. I enjoy the company of different people from various cultures.
81. I will help you if I can.
82. I look younger than my age.
83. I work for an engineering and construction firm.
84. I wanted to be a marine biologist.
85. I will have her asking “How are you doing that?” as she shakes uncontrollably.
86. I go to about a dozen concerts a year.
87. I have lived on the Atlantic coast and the Pacific.
88. I believe in myself.
89. I am a summer person.
90. When I realize that I’m spreading gossip, I stop.
91. I like high adrenaline activities.
92. I surround myself with great people.
93. I like to travel.
94. I have fun when I’m single, but would prefer to be in love.
95. I take risks.
96. I will open the door for you.
97. I am romantic.
98. I have been a gypsy most of my life, and have moved so much that I have my own moving truck.
99. I want to settle down with someone without settling.
100. I just killed the work day with this list.
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ahhh I get 10 now... it made its way on to the second line it was #9 :) in fairness it was your fault for adding the decimol ;) x

I don't know where you got hash as it doesn't appear to me that way. It should say " I stand by number nine".

9. Isn't duplicated it's the end part of ten.

I don't think you have any doubt why about number 24.

27. I'm single I still like sex though...

42. Is not so funny when you are called to an emergency meeting.

45. Might not be so bad with a naughty partner who also suffered. But yah it sucks.

50. Is so much fun.

55. I want to build a bath tub on wheels that I can actually drive around at the different festivals I attend.

57. I was starting to run out of stuff.

63. I also enjoy having it done for me. Or the reciprocation of.

66. Nope. It's just a vegue comment on my vigor in sexuality.

75. There shouldn't be.

85. Deal

89. Born in the fall. Do love the colours that time of year gotta say.

100. Glad work was over, and I can jump in the shower.

ahhh this pretty much lets me know alot about you huh?

a few points though

10. you stand by hash because you dont think there is such a thing as sex addiction?

9. (duplicated)

24. I wonder why... lol

27. WHAT?!?? I have no idea what that means lol. no strings attached sex?

42. thats halarious!! lol

45. me to :(

50. Noice those things are pretty pricey we do holidays related to campers and RV's

55. what is this?

57. who doesnt? :P

63 good!

66. you lust all your readers?

75. are there really any women out there in this day and age that arent?

85. sounds like a challange I am up for :P

89. yay!! :) where you born in summer?

100. how does that make you feel?