100 Pieces Of Trivia

1. I am the youngest of four 2. I am the only girl 3. I am brunette 4. But i like my hair dyed bright red 5. I love music 6. I am eccentric 7. And spontaneous 8. I love to travel 9. And cook 10. And meet new people 11. I just graduated high school 12. With 27 college credits under my belt 13. I don't like my eldest brother 14. Or my second brother's wife 15. I have one adorable nephew 16. My family is full of alcoholics :-( 17. I am one of the only girls on my dad's side that graduated high school 18. And the 4th to have gone to college 19. My oldest brother is the 2nd male to have graduated high school 20. And the first to have gone to college 21. My paternal grandmother had skin cancer but they took it out 22. Then she got kidney cancer but they took it out 23. Now she has lung cancer n they cant operate 24. I have three best friends 25. I am in love with one of those three bffs 26. And that friend is also a girl 27. I bought all the expensive things i own 28. I love watching stand-up on Comedy Central 29. I hate Pepsi n Coke 30. I love chicken & dumplings 31. And feta-stuffed chicken 32. I love history 33. And calculus 34. I love to ride the quad in the dunes 35. My favorite color is NEON yellow n green 36. I love college football 37. and I LOVE MY DUCKS! 38. Marshmallows make me sick, even if I just look at them 39. I hate onions 40. And beets 41. <3 Nutella 42. I do not have cable 43. Or internet 44. But I do have a smartphone 45. I believe in God and Jesus Christ 46. I cuss too much 47. I argue too much 48. I can't sleep enough 49. I cant learn quick enough 50. I dont know how to rollerskate 51. I suck at hula-hoop 52. I love the Mentalist 53. And Grimm 54. I live in Oregon 55. My mother is from Panamanian 56. I am attracted to accents 57. And men with muscular chests 58. And women with nice butts 59. I am an evasive driver 60. And have road rage 61. I like to drink about once a month 62. And when I drink, I can't stop dancing 63. I have not done drugs 64. I will not smoke weed 65. I want to be a pharmacist, a legal drug dealer 66. I cry when I am happy or mad, not sad 67. I want to be a momma 68. And have five children 69. Including twin girls 70. I want to name one of my children after my father 71. I like to lift weights 72. And hold 2nd place for girl's bench press and squat 73. I am too chubby for my approval 74. I have a tattoo 75. I speak Spanish 76. I am addicted to Skyrim 77. Stupid people really **** me off 78. Porky's is a great movie 79. I play piano and flute, mostly 80. I sew 81. I suck at first-person shooting games 82. Pigs scare the **** out of me 83. As do spiders 84. I live with slobs -_- 85. I love to read 86. I do not like the desert 87. I hate humidity 88. Love to swim 89. My mom is amazing 90. I love my parents 91. I do not like my name 92. Education is very important to me 93. I have 13 pairs of shoes 94. Which isnt enough 95. I sleep better with someone beside me 96. I am very friendly 97. And ALWAYS respectful 98. Love chemistry 99. I worry over ridiculous things 100. I do not like my nose
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1 Response Sep 5, 2012

# 83,,you and me baby,, all the way with that one,,, how can you trust a creature with 8 compound eyes,,that never bl<x>inks,, I'm not sure what Hell is like,,but I bet my Hell has spiders.