100 Random Things

1. My very first crush was mrs bridge, she was my teacher, I was 4.
2. I'm deaf in my right ear.
3. My earliest memory is spitting food at my uncle, I was 3.
4. I have contact lenses.
5. I can't sing.. but sing anyway.
6. I once slept on the streets for 2 nights without my family noticing I was gone, I was 11.
7. My first girlfriend was Helen, we were 7, it lasted a day.
8. I dislike spicy foods.
9. I put an ice cube into my tea to cool it down before I drink it.
10. I have a dog named Brooklyn.
11. I had a hamster named Sandra.
12. I had a crush on my cousin.
13. I had ferrets named biscuit and pepper.
14. I have bible study.
15. I had mice named laural and hardy.
16. I quit my job.
17. I write poetry.
18. I don't like women wearing make up.
19. I want to learn Japanese.
20. I dated a muslim.
21. I dated a Jehovas witness.
22. I rarely drink.
23. I can't dance.
24. I don't smoke.
25. I love 80s music.
26. I'm left handed.
27. I love iced tea
28. I have a thing for Asian women.
29. I have been arrested.
30. I have been to a ***** club.
31. I love period dramas.
32. I hate rap music.
33. I've been so drunk i lost my memory of the night before.
34. I think the German language is repulsive.
35. I love mmorpg's.
36. I love my iPhone.
37. I'm not religious but respect most religions.
38. I like to paint and draw.
39. I have a tattoo.
40. I love chess.
41. I hate reality tv.
42. My favorate animal are ferrets.
43. I love turtles.
44. I had acne as a child.
45. I want to take up archery.
46. I have been in love.
47. I have been lost
48. I love anime.
49. I have been found.
50. I wish women still dressed with more modesty.
51. I am reading the Quran.
52. I am reading the Bible.
53. I have had my heart broken.
54. I try to keep hate out of my heart.
55. I have stolen.
56. I have been in a fight.
57. I like walking in the dead of night.
58. I love chocolate.
59. I know more than I let on.
60. I love corned beef hash.
61. I don't trust easily anymore.
62. I don't have a dad.
63. I eat too much.
64. Anything you can do, I can do better.
65. I love ice cream.
66. I've thought about suicide.
67. I love vampires.
68. I love Julia Roberts.
69. I have been to las Vegas.
70. I have been to Florida.
71. I have been to Washington.
73. I have been to Newyork.
74. I have been to Norway.
75. I have been paintballing.
76. I have been whale watching.
77. I have been engaged.
78. I have been a guild and raid leader.
79. I have been to a sushi bar.
80. I don't drive.
81. I am learning another language.
82. I am back at school.
83. I beleive in evolution.
84. I love to read.
85. I have never been to a concert.
86. I once lost £860 on a single hand of blackjack.
89. I have met 2 people from EP.
90. I have been left stranded in another country.
91. I have only had 3 relationships.
92. I am running out of things to tell you.
93. I once made my own radio show, I was 10.
94. I want a degree in horticture.
95. I have done drugs (twice)
96. I have run a marathon.
97. I have been sky diving.
98. I have almost finished this list.
99. I try not to judge a book by its cover, but I'm not perfect.
100. I just posted 100 random things about myself, thanks for reading !

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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

It really show how you are

hope that's a good thing lol