100 (+30) Things That Took (more than) 24 Hours To Compile

1. I'm a single father
2. I work right down at the edge of the water building navy ships
3. I was married one time
4. I was getting a divorce in less than a year
5. The divorce took longer than the entire relationship including meeting, courting and marrying
6. I had my daughter with a coworker 1 year after my divorce
7. My daughter is biracial and beautiful
8. I ran from the police 6 times on a motorcycle without being caught
9. I am a distant cousin, by marriage, to George Washington
10. I live in a city known for it's weather with the nickname, "America's Finest City"
11. I would like to be married again someday
12. I'm mentioned on a few dozen websites for a crashing my motorcycle on a freeway at 80mph for doing something stupid
13. I love country music
14. My sense of humor is my most popular trait
15. I broke both of my arms at the same time in another motorcycle accident
16. My ancestry has been traced back to 1791 in America and to 1240 in France
17. I am a middle child
18. Both of my siblings have been married 4 times each
19. My parents divorced when I was young and then each remarried then divorced them to remarry each other
20. I ramble on when writing emails
21. I've actually been in love 3 times
22. I felt I was in love about 5 times at that time
23. I've told about 7 women I loved them
24. I would drink too much on occasion
25. I enjoy listening to other peoples relationship problems
26. I used to enjoy being the cause of other peoples relationship problems
27. I have no tattoos or piercings
28. My self esteem sucks
29. I am 6'1"
30. I love to cook
31. I love Cajun food
32. I hate the America's Next Top Model Marathons on Saturdays that my daughter insists on watching
33. I really hate it when I realize I have watched 8 episodes and know the names of the models
34. I tend to be impatient with rudeness
35. I often over analyze people and over think situations and meanings
36. I am addicted to ice cream
37. I have never once tried smoking
38. Tongue piercings, nose piercings and belly piercings turn me the hell on
39. I will lie to avoid hurting someone's feelings
40. I despise bullying and will intervene if I ever witness it
41. I win 90% of my games on Words With Friends
42. It has taken me several hours to get this far on my list
43. I have never went snow boarding or snow skiing
44. I am currently nursing a broken heart (Nov. 2012)
45. I have a very dry sense of humor
46. I will text my daughter in the next room to ask a question
47. I enjoy 80's pop music
48. I climbed Half Dome in Yosemite National Park
49. I believe every woman has something beautiful about her
50. I believe every woman has some evil within her
51. I love taking naps
52. I do my Christmas shopping on Dec.24th about 9:00 PM
53. I hate ketchup
54. I am a Pisces
55. I do not like seeing misspelled words
56. I believe people's lies too often
57. I am sometimes shy
58. I can't stand to see a woman or child in distress
59. I love the rain
60. I am 203 lbs
61. I believe Americans go overboard with "political correctness"
62. I do not like being criticized
63. I am very inquisitive
64. I do not always believe actions speak louder than words
65. I cannot control my feelings, only my actions
66. I believe there must be something beyond death
67. I do not believe what goes around always comes around (Karma)
68. I will always break up a fight between kids
69. I will never let someone trying to get out of a fight stand alone against the aggressor
70. I believe in the death penalty
71. I do not believe in the death penalty
72. If anyone ever harms my daughter, I will kill their entire family
73. I do not care that there are starving people in Africa
74. I think, in a public setting, most people aren't honest when expressing their feelings
75. I believe you have the right to freedom of speech
76. I do not believe that right MUST be exercised all the time
77. I believe you have the right to remain silent
78. I believe that right should be exercised more often
79. I believe all is fair in love and war
80. I believe we risk too many American lives soldiers fighting "Fairly"against an unfair enemy
81. I think Dancergrl89 deserves a smack upside the head for convincing me to do this
82. I think money can buy happiness
83. I believe sticks and stones can break your bones, but names will certainly hurt you
84. I regret #81. It should have been 2 smacks upside the head
85. I think I will fill in 86-100 later so I can finally post this damn list
86. I care what people think
87. I know there can be no such thing as an, "Unbiased Opinion"
88. I believe in "Middle Child Syndrome"
89. I will not swim in the ocean
90. I don't like when people point out their own physical flaws
91. I hate when they point out mine
92. I will never sit as a juror
93. I do not believe there is any such thing as a totally "Selfless Act"
94. I am scared of ghosts
95. I believe it takes a certain amount of bravery to take one's own life
96. I think females, by nature, have been tasked with the hardest things in life
97. I haven't talked to anyone in my family for several years
98. My mother died of cancer during that time (2 months ago)
99. I am very bothered by it
100. I wish she did not die
101. I joined EP
102. I continued beyond 100 things and more than 24 hours
103. I never get bored at home
104. I make a great boyfriend
105. I cannot watch anything suffer
106. Many people think I am cold hearted
107. I am not
108. I will watch certain movies everytime they come on
109. If a coworker needs lunch money, I will not let them repay it
110. I love magic tricks
111. I write these things on my computer 1st then paste them onto the web site
112. I cannot understand how electrical cords get so tangled
113. I get super impatient trying to untangle them
114. I like watching people and their actions & reactions
115. I get hit on by gay men on occasion
116. I do not act feminine so I do not know why
117. It does not bother me, but I am not gay
118. I know some about many things, but a lot about only a few
119. I can hold a conversation about nearly anything
120. I very often must plan ahead for my procrastinating nature
121. I do not believe that, "Once a Cheater, always a cheater" theory
122. I have, yes
123. I'm sensitive to some things, but insensitive to others
124. I always try to consider how my daughter may interpret something
125. I pull on the brim of my hard hat when watching an action I have been tasked with play out
126. I take my mistakes to my superiors instead of letting them be discovered
127. I do not like paying for my mistakes
128. I have been arrested one time only and I was absolutely innocent
129. I have never completely let that go
130. I may forgive but never completely
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4 Responses Oct 29, 2012

We have soo many things in common. I did mention middle child syndrome and I thought I was the only one knowing or believing it. So I'm shocked. Also the ghosts yup just 30 min ago I was going to wash my hands and I got afraid of the stupid ghost. There is another thing we have in common that caught my attention.

yup XD

101. I joined EP :)

you are welcome :)) so friends?

thank you :))

I love reading these lists. :)

Which is exactly why I won't be posting one. Are you ever planning on finishing this list?

#72 & #80 were my absolute favorites!!!