1-100 Starting... Now.

1) My name is Jaymz
2) I'm 19 going on 20!!
3) I'm 5'5'' disappointingly..
4) I'm straight an always will be, I love women =)
5) I have a Corbin Bleu composure, thanks to my curly hair haha
6) I've had 3 serious relationships out of 14
7) I've been cheated on 8 times, when I did nothing to deserve any of them.
8) I'm a sweet talker and a legit flirt!
9) I love writing, mainly poetry!
10) I'm a college Athlete, I play baseball and I am a Catcher
11) I am an avowed supporter and always will be of the 2006&2012 2nd runner up Detroit Tigers
12) I root for the Texans!
13) I hate the yankees and phillies.. sorry haha
14) I've worked for a minor league baseball organization for 2 years and currently at Boscov's
15) I'm not a virgin
16) I attend Alvernia University
17) I'm talkative
18) I'm sarcastic like you wouldn't believe =P
19) I love blondes and brunettes haha for the most part!
20) Je parle en francais =)
21) Ich sprecke viel Deutch =)
22) I have neat hand writing and a sweet signature!
23) I'm considerate
24) I'm full of surprises!
25) I have pet peeves
26) I can't stand stupidity
27) I make good money kinda
28) I'm trying to buy a car
29) I was born on June 10th 1993
30) I am adopted into a great loving family
31) I have 2 siblings, also adopted
32) my initials spell JIM
33) I like American eagle and Aeropostal outfitters
34) I like kids sometimes lol
35) I want to be a talent scout for baseball
36) I'm a lower body type of guy =P
37) I can be picky haha
38) I have made up so sweet quotes
39) I'm not stupid
40) I enjoy cappuccino
41) I'm a baseball Almanac lol I know too much
42) I have met my dream girls... key word -met-
43) I don't consider myself happy
44) I'm a great listener
45) I play fantasy baseball APBA
46) I played soccer for 7 years before baseball took over me
47) I think before I speak
48) I do a lot of manual labor
49) I love deserts
50) I can bake.. you hear that ladies haha
51) I'm somewhat of a handy man
52) I don't have a temper
53) I've seen perfection.
54) I have an iphone!
55) I love to text.. =)
56) I enjoy shopping
57) I've dated girls taller than I
58) I loved my senior prom
59) I can't stand some people
60) I have an interesting fetish =( don't judge please..
61) I'm embarrassed by it a bit
62) I give advice
63) I hate some vegetables immensely
64) I spell pretty well
65) I have a wide ranged vocabulary
66) I love to dress up!
67) I enjoy holidays
68) I love sweedish fish candy
69) <---- I have never done that position before haha
70) I don't hope and wish
71) I enjoy amazon.com
72) I buy a lot of my own things
73) I am very independent
74) My favorite color is any shade of Blue
75) I wear cologne =) women like a guy who smells good!
76) I have a chin strap for facial hair haha
77) I am muscular
78) I am organized
79) I want to get married in the future
80) I may want 2 or 3 kids haha
81) I love dogs, My first was starbuck, and he lived 15 years,07-18-1996 --- 02-11-2012
82) I'm far from perfect
83) I love to kiss
84) I can be very romantic haha
85) I give good morning poems to girls I date here and there
86) I love phone calls
87) I have a skype
88) I have a facebook!
89) I have lots of clothing
90) I love a girl with nice style =P
91) I am thoughtful
92) I'm quick witted
93) The year I was born
94) I like Chevy Trucks
95) I listen to Pandora
96) I like going to the movies
97) I am a republican
98) I don't have luck
99) I like to impress others
100) I would like to get to know some people hmu =)

This is me for the most part comment all you want I don't mind I'll always comment back =)
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What is sweedish fish candy?