I Am Me

1 I'm a dad...and a father
2 I am divoriced
3 she is my is my soul mate
4 I will never be with her again
5 I am looking for pasion and hoping to love again
6 I have a dog (Buck)
7 I wear a red shirt allmost every day
8 its a GOREAN thing.
10 I SWORD FIGHT in the sca. (SCA.ORG) Look it up.
11 I love toccos
12 I am a good cook
13 I am a great LOVER
15 HONOR is inportant to me!

16 HONOR is VERY inportant to me.

17 I have a black belt in sanjuru juijitsu
18. I like to fight in the ring.
19. I am mostly bald on top
20. I am an ALPHA
21. I AM A DOM
22 I don't hide it
23 I want peace in my life!
24 I have baggage...LOTS
25 I hide my baggage
26 I like bigger girls
27 I like happy people
28 I don't ever drink
29 I don't use drugs
30 I would love to fly
31 I am tough enough to let people see me cry
32 I love brownies with dried cherries in them
33 I love baccon
39 I fully suport the legalisation of POT
40. I wish there was no booze any more
41 I don't spell for squat
42 I am still smart...in spite of said spelling defficet
44 I enjoy good food.
45 there is no fourty three. And I think that is funny. 46 I love corny jokes 47 the word: safe-word ......is hird wired into my soul 48. I OVER USE THE CAPS LOCK BUTTON! & I LIKE IT. 49 I Have a broken heart. 50 precription drugs and BOOZE ruined my life and destroyed my family. 51.I don't drink or use! 52 I like to go fishing. 53 when the boys and I shoot we LIVE by the motto : 1shot....2 kills 54 I am an exclent shot..... 55 I have asked for a sign from GOD.... It fell from the sky and lamded in my hand. 56 my faith in GOD has never waverd since....( I was 17) 57 I have had many spiratual events in my life ....BUT NEVER IN A CHURCH 58 I Belive in GOD not a church. 59 I belive life was created and sculpted by GOD.....and churches were created and sculpted by men 60 I have a high sex drive. 61 I belive in instinctual love making... 62. KINKY is good also. 63 . I am TIRED OF DRAMA...... REALY tired of DRAMA 64. I do not speak to either of my parents... They are both ******* ABUSIVE ACHOCHOLICS. 65I had a FUN Child hood. 66 I would have had a much better life if my child hood had more DISAPLINE AND LESS FUN 67. IF I AM ASKED A DIRECT QUESTION I WILL ANSWER TRUTHFULLY....don't ask if you don't want to know 68 I am a dog person....but I'm ok with cats 69..............is my favorite number....LMFAO 70 I am better about NOT being late.....( used to be late to every thing) 71 I loded my brother's body in the crematory oven and lisened to his radio station while he cooked.our father was there. 72 that was one of the hardest things. I have ever done. 73. I wore the firing pin off my .22 rifle TWICE..... 74 I LIKE. Female singers with gravely voices like janace joplin and pat benatar.... & I don't know why 75. I also like it when a girl sings with a "girly" voice like some of the celtic singers...that reminds me of lulabys 76 I like baccon. 77 I like sex but the REST OF LIFE IS NICE TO..... 78. Some times I get wore down and like to lay my head in a girls lap and just have her stroke my hair...I truly miss that 79. I have a lot to give... 80 I WANT TO LIVE HAPPLY EVER AFTER! 81I love my VANILLA friends Mark & Shylo....THEY DON'T JUDGE ME! & They know the real me! 82 I want to MOVE TO HAWAII.... ANDD PROBLY WON'T. 83. I AM BI-POLAR 84 THAT is my greatest STRENGTH & WEEKNESS... 85 I LOVE TO TEACH 86 I miss my brother,JUSTIN, EVERY DAY. 87 I have caryed his zippo every day since his death... 88. I feal horrabil guilt for not being a good uncle! 89 I have thought about going to live with the amnish or minnonites in pensalvenia. 90 I live life to the fullest... I am intense... 91 my storys are all true. 92 I love to garden and grow things.... 93. I would be a good friend to have in an apocyalapse... 94. I like who/what I am.... I change what I don't like. 95 I haven't had a drop to of booze since BEFORE april third of 2008.and no it was not hard 96. I don't like hood rat ,gang bangers.... 97I am truly romantic. 98 I don't like to have SKINY lovers... 99 celantro is disgusting FACT! 100 I have never shot a deer.... But I allmost got one with a knife,FROM ABOVE. 101...THIS IS REALY 43... I just want to be wanted.
41-45, M
15 Responses Nov 3, 2012

Very interesting and honest :)

I hide nothing! dont see it??? just ask!


Yup.... I'm sexy an I kNoW it.

I tell the truth. And believe in DISCLOSURE

Tell me about the one u lost!!!

Wonderful list.

Lol I am a good man to know in a zombie apocalips

You deserve thevery best my friend....Never give up....I know you don't.

I like what you said...and I'm very sorry about your brother.

Thank you.

hi...i would love be friends with if you dont mind..:)

83 and 84 super funny. nice list

???? I was serious ????

I know. life is ironic

Your funny

Interesting reading. Thank you.

44. You are very human and a great person Sir T !!!
Master Giley

Thank YOU my friend...

This is 100% you. Hugs:)

It is a snapshot of a few facets of me.... HOWEVER. Every thing on this list is TRUE & inportant to me.

Oh you. You are in fact amazing.

Some how I knew all of those.......hugs

I <3 #41

You hate pot yet think it should be legalized. Very open minded. I don't care for it myself but I feel the same way. Actually I feel it could help the economy.