A Thousand Things About Me, I Mean A Hundred XD

I'm bored, so let's write "fun" things about me.. Fun? YEah right.. haha
Note: This is listed in no particular order. So, Anything goes! LOL

1. I never liked my real name. I prefer to be called by my nickname.
2. I am a 100% lesbian. haha And I'm loving it.
3. I have a beautiful girl friend who I love so much! Is brea liom tu Jade! <3
4. I am a volunteer nurse.
5. I am a part time writer. I don't really think I'm good at it. ^__^
6. My favorite animal is a penguin. Animals in tux. Cool!
7. I have carpal tunnel syndrome. Ouch! It still hurts right now.
8. I think I have social phobia / social anxiety. But I'm daring myself to get over it.
9. I enjoy being alone. I need some space from other people.
10. I don't have difficulty making friends. Let's be friends! haha
11. I hate cellphones. I don't like answering calls. I only text occassionally when needed.
12. The only sport I love is swimming. I hate getting sweaty!
13. I love the color red. I don't need a reason to love red. haha
14. I hate it when people stare at me. It makes me feel like a freak!
15. I can be awkward and quiet if I don't know you.
16. But I can be fun and loud when I get comfy with you. :)
17. I love watching movies. It's the only time I can fly out of my head! haha
18. I hate dramas and documentaries. Although I like them when I have difficulty in sleeping.
19. I don't sleep a lot these days. I think I have lots of better things to do than sleep.
20. I'm a big kid at heart. Haha Yeah! i am! Childish and immature. LMAO
21. I like making people laugh. :D
22. I love people who can make me laugh too. People with humor is sexy! haha
23. I hate reading! Zzzzz... boring. haha
24. I love to draw. But I don't draw that much now.
25. I can play the piano. :)
26. I have 2 sisters. 2 step sisters and 2 step brothers. haha ^___^
27. I don't like pets anymore. I had a lot of pets before: a turtle, a lobster (don't ask why), goldfish, a catbear, cats, dogs, white mice, hamsters, parrot, rabbit, that's all I can remember.
28. I am a computer geek.
29. I don't like talking to boring people both in real life and online. So one liners? Stay away from me. haha
30. I enjoy helping people. It's satisfying. :)
31. I would like to learn how to play the guitar. Somebody teach me!
32. I can't sing. haha I wish I could.
33. I think I can dance? haha Well, I used to dance.
34. I procrastinate a lot. Hello deadlines! haha
35. I enjoy being clean and I like clean people. :)
36. I can't stand arrogant and boastful people.
37. I don't like liars and cheaters as well. haha
38. I love playing dares! Let the games begin! XP
39. I live a simple life. :)
40. I had the chance of losing everything last 2010. Our house was eaten by fire! Eugh!
41. I lost my dad to myocardial infarction and pulmonary edema last 2010 (2010 again?). I still miss him.
42. I love my mom so much. <3
43. I am a Christian.
44. I tend to overthink a lot. I'm still looking for a shut down button for my brain. haha
45. I have a hard time making choices! Whether it's a big decision or a small one like ordering food. haha
46. I hate Yes or No questions because I can't say NO! haha
47. I love listening to acoustic music. :)
48. I can only love one person at a time! And I'm really proud of it.. Wiih..
49. I enjoy eating popcorn!
50. I am good in keeping secrets. Tell me yours? haha
51. I am a pessimist! It's only because I don't like expecting too much to avoid disappointments.
52. I am good in faking sickness. Maybe coz I look sick. haha
53. I can find humor at the most undesirable situations! hahaha
54. I don't like the sun that much! I want a room without windows in it.
55. I am afraid of heights, evil clowns and puppets. Oh! And I'm afraid of lightnings and thunders as well.
56. There's hardly a time when I'm serious. If I am then it's serious. haha
57. My favorite number is seventeen.
58. I have never been admitted in the hospital. I don't want to be. haha
59. I am 23 years old! And I have a brain of a 4 year old. LMAO
60. I find growing old sad. I don't to die old.
61. I don't like birthdays. Well, specifically my birthday. haha
62. I don't like being in the spotlight. It makes me melt.
63. I don't like recieving attention from anyone. I'd rather be left alone in one corner. haha
64. I don't like talking about myself. Can we change topic please?
65. If I put my heart into things. I can achieve anything.. Of course if it's realistic.. haha
66. I am a safe player. I like being on a safe side always. I don't like taking risks. But I am trying now.
67. I don't remember much from my childhood.
68. I don't have a good memory. I forget easily.
69. I make to-do lists. Sadly, I never get them done. haha
70. I like making other people feel special and good about themselves. :)
71. I am short. 5'2"..
72. I want to lose weight. I'm currently 105 pounds.
73. I try to be understanding and patient all the time.
74. I don't have a hard time forgiving others. :)
75. I don't like real arguments. It's troublesome. haha
76. I lose my pride when it comes to people I love.
77. I don't smoke. I don't plan to.
78. I don't drink too. haha Yeah I'm boring. haha
79. I can't cook!!! haha I really can't.
80. I fall easily for girls who are funny and have a kind heart. :)
81. I don't give much emphasis to how people look when making friends. It's the attitude and personality that counts. :D
82. I hate pushy people. Don't push me please. haha
83. I like playing with kids. But I don't plan having one. I'm not responsible enough.
84. I love rainy days. It's comforting.
85. I am born in October, so I am a Libra! Scale.. LMAO
86. I hate homophobes.. Give me freedom to be me!
87. I hate it when i give a **** about what other people thinks. I am trying to care less now.
88. I hate when people don't believe me when I say I am a lesbian. Do I need proof? haha
89. I don't watch TV anymore.
90. I can be really random at times.
91. I sometimes become paranoid. Eugh.. haha
92. I hate chocolates! They make me dizzy!
93. I am sweet and caring.
94. I love hugs! Give me one! haha
95. I don't like people seeing me cry.
96. I can eat anything made from chicken! haha I hate beef! lol
97. I love fruits especially grapes, strawberries, and pomelo.
98. I am learning to love vegetables now. hahaha
98. I am trying to be a health freak! :P
99. I am craving for freedom. Freedom to be me, freedom to love, freedom from my family. Yeah they don't plan to let me go that easy.haha
10. I do crazy things when I'm bored. haha Like this list.

This is so called my fun list about 100 things about me. hahaha This is hard! LMAO! It took me ages! I hope I didn't bore you to death. Zzzzzzz... XD
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haha sabi ko na nga ba pinoy ang writer...

hmmmm the tone of your sentences.. :p

here we call that FILIPINISM :p

Girl, if you lose any weight you'll just waste away! You're the perfect weight. I wish I was as short as you, wanna trade?

This was fun to read...... Thanks

this is cool and lovebeingme is cool too with all her answers on your list. hahah your funny

yeah hahaha nuts maybe just in love.. wahaha pagaling ka muna ng wrist..

wala na akong kasalanan sayo pare... LOL mabuti naman magaling ka na

Cool! You sound a lot like me minus the lesbian part. Although,I have a lot of friends who are lesbians and they like to say I'm still in the closet. lol Really though you sound like fun.

howie, did you have a zoo before? ha ha ha . . I'm joking. . i had fun reading this . . maybe i'll make my 100 next time . . ^^

I liked your list . I too have a love for live and poke fun at it all the time . My motto is " you have to make fun of yourself before you can make fun at others " . I've had a LOT of crazy **** happen to me , since the day I was born . I started writing a book about it . The title of the book is " I'd shoot myself except I'm Allergic to lead " . If you'd like a Pen Pal I'd be glad . I'm not a Computer geek , if you have a problem I'm a good listener . I have a lot of time on my hands , I'm retired due to a injury . If interested you can contact me at SaigonBar1@aol.com

Well the book isn't finished but if and when you contact me at my E-mail address I'll give you some ideas of dumb **** that has happened to me . You'll laugh

so like u dude.. :)

Haha.. No problem dude!! :) intindihan q.. :))
Nd sakitttt? Gassss.. Kailan pa yan? O_O;;;

whats with november 7? anong sakit? u serious? O_O;;

ok2.. med.u namali pgka intindi ngaun ano? med.u weak brain q nayunnn!! absent nga aq dude? i need time alone? ganun? carpal? dba bone sa wrist yan? anu yare dyan???hmmm.

nakuuu dudeee!! nakasama rin ang sobrang sipag ano? buti nlang hndi aq msayaduu!! lol. hiya nman aq? &gt;,&lt;;;
no one bully me dude.. gawin lng nilaaa? bhala cla? theyr wasting timee! hihi
may nalaman lng gud aq dude.. and masakittt.. hehehe.

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^.^...it makes me smile again and again!!!lol...
Thanks for sharing,Howie!