I'm Not An Interesting Person... See It For Yourself :p

I'm not organized with my ideas when it comes to writing. It's like riding a roller coaster- there's a sudden up and an abruptly down and exciting loops haha. Hope you get thrilled ( I just don't think that you will.. haha) Here we go....

1. I've got a long-weird-unique name. But I can't post it here because of its uniqueness once you google it this story can be read by public. haha I don't want get out of my closet yet :p

2. I'm 23 year old but people always say I look teen ager. (flattering :p)

3. I'm a Muslim but I don't believe in wars as a resolution and I don't wear veil(some say I'm liberated).

4. My nicknames inside our home and at work are different . 

5. I'm attracted to guys but I'm more attracted to girls. (so gay haha)

6. I love writing but it's the words that don't like me (I'm a terrible writer :( haha)

7. When I crack a joke no one laughs but if I say it seriously they find it funny (what the heck?? :/ )

8. I'm afraid of rejection so I tend not to make the first move.

9. I'm traumatized of violence. (my knees are shaking whenever I see one)

10. My favorite color is black (it's perfect for every color to match with)

11. I love cheezy and pick-up lines. (Is Algebra your favorite subject?...
can you replace my X? :p)

12. My ex-girlfriends either had beauty or brain haha.

13. I like "suplado" guys.. they really turn me on ( I don't know what's suplado in English haha)

14. I love to wear white shirt in my sleep. It makes me feel comfy.

15. I can't sleep without a pillow between my thighs or legs and without rubbing
the stitches of my "malong" (traditional blanket of Filipino Muslims).

16. I deprive myself from drinking coffee during weekdays. (I need to wake up
early which requires me to go to bed not beyond 10pm)

17. I smoke when I'm depressed.

18. I'm afraid of death but I'm dying to know how it feels like haha.

19. I laugh whenever I say sweet messages to someone so the tendency is:
they won't believe it because I'm not saying it seriously ( busted :p)

20. I believe in the saying: "If there's a WILL, there's a WAY"

21. I hate LIES.

22. I like frank people who can deliver their words nicely.

23. I read rarely and I just discovered that the SWEET VALLEY UNIVERSITY by
Francine Pascal pocketbooks are good to read [too late, big bookstores don't
sell copies of it anymore :( and I have to spend more time to look for the series
in the 2ndhand book stores, it's really tedious]

24. I don't lend my precious belongings that much. Sorry :(

25. I hate being questioned with a pretty obvious answer.. If you see me crying, don't
ask me if I'm okay because obviously I'm not. :/

26. I had 4 ex-boyfriends and 4 ex-girlfriends - -> I'm sick and tired of getting my
heart broken...I don't think I can get into another relationship again :)

27. I become nuts whenever I talk to my crush haha

28. I love the Choco Butternut of Dunkin Donut

29. I'm not intelligent but I think too much haha

30. I like fixing computers that's why I'm taking up a short course of Computer Technician & I want to learn about computer programming.

31. I hate Tongue Twisters…Peter Piper Pick a Peck of Paper…Peter Piper Pick
a Peck of Paper..Peter Piper Pick a Peck of Paper ....Peter Piper pweck
a pik of pwee pwee :D

32. I love to travel via ship.. I really love sailing..I wish I could have my own :D (too ambitious)

33. I listen to THE MORNING RUSH of Monster Radio RX (93.1) very often in the morning.
I love the voice of DJ Delamar and the sense of humor of DJ Chico of Monster Radio.

34. I'm not a type of person who insists (ex. in inviting to hang-out). Take it or leave it :)

35. My late father had 4 wives(my mom is included) in one house. He married his wives 2
at a time. LOL! Yeah I'm from a big family :D

36. Polygamous is legal to our religion but I'm against of it.

37. My instinct always give me an opposite reality. I can't trust it :(

38. I play guitar and sometimes compose my own song & I love dancing hip-hop.

39. I mind what people may say or think about me.

40. Tangled, Tinker Bell (1,2, 3,& 5,) Mega Mind, How to Train your Dragon, Happy Feet2,
Monster Inc. are my favorite animated movies I watch them average of 5x a week
LOL!..Burlesque, Step-Up 2 (The Streets), 3 Idiots, - I can't stand a week without
watching them LOL!

41. Decision Making??...PASS!

42. I bathe while listening to my fave music. (I bring my phone inside the shower room) haha

43. It's not usual for me to have a crush on a guy who's 2 or more decades older than me -
haha but Eric Dane "Marcus" of Burlesque is exceptional :p he's so handsome and sexy

44. I really like the names Gabriel and Alex

45. If you have problem and need a help call me.. if you need money to borrow *the number
you dialed is either unattended or out of coverage area. please try your call later*
oooops! hahaha

46. I have a soft heart for old women who are homeless and ask for alms. :( If I could just
keep them in our home.. I would

47. Xi(recent ex-girlfriend) was my dream, now she's my nightmare - so bitter :D why I still
dedicate for you all the love song that I heard? :(

48. I can't move on easily.. it takes at least a year.(now playing >> I'm just a little too not over
you ... ouch)

49. I used to smell my ex-gfs' neck...I love kissing that part.

50. I like green jokes but to PERVERTs back off!

51. I make complicated things simple.

52. If I would be given a chance to choose my course I'd like to take up BS Nautical for

53. I consider solving difficult math problems as an achievement when I arrive to the correct
answer. ( wheeew nosebleed!)

54. Don't you ever poke me please! I get irritated by that.

55. I love playing SUDOKU

56.I'm fond of newborn babies but I'm afraid to make my own haha.

57. I don't want to be kept waiting. I only give 30minute grace time period.

58.I can't leave my house without cellphone with headset, hanky, ID's, pen, comb, pressed
powder, lipstick, cologne and of course money.

59. My greatest ENEMY is MYSELF...daaaang!

60. I'm a practical person. I don't pay attention to the brands but to its quality.

61. I only say what I only see... so if I tell you you're pretty, believe it.

62. I'm not a verbose person, my words are direct to the point. SO if you want to tell
something feel free to say it straight.

63. I want to develop my intrapersonal skills (the question is do I have one to be
developed?? haha)

64. I love watching sunsets from a shore or while on a sea trip.

65. I realize many things when I'm on a long trip esp. in a bus or a ship.

66. I want to inhale ocean breeze and exhale a smoke when I'm extremely sad while
listening to acoustic music.

67. I don't spend more money on foods, clothes or gadgets but I do on travels :D

68. I'm a member of a mountaineering club (Sandawa Apo Mountaineering and
Ecology Club). Obvioulsy, I love Nature.

69. I'm afraid of corals :( I feel like they're gonna eat me.

70. If I ask you close-ended questions just answer them with YES or NO..I don't need
explanation :)

71. I'm impulsive. Planning really doesn't work so well with me.

72. I play basketball sometimes and I love it.

73. I love watching NBA. My fave team is Miami Heat and my fave players are Durant,
Harden, Rondo and Wade.

74. I have a short patience but when it comes to love well hmmmm it's like a
PROMO it can be extended. hahaha

75. I don't cook because I easily forget the recipes. Teach me now and I'll ask you again
tomorrow haha

76. I hate Biology subject because I hate memorizing :p

77. I believe in ghosts awooooh! :/

78. I'm afraid of getting fat :/

79. When I was in High School I played skateboarding.

80. I hate my nose and lips, they make me ugly :(

81. I like spontaneous people.

82. I'm poor in spelling out complicated words but I never misspell my name :D

83. I really wanna have tattoos however it's forbidden.

84. I hate irresponsible guys!

85. I easily get angry but I easily forgive.

86. To my love one: I give my trust so easy BEWARE it's very fragile.

87. I have "Palabra-de-Honor"..you can keep my words:)

88. I tend to give my seat on a bus or a train when no "gentleman" give his.
(shame on you man!)

89. I like wearing shorts & sneakers than skirts and high- heeled shoes

90. I'm used of putting a wet cloth on my feet if there's a power interruption.
My body can afford to perspire but not my feet.

91. I want to learn foreign langauages like French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic and
Chinese… will you teach me??

92. I'm fond of driving/riding a motorcyle.

93. My favorite fruits are guava, mangostene, and pomelo.

94. I really don't like too much sweetness both for food and person :)

95. A friend is a friend no more, no less haha it's my golden rule :)

96. I hate stupid people so I hate my self. Haha

97. I love Fridays!

98. Riding thrilling rides like roller coaster is my thing I can ride it even for a whole day :D

99. I hate goodbyes :(

100.LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST... The weirdest thing I have done so far is that when I had a fight with my ex-gf then I ran off and took the last trip of Victory Liner Bus going to Olonggapo (2-3hrs drive from its station)it was past 9PM and then I arrived on the resort and found myself seating on the shore and let my feet got wet by the moving sea water, playing my Sudoku while smoking. It was 4AM when I felt that "I'm okay now" then I took the first trip of the same bus and got home at 7AM.

.....now do you find me as interesting person?? :p I don't think so.... hahaha!
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7 Responses Nov 16, 2012

My eyes look like this @-@ at no.28,ahaha,,

LOL! so all of the comments say that they find it funny...

I was serious about this.... see..

if I joke no one laughs..but if i tend to be serious everyone laughs :D WTH!


u seem like a pretty epic chick =) , i have a unique name too x) lol

just epic chick delete the \"pretty\" :D what\'s your name go pm me :p

keep the pretty =), oki doki lol

superbably interesting. I might join the boat for such topic *cracking my head now. Good luck & all the best Buddy! :)

Thank u :) which boat are you planning to join? hope it's the big boat that i made :)

wowowoow !! I guess you not only an interesting person but an amazing person too. I really liked your writing skills, its interesting and also gripping :) hats off to you :))

Wow it's my first time to get a compliment for my writing.... thank u it really makes me smile :)

it so funny..i like it :)

thank you :D

You have a good sense of humor. I laughed at many of those points :)

haha thanks...see, I intended to sound serious at most points but u laughed at those..hahaha