Done All In One Sitting

1) My name isn't really Penelope.
2) I'm named after a song.
3)I'm 19.
4) I'm Black.
5) My favorite color is blue and I like any color in the blue family.
6) Was born and raised in NJ.
7) My lucky number is five (hmm...maybe I should have said that for number five...*shrugs* oh well).
8) I have a few nicknames, but my main one is Smilez.
9) Ironically, I couldn't smile right when I was younger. But I finally got it together, lol :)
10) I have chubby cheeks :-/
11) Sometimes while I'm out, someone always comes up to me and mistake me for someone they know. (So awkwarddd.)
12) My eyes change colors. When I'm angry tell turn Dark Brown, when I'm really happy, they turn into a brighter Brown and when I'm really sad, they become Gray.
13) Number 12 was a joke, folks :) My eyes are Brown.
14) My natural hair color is a reddish brown.
15) I don't wear makeup.
16) My birthday is February 16th.
17) I am somewhat a comedian, lol.
18) I have what some people call a mellifluous voice.
19)...However, it annoys the crap out of me at times.
20) I have an accent.
21) I tend to smile a lot when I'm nervous and talking to someone I really like.
22) Speaking of someone I really like...I know this wonderful guy and I think he is amazing :D
23) I'm a very sensitive person. I feel a lot. And feel emotions strongly.
24)...With that said, I can pick up on someone else's emotions and if it's someone I'm close to them, I can feel their pain when they are hurting and I know when something is wrong with them.
25) I think I'm psychic, somewhat.
26) I have had quite a few dreams come true and have predicted things that actually has happened.
27) I have three sisters.
28) I have a brother.
29) I'm the youngest.
30) I am an aunt :)
31) I'm close with my Father.
32) I used to get picked on when I was younger.
33) I am very intelligent.
34) I love to read.
35) I love music!
36) I listen to music at least three times a day.
37) I like to quote song lyrics to sometimes explain the way I feel.
38) I'm very artistic. I like to draw and paint.
39) My favorite fruit is Pineapples :)
40) I absolutely love Chocolate! Chocolate this, chocolate that. Chocolate everything...including guys, lol!
41) I daydream all the time.
42) I have been on EP for a little over a year now.
43) I am real and so are my pictures. I'm not fake.
44) There's a group created about me :) how awesome!
45) I'm introverted, shy, but very friendly.
46) I'm somewhat a private person, so it takes me awhile to open up to someone.
47) I'm an "onion" in other words. It takes the right person to peel back those layers, to get me to feel completely relaxed and comfortable letting my guard down around them.
48) I'm very nice, maybe too nice.
49) I don't like confrontations,arguments, or fights.
50) While I am mild-tempered, when I do blow up on someone, it can get really ugly.
51) I have only had a Valentine once so far in my life.
52) Last year for Valentine's Day, I had bought candy and chocolate for 32 unsuspecting people :)
53) ...some were friends, some classmates, and one was a crush. But he didn't really care for it :-/ (that was a waste of a chocolate box).
54) I'm a perfectionist.
55) I hate talking on the phone.
56) I prefer talking face to face.
57) ...however, I actually love texting.
58) I'm a complex person to understand.
59) I'm an Aquarius.
60) My rising sign is Scorpio.
61) I have been physically attacked before.
62) I was in a house fire years ago.
63) I was called a hero for getting my mother out of the burning house but I don't think it has anything to do with being a hero. You do anything for the ones you love.
64) I'm a cat person, but I can tolerate dogs.
65) I was a tomboy when I was a kid.
66) Soccer is my favorite sport.
67) I like to whistle.
68) I look like my Mom, but act like my Dad.
69) I'm saving myself for marriage.
70) My favorite Halloween costume when I was younger was Cleopatra, as I was her like three times in a row for Halloween.
71) I would like to visit and travel to other countries.
72) I type fast.
73) I tend to multitask a lot.
74) I was a big Pepsi addict.
75) I was semi-vegetarian at one point.
76) My favorite color to wear, is red.
77) I like to watch some reality tv shows.
78) I was a big time gamer who liked to play action and fighting games.
79) My favorite female singer is Brandy.
80) I wear whatever I feel like wearing, regardless of if it is designer clothes or not.
81) I love sneakers, but I also love heels.
82) I can't dance XD
83) I have a weakness for guys with a great sense of humor.
84) I love the beach!
85) I want to have a house near the beach one day and I would want a beach wedding :)
86) I hate rollercoasters.
87) I love perfume and when guys wear nice cologne.
88) I want to get married and have a kid or two, when I get older :)
89) I wear hats sometimes.
90) I hate taking pics most of the time because I don't like how they come out and it takes a long time for me to snap a good pic.
91) I look better in person than I do in a picture.
92) I am a very random person.
93) I tend to ask a lot of questions.
94) I like sleeping late.
95) I get embarrassed easily.
96) My favorite seasons are Winter and Spring.
97) I mock people at times.
98) I can be sarcastic sometimes.
99) I used to want to be a singer, model, lawyer, and veterinarian.
100) Now I just want to be either an author or maybe a politician.

PenelopeParfait PenelopeParfait
18-21, F
Nov 17, 2012