A Little Piece Of Truth About Me

Blah I'm so bored so I write this, no one will read it anyway.

1. I love Avenged Sevenfold
2. I love Zacky Vengeance
3. I love and miss Jimmy Sullivan
4. I like every member of Avenged Sevenfold
5. I wanna be a musician
6. I play guitar
7. I write songs
8. I like to sing
9. I used to scream a lot
10. I feel sad very often
11. I like being quiet
12. I like being thoughtful
13. I like spending time on my own
14. I am a loner
15. I love to sleep for many hours
16. California is my dreamland
17. I always want Criss Angel to teach me some magic tricks
18. I wanna learn teleportation
19. I get judged by the music I listen to
20. I feel insecure about my body
21. I have suicidal thoughs
22. I can't forget my first love
23. My first love was the one who made me fall in love with music
24. I am a very negative person
25. I don't like to be asked for advices
26. I ignore many things so if you ask me for advices, that's what i will tell you. "ignore it"
27. I eat a lot and never get fat
28. I am so skinny
29. I am flat-chested
30. I feel alone most of the time
31. I am so shy
32. People think I am a calm innocent girl
33. There are many people I wanna kill
34. Sometimes when I'm so sad, I just want a real hug
35. I don't like getting advices, except from band members
36. I play guitar without guitar pick
37. I think I'm not beautiful
38. I am a nerd
39. I never go out
40. I have never had real boyfriend
41. I love cats
42. I don't like having any kind of conversations with positive people
43. I think positive people can't understand me
44. Some of positive people seem dangerous to me
45. I wanna jump off a huge waterfall someday to end my life
46. I wanna live in a dark forest but my dream to be a musician can't make it true
47. I feel so ugly
48. I never feel sexy
49. I used to cry A LOT for someone
50. I still cry over him
51. I wanna befriend with my first love again
52. I'm so damn talented in ruining everything
53. I am awkward and unattractive
54. I hate talking so much sometimes
55. I never go to anyone for help when I'm so sad or when I have problems
56. I don't keep in touch with some people anymore cause I know they don't need me anymore
57. I love to draw but sometimes the results get me frustrated
58. I'm tired of living my life
59. Sometimes I just wanna be ignored like I'm a ghost
60. Other times I just wanna feel like they accept my existence
61. I'm physically weak
62. I hate people who judge my favorite bands
63. I don't judge other ppl's fav bands even though I don't like them
64. I feel unloved
65. I often fake my smiles
66. I wanna be able to disappear when I want to
67. I feel so jaded and tired even for my easy jobs
68. I am so weird
69. I cuss a lot
70. I say "I'll fcking kill you" a lot
71. I don't pray as much as I used to
72. My religion scares me
73. I believe in heaven and hell
74. I wish I was never born
75. I'm sick mentally and physically
76. I haven't found anyone like me
77. I hate to be told that I'm wrong about the fact that no one loves me
78. No body needs me
79. I've been told to kill myself
80. I'm not afraid to die, I'm just afraid of the scary afterlife I'll go to
81. I made codes to write my journal
82. I used to keep diaries
83. I write stories when I want to
84. Everyone else seems better than me
85. I am replaceable to everyone
86. I want and need a best friend
87. I get bored easily
88. I'm very arachnophobic
89. I hate blankets
90. I usually go to bed after 6pm when I'm very sad
91. I like Kahlil Gibran
92. I like to read thick novels
93. I wanna be in a band
94. I don't wear make up
95. I want tattoos and piercings
96. I used to wear glasses
97. I've been called ugly before
98. I can't believe any compliments I get
99. I believe in magic
100. My name is Az
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1 Response Nov 25, 2012

cool we have alot in common...thats kinda scary actually :)

wow really? that's interesting xD like which ones? :P

alot of them, 10, 12, 14, 16, 30, 39, 52, 57, 65,69, 78, 84, 87, 88, and 95......especially 30 tho.

woo..wait, sometimes your drawings get you frustrated too? omg i thought it's just me lol xD that feeling really sucks >.>
you want tattoos and piercings? that's awesome!! many people on ep hate tattoos you know :O
mmmh being alone can be suck, but it can also be fun actually xD

yeah i kinda want tattoos that mean something and maybe some industrial piercings in my ear cartlidge and regular piercings in both ears...my new family dont want me getting them...i kinda want my nose septum pierced too! but they're never gonna let that happen while im living here haha.

being alone is so nice cause i dont have to be bothered by other peoples unnecessary drama and gossip, but i really really want real friends too...kinda conflicts with each other haha.

i used to wear earrings, but i took them off many years ago cause it kinda annoyed me >.>
i want my lower lip pierced xD and my family won't even permit me to do so too, i guess i'll get them after i move out and form a band someday xD

omg same here, i love being alone so much sometimes, but deep down i also really want a best friend :3

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