100 Things

1) I’m 5’2
2) I’m 18
3) I was born in Dallas, Texas
4) I was adopted
5) I am psychic but cannot control it
6) My body can remember movements so I never have to practice them again
7) I have the ability to predict and summon rain
8) I have naturally black hair
9) I’m allergic to latex and dust
10) I have a mystery allergy/intolerance and have yet to find out which one it is and what it is
11) I probably have Tourette’s Syndrome but have not asked a doctor about it yet
12) My skin is so pale that it can be painful to look at in bright sunlight
13) I love rainbow things more than anybody should
14) I have food obsession cycles. I’ll suddenly love some type of food and be obsessed with it. I’ll want it all the time. Then one day, I’ll suddenly hate it and move onto another food. This can last anywhere from a few days to a few years. I’ve had a breadsticks one for a while now. It can be any food. I had a banana one that lasted for a month.
15) I have OCD. How severe it is depends on who you ask.
16) I have mild scoliosis.
17) My policy to music is “don’t hate it until you hear it.” I like most genres but the ones I’ve found I usually dislike is bluegrass, screamo, and rap.
18) I love writing, both poetry and stories.
19) I cannot write my own melody for the life of me. I always end up playing something else by ear, or doing a medley unintentionally with my own lyrics.
20) I have three cats. Bella, Paris, and Liz.
21) I nicknamed Paris “Cupid”. Cute + stupid = Cupid.
22) I suffered from depression for 1.5 years in high school.
23) I have memory problems. I have poor word recall, working memory, and short term memory.
24) I have a faster thinking rate than 99.98% of the population.
25) I have a faster hearing rate than the average person. I talk fast because of this.

26) I’m scared of dogs because of an incident when I was four.
27) I have a phobia of deep water and spiders.
28) I love praying mantises and ladybugs.
29) I’m a volunteer at my local zoo.
30) I’m an art therapy major at my college.
31) I’m in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend.
32) I have a blog and a website.
33) I have chocolate-colored eyes. (Hershey’s, to be exact)
34) I’m an artist but can’t touch most erasers due to my latex allergy
35) I love to bake. I have the magic touch. I can make the same recipe as someone else and it’ll turn out better for no reason.
36) I can’t eat anything I bake because of my mystery allergy/intolerance.
37) I love hermit crabs.
38) I love snails.
39) I love slugs.
40) I love sea turtles.
41) I have a southern accent that I hide. Only two people have heard it fully.
42) I have balance problems from repeated concussions on the balance part of my brain.
43) I want to go to Ireland and Australia.
44) I have a mini-obsession with languages, limos, wigs, and rainbow things.
45) I have a blonde wig.
46) I am currently into zebra print.
47) I don’t eat red meat (aside from pepperoni on pizza) because I simply have never cared for it.
48) I miss meatballs. I actually liked them from some places.
49) I hate smart phones and touch phones but I have one. All the others were basic and ugly.
50) The only Apple product I will ever have is the iPod. I am against their computers.

51) I am Agnostic.
52) I went to a Catholic elementary school for 7 years.
53) I used to live in Idaho and wouldn’t recommend it to anybody.
54) I lived in Wisconsin for a while and hated every minute of it.
55) I want to move to Seattle or Newport, Oregon sometime in my life.
56) I love rain.
57) I love playing the Sims 3.
58) I have a weird hobby of writing down my friends and teachers names on slips of paper and organizing them in a classroom setting. I’ve done this all my life.
59) My first word/sentence was “Boots are my favorite toy.” I didn’t speak again until a doctor’s appointment when I was three or four when teachers thought I was developmentally delayed because I never talked.
60) I’ve always been sort of antisocial. I’m perfectly happy with only a few friends. I’ve never felt the need to have many. I also will go through them like tissues, no matter how hard I try not to. Friends usually never last more than a few months with me. Only a few have.
61) I am an artist. I dislike working on 3D projects or crafty ones. I prefer drawing, photography, and painting.
62) Photoshop confuses the hell out of me.
63) I failed typing in 7th grade, but using my own method makes me a better typist than anyone else I’ve met.
64) I’ve gone to 12 different schools so far from preschool to college.
65) I lived in California for 3 years and loved it.
66) I like to read but haven’t found much time in college.
67) I love strawberry flavored sour belts.
68) I like only one flavor of Gatorade.
69) I love strawberry soda.
70) I’ve been to Mexico, Canada (about 15 times…), England, and France.
71) Just now, I misspelled France when I tried to type it the first time, typing out “Fance” and it made me laugh.
72) I’ve been to 34 states.
73) I hate traveling.
74) One of my friends is clairvoyant.
75) I have no siblings.

76) I can sing quite well.
77) I have social anxiety and would never sing in front of anybody.
78) I am terrible at making wish-lists. I never know what I want because I never keep track of it.
79) I love pasta.
80) I love PF Chang’s restaurant.
81) My favorite restaurant is Tomato Street in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.
82) I am hypersensitive to touch. Mostly in my mouth. If I hate a food, it’s rarely because of the taste. It’s usually the texture that puts me off.
83) I suck at mimicking accents, but can otherwise mimic other people really well.
84) I want to be able to teleport.
85) I can easily make myself invisible or “easily missed” if I want.
86) I am flexible.
87) I have a swan neck deformity in my fingers and hypermobility in many of my joints.
88) I don’t get crushes on people. Instead, I’ll want to befriend them. Gender doesn’t matter.
89) I can get someone to tell me whatever’s bothering them very well.
90) I like helping people.
91) I took 2 art classes in my senior year of high school, and I was in there about 5.5 hours a day.
92) My two art teachers met me in a very dark time in my life and it is due to them that I am back on my feet and into art again.
93) Two years ago I shut down all my emotions in a crisis. I have yet to “turn them back on.” My art teachers unknowingly helped me get some of them back.
94) I love psychology.
95) I think I’m self-centered when I do talk.
96) I’ve never cared what other people think of my appearance. If I try to change it, it’s because I don’t like it. I couldn’t care less what other people think of it.
97) I have freckles.
98) The moles on my neck form Orion’s belt.
99) I’ve never felt like my name fit me. I’d change it to Katrine if I could.
100) I never thought I’d think of 100 things, and it took me 45 minutes to do so.
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Well, the memory issue still holds true...I forgot I wrote this until someone commented on it.