A Pinch Of Neeki

1. I hate worms.
2. I am an animal lover
3. I sleep lights on
4. I love sour fruits
5. I am a gamer
6. I play guitar
7. I have 7 song compositions so far
8. I enjoy my dream world
9. I am a blogger
10. I'm not sweet
11. I love chocolates and cookies
12. I sneeze a lot during early morning and night
13. I have a sensitive skin
14. I only put powder, eyeliner and lipstick on my face
15. I don't wear a ring
16. I buy pocket books and don't read them
17. I am not shy
18. I sleep mostly around 1am
19. I wanna own a horse
20. I wanna experience firing
21. I miss my dad
22. I am the second child among 3
23. I paint our house
24. I can't swim
25. I can't cook
26. I hate doing laundry
27. I like petting dogs
28. I got a serious stiff neck when I was a kid
29. I was admitted to a hospital 2 times
30. I love sea foods
31. I love vegetables
32. I don't eat beef and pork
33. I am an artist, I can portrait and paint
34. I watch movies alone
35. I want to get fit
36. I dont wear high heels
37. I wanna play in the snow
38. I'm horrible at remembering people
39. I remove my bra before i sleep
40. I am weird sometimes
41. Im experiencing sleep paralysis
42. I love my mom, but not telling her
43. Sometimes im contented and sometimes im not
44. I don't want bestfriends.
45. I want adventures
46. I have 4 ex boyfriends
48. I pluck not shave - armpits
49. I am an EMO before, and I changed
50. I can sleep even if noisy
51. My boyfriend is a mechanical engineer
52. I dont give a ****
53. I like red and pink lipstick
54. I daydream
55. I love sunset
56. I fly a kite during summer
57. I once fell from our roof because of kite
58. I dont eat heavy breakfast
59. I am so lazy texting
60. i have 6 pillows
61. I play piano when I was a kid
62. I punched my instructor once, because he said that we are bullsh*t
63. I think a lot
64. i'm shy at asking favors
65. I had killer nightmares
66. I love foodsss
67. I sleep at my back
68. I bite my nails when thinking
69. I want to go to other places and countries
70. I love watching documentaries
71. I want to be fluent in speaking english
72. I am not a business minded
73. I am always late at school
74. I cry a lot
75. I so admire Hachiko
76. I have 3 dogs named, Daga, Sosage, and butchog.
77. i take care of my things
78. I have a diary
79. I easily get fat when I eat a lot and easily get thin when I exercise
80. I like spiderman, the first one
81. I am not so girly
82. I dont have a coin pierce
83. i write poems and songs
84. I'm not shy on asking questions to my instructor during class.
85. I'm bad on my math subjects
86. I like joining school design competitions
87. I cant kill an animal, even rats
88. I join guys during class, because girls talk a lot even the teacher's speaking.
89. I have a lesbian sister
90. I drink
91. I can cross stitch, crochet, and stitch.
92. I like pulling weeds in the yard during late afternoon.
93. I love to stargaze
94. I always feel sleepy in class
95. I like bands
96. I want to be in a band
97. I play safe
98. I love babies
99. Im super imaginative
100. I believe in the Lord.

So, that's me, it took me a few minutes thinking and writing this :)

neeki neeki
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012