100 Things About Me . . .

1. I love the desert 2. I love to fish 3. I smoke cigarettes 4. I drink Canadian blended whiskey with Pepsi 5. I have white hair 6. I have green eyes 7. I am pretty skinny now, but was really fat when I was younger 8. I love to dress up 9. I love shoes, especially high heels! 10. I am an excellent cook 11. I am very creative and crafty 12. I have a terrible temper 13. I tan easily and have never had a sunburn 14. I have an itchy spot on my back 15. I like to sleep outside in the summer 16. I can eat 3 pounds of steamed clams (love 'em!) 17. My mother is full-blood Cherokee Indian 18. I knew someone personally who was murdered by Charlie Manson followers 19. My uncle was killed execution style by the Hell's Angels 20. I have been in 3 roll-over car accidents and only got a scratch on my pinky finger 21. I see dead people (just wanted to see if you were still paying attention) 22. I am lonely 23. Worse than that, I feel alone 24. I played Black Jack with Redd Foxx in Vegas 25. I met John Travolta 26. I'm a native born Californian and not hispanic 27.I hate snow 28. I sot somebody once who was trying to break into my house 29.Asian people make me nervous 30. I survived Hurricaine Hugo in 1988 31. I have lain awake at night trying to figure out how I could kill my husband (ex now) and get away with it 32. All Avon perfume smells like cinnamon to me and on me 33. I like my steak cooked charred rare. Ok, I got 1/3 of the way thru this and if you want to know more, you'll have to ask!
RuthieD RuthieD
Nov 27, 2012