100 Things I Love About Me

1. My full name is Taeler Hope Corrao
2. I have long brown reddish hair
3. Dark brown eyes
4. I like my nose
5. I have 3 sisters
6. I am 5'6"
7. I make the best peanut butter fudge in all of the land
8. My favorite Adventure Time character is Magic Man
9. I am a high school percussion/winterguard instructor
10. I am a terrible singer
11. I am bisexual
12. I can effectively play 7 different instruments
13. Rainbows, bright colors, and glitter are the ****
14. I’m watching Donnie Darko right now
15. I had a miscarriage in high school
16. I spent a month in Air Force basic training. I kept the boots :D
17. I love Lifetime movies, especially the ones about rebellious 90’s teenagers
18. Almost Famous and Moulin Rouge are underrated movies
19. I keep my TV on TLC or Cartoon Network
20. I’m thirsty right now
21. I lost a friend to suicide last year
22. I got 2 speeding tickets in my entire life, both going 80 in a 55
23. I'm from Kentucky
24. My favorite class in high school was Comparative World Religions. And band.
25. I still have dreams about boot camp
26. I would like to say I’m a Christian, but I’m more of a general spiritualist.
27. Chuck Norris jokes are only appropriate in percussion sectionals.
28. I hate it when 40 year old guys want me to add them. No. You could be my dad. That’s disgusting.
29. Everyone should read Jack Kerouac before they die
30. My dad is a Pentecostal preacher
31. I can’t math
32. The Other Guys is a great movie to quote
33.My favorite playlist is a mix of Marilyn Manson, 90’s alternative, and Eddie Cochran
34. I smoke pot and cigarettes
35. I had abusive relatives
36. I cut myself (recovering)
37. I enjoy dancing
38. My favorite instrument is a marimba
39. I wasn’t allowed to read Dr. Seuss as a child
40. I got kicked out of my house the day I turned 18
41. I enjoy Quentin Tarantino films
42. I worked at McDonald’s through high school
43. It’s 5 am
44. I want to be a social studies teacher
45. Im talking to a pretty cool person lol
46. I’m a poet.
47. I LOVE Alice in Wonderland
48. I take way too many pictures of myself
49. I like coffee
50. My car is a piece of ****
51. I could eat Chipotle every day of my life
52. I didn’t know what a penis was until I was 13
53. My nails are silver
54. I sell Mary Kay
55. I don’t fit in with my family
56. I won’t give anyone on this site my facebook. And you can’t find me
57. My favorite color is purple
58. Sometimes I feel like I should wash my hands for no reason
59. Im not wearing underwear
60. My bra set off a metal detector today
61. I just shaved my legs earlier
62. You would hate my dad
63. I love badminton
64. I have Nirvana’s entire catalogue…and I haven’t heard too many songs by them
65. But I love Dave Grohl
66. I think dubstep is a bad idea all the time
67. I thought about becoming Buddhist
68. Drum corps are awesome
69. I’m a lightweight
70. I love photography
71. I like to swim
72. I used to be obsessed with Harry Potter
73. I think entirely too much
74. I have yet to watch Star Wars
75. I pierced my lip and nose in high school
76. Forrest Gump is the most quoteworthy movie ever
77. I have a paper cut and it hurts like a mofo
78. I want to learn how to hang glide
79. My friends are awesome
80. I am wearing glasses
81. I almost have a full time job
82. I woodburn
83. I celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas
84. I’m a Browns fan
85. I want a tattoo
86. Bo Burnham is hilarious
87. I’m gonna shower after I do this
88. I think my dad was a coke head at one point in time
89. I prefer stars on Christmas trees rather than angels
90. I love doing makeup
91. I get strange when I’m tired
92. I like sex lol
93. I cant wait for this to be over
94. When I was little I wanted to be a dog when I grew up
95. I just almost smoke the wrong side of my cigarette lol
96. I get at at least 2 sinus infections a year
97. I hate it when people call me a preachers daughter
98. I hate the month of January
99. I like haikus
100. Im on crutches
18-21, F
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