A Hundred Perfectly Pointless Things About Me - Including A List Of Stupid Things I Sometimes Do.

1. My neighbour caught me talking to the moon last night. I swear, I'm not mad. I know the moon won't and can't answer back. I just sometimes like to ask it about the meaning of life.

2. Worst habit: Putting empty boxes and containers back into the cupboards and/or fridge. Want a coffee? Sure. Oh, damn, no coffee. Or sugar. Or milk. Plenty of other stuff, though.. It gets very annoying, especially in the morning when I don't so much as WANT a caffeine hit as NEED one...

3. I feel sorry for my girlfriend... Every time she tells me how much she loves me, I feel guilty and want to cry because I'm a dreadful gf.

4. Number of times I've been fired from jobs: Four. I have issues with being told what to do... But those were four jobs that weren't right for me. And in my defence, I sorta kinda walked out of two of them.

5. I am fickle, fickle, fickle... and I wish I wasn't.

6. Modern architecture is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

7. I think morphine is fun.

8. I deliberately pick verbal sparring matches with authority figures

9. Some days it's hard to summon up the courage to leave the house.

10. Over the years I've learned to effectively hide my eating disorder.

11.I mistreat women.

12. I am so scared of commitment, but I crave it.

13. Physically deformed people make me feel uncomfortable.

14. I bought 'Girl Interrupted' on DVD solely to watch Winona :)

15. I love androgynous women. I think they're beautiful beyond comparison.

16. I'm getting more tattoos soon and I can't wait :D

17. I love having mock arguments with my girlfriend.

18. I can spend hours staring at Victorian photographs.

19. Pranks and I go together like, well, glue and keyholes >:)

20. I scribble down random notes all the time. I find it very amusing to always be writing this or that, even if this or that makes no sense.

21. I love the feeling of being "tangled up" with someone in bed, fully clothed, just all tangled up.

22. Thunderstorms are amazing. I love to turn out the lights and watch them.

23. My girlfriend and I sometimes try to gross one another out with offensive ****-laden emails, and I seldom laugh as much as when we do that :)

24. The other week I was talking to someone whom I think is really attractive and literally started to drool. I had to turn away so she wouldn't see that I was totally 'tarding out :/

25. I hate cyber sex.

26. I really do appreciate the people in my life, even though I sometimes act aloof.

27. I sometimes still make stupid wishes on stars.

28. Sometimes all I want to do is lock myself away and arrange flowers. I find it very cathartic.

29. Mornings and I don't get along. Seriously, we're both happier if we don't encounter one another.

30. I'm sorta kinda tipsy right now

31. I love my birthday; because it falls on such a crazy party day, I get free drinks *everywhere* :D

32. I'm always secretly thrilled when I get asked for ID

33. I joke around about being a bad influence and people don't believe me. But seriously, I am...

34. I can tell you how many kjs are in anything.

35. Sometimes I get tipsy just as an excuse not to eat.

36. Someone I really like is ignoring me and I have the worst case of bruised ego EVER

37. People always comment on how "happy" I am; "What a happy person!" and so on... But most days it's a struggle to get out of bed in the morning.

38. I joke about because I hate thinking about things which just upset me.

39. I absolutely believe in reincarnation

40. Same goes for ghosts and spirits

41. But I'm highly mistrustful of so-called psychics

42. I think women look incredibly sexy while they're smoking

43. I sabotage myself very often

44. I leave everything until the last minute.

45. As soon as it's legal, I'd love to make my girlfriend my wife because I know there's no woman out there who could ever take her place.

46. I'd rather have a bad day than a boring day.

47. I can't help but to flirt with every attractive and even passable woman I see

48. I believe in soul mates

49. The song 'Lolita' reminds me of a girl... and every time I hear it, I feel like crying and hitting things :(

50. I really don't get why people like me. Sometimes I'm not a very nice person... :/

51. The Simpsons are the best TV show ever.

52. I feel weird leaving people alone near my personal papers, because a part of me is scared that they will rifle through them :o

53. Sometimes I can't stand company and just want to run away from it all.

54. I always remember that we are all literally made of stars. It makes human beings seem somehow special.

54. The first job I ever had was at a call centre. I walked out at lunch time one day and never went back.

55. I love my current job, but I'm always terrified that my bad habits will one day get me fired.

56. My first serious crush was on my best friend, Shannon, when we were in primary school. She had the most beautiful hair I'd ever seen, and I'd spend all lunch break playing with it.

57. I get really angry when men assume that lesbians want to have a ********* with them. you know what, arseholes? I'll tell you where you can shove your d*ck, and it's nowhere near me!!

58. I used to gossip about a crush just so she would hear it back... horribly lame. Someone slap me :/

59. When I see opium poppies growing in someone's garden, I'm always tempted to ****** them. But I don't, because that would just look so weird.

60. I really, really like hoodoo. And yes, it does work ;)

61. My sun sign is Capricorn, but I'm not really very much like the "typical" Capricorn.

62. I sometimes say things which make me sound shallow, but I'm not really a shallow person

63. Protesters annoy me. You never get your own way by annoying people, but they don't seem to realise that.

64. I would miss work, gladly, for almost any reason

65. I get angry when I see bad translations of the Classics.

66. I think that sometimes just kissing someone is more gratifying than having sex with them.

67. It's not that I dislike horror movies, I just dislike looking like a jumpy little idiot in front of other people.

68. I can spend hours daydreaming

69. My perception of time is really messed up. Whole days get away on me.

70. I love exploring abandoned buildings.

71. I seem like a sociable girl, but most days I'm gagging for some alone time and actually prefer solitude to company.

72. I write my crush's name on the fogged-up shower screen over and over, and get a strange little thrill from seeing her name. I know, I know... Lame.

73. I have a lot of recurring dreams. They irritate me.

74. I've only seen two ghosts, despite spending a lot of time "ghost hunting"

75. I secretly love hearing tales of the macabre ...

76. My education makes me proud.

77. I'm a hopeless spendthrift

78. I really struggle with being faithful.

79. I love having a strong intuition. It lets me guess people's intentions before they say a word.

80. I learnt something today: Sometimes people stumble on internet things you would rather they never saw :/

81. I possess a lot of good traits, I also possess some very bad traits. I don't necessarily like knowing this, but I have no plans to abolish my darker traits.

82. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and say aloud "I am a f*cked up human being."

83. But mostly I look in the mirror and say the same thing, but with a smile ;)

84. I'm quite fascinated by numerology.

85. I love exploring so-called coincidences.

86. I am fatalistic.

87. I'm not very good at pretending to be modest.

88. I resent having to go to work, even though I like my job.

89. I'm a vegetarian, and will be for the rest of my life. But I'm not the angry "listen to me, do as I say" variety of vego.

90. I think about life, the patterns in life, and its meaning at least once a day.

91. I really love learning. I don't think that ignorance is becoming on anyone.

92. I speak a lot of different languages, and am very proud of that.

93. I am the most vengeful and cunning person I have ever known - some days I even feel like shaking myself and saying, "Whatever it was, let it go, seriously!"

94. But I'm also a really, really good friend. I'd do anything for my friends :)

95. I'm old fashioned in lots of ways.

96. I sabotage myself. I hate doing it, but can't stop.

97. Compulsive nail biter.

98. I collect old books. I don't care much for modern books. They haven't the same charm as their older rivals.

99. Once I was so bored on a train trip that I read most of a dictionary.

100. I love writing letters to my girlfriend.

So there you have it: A bunch of stuff that won't profit you any, but you got to the bottom of this mammoth list, so I take off my hat to you. Well, I would, if I were actually wearing a hat, but I'm not, so I'll just say this: Kudos to you.
Now post your own list; Somehow, reading random lists compiled by complete strangers gives me, and I'm sure some other people, a weird little burst of happiness. Peace and all that.... :)
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Awesome list. I was worried I was being too honest with mine but it looks like most have been.

Some of your answers made me laugh and others I understand...and opium poppies, I love them :)