I Didn't Think I Was Going To Make It But I Did!

1. I'm a lesbian, I had boyfriends in the past and always wondered why I felt nothing when I was with them. Then a girl hit on me and it all became clear ;) strangely though, I have more experience with guys than I do girls.

2. I write poetry. But have been battling writers block for over a year

3. I have a life long ambition wanting to chase tornadoes

4. In the house I live in, there are 6 cats, 4 1month old kittens, 2 dogs (one is a rottweiler cross) a tarantula and lots of true spiders (steatoda paykulliana)

5. I'm not a capitalist. I don't believe in greed and selfishness is not an option. We should all be working together to better humanity, look after our planet and all the species on it.

6. My left arm is covered in scars. I used to self harm in my teenage years

7. I love science and wish I could study physics...but I'm crap at maths

8. I was born in Scotland and used to have a geordie accent as lived in England as a child. I moved home when I was 12 and got my accent back. I'm now south of the border again.

9. I used to get in a lot of trouble when I was younger and was arrested countless times.

10. I went into care when I was 14

11. I ended up in a secure unit

12. When I was 16 I was thrown out of care and onto the streets

13. I have tried many drugs and was even a heroin addict when I was homeless

14. I hope to one day write a novel about my experiences

15. My brother was put up for adoption before I was born. I finally met him when I was 15 and it turned out he only stayed 5 mins around the corner from me, was enrolled at the same school as me, started the same college on the same day as me, we look alike, act alike, have the same interests, even our hand writing looks the same! spooky but true! we were fated to be together!

16. I never really went to school when I was younger, I got expelled when I was 10. When I got enrolled at highschool I never really went.

17. My brother once dragged me on a game show because he fancied the TV presenter

18. I used to get into a lot of fights when I was younger

19. When I was 16 I knocked out my mums 6ft6 boyfriend with one punch because he was strangling her

20. I love star trek! specially 7of9!

21. I believe in Borg

22. I have an odd and sometimes inappropriate sense of humour

23. The 1st girl I kissed was my best friend

24. I love pizza!

25. My favourite colour is purple

26. I'm a secret submissive (bottom)

27. I like to draw

28. I own 2 electric guitars but can only play 5 chords...badly!

29. I have done boxing training but have not fought in the ring...cause I believe I need a good reason to mess up someones face!

30. The knuckles on my right hand have been broken several times

31. I spent my early childhood being brought up by my gran and grandad

32. My next newyears resolution is to give up smoking and alcohol. I had recently stopped smoking but every time I had a drink with I certain friend he was thrusting roll ups into my hand. So the only way I can give up the cigs, is to be sober all the time :)

33. I'm a misanthropist

34. It hurts me to see people or animals suffering

35. I like playing scrabble. when I was 14 it taught me how to spell correctly as I used to go to bed with a dictionary (I'm also quite good at it :)

36. I love thunderstorms and often go out walking in them

37. I love getting drenched in thundery rain!

38. I hate snow cause it's sooo cold!

39. I have had several poems published but not for money (just a way to get established)

40. I love the films fingersmith and tipping the velvet

41. My fave band is 'she wants revenge' or 'kasabian'

42. I have a benign tumor in my chest which took doctors 7yrs to diagnose!

43. I suffer from chronic neck and back pain and take a multitude of tablets for it

44. I have never been abroad

45. I was a huge buffy fan when I was younger and had massive crushes on buffy, faith, willow and tara

46. I studied the performing arts at college, acting is fun!

47. I have done my own piercings and pierced others

48. I have a tattoo on my hand that my ex done when she was very drunk with a needle and thread

49. I think the end of the world is a meteorologists wet dream!

50. I don't trust too many people

51. I despise racists. racism is one of the few things that can get me into a fight!

52. My biggest pet hate is people who are getting paid to do a job and do it badly (far too common in society!)

53. I like singing on the karaoke but cant sing!

54. I love camping, but no one seems to want to do this anymore???

55. The 1st computer I had was a sega mastersystem

56. The 1st game I played was sonic the hedgehog

57. I loved climbing trees and making tarzans when I was a kid

58. I gave up caffeine due to reflux and now drink peppermint tea instead

59. I want to start body building

60. I find it hard to make friends

61. I'm prone to depression and apparently anxiety as well

62. I'm concerned about what is happening on this planet

63. I'm into nutrition and health

64. I have had spiritual experiences but I'm not religious

65. I don't believe in borders

66. I was abused as a child

67. I also got bullied for being scottish

68. I like practicing with my nunchucks

69. I like this number!

70. I like playing with my bo staff (aka broken mop handle!)

71. I walked a 66 mile walk in 5 days when I was 15 (the spey way, north of scotland)

72. I love nature!

73. I like taking pictures

74. I like mixing music from my friends punk band with dance music (not sure he likes it though lol)

75. I believe that if you have the ability to help someone...then it is your obligation to do so

76. ignorance is bliss...but I don't have that novelty!

77. I would love to travel the world. To rain forests and erupting volcanoes (I don't see the point in going abroad just to get drunk in a tourist trap)

78. I like visualizing how quantum mechanics work

79. I'm very bad at time keeping

80. I have a sleeping disorder and often suffer from insomnia

81. I can never forgive but I can try to understand

82. I'm a fan of truth

83. I'm good at putting myself in other peoples shoes

84. I like making up comics

85. My favourite take away food is chinese

86. My fave flower is the poppy (papaver somniferum)

87. My fave animals are spiders

88. My fave veg is sweet peppers

89. I believe in something bigger than myself

90. I once saved a mans life

91. I hope to have children one day

92. I have a strong sense of morals and justice and believe in helping people become the best they can be

93. I disagree with the way my government is running things

94. I disagree with the way business is running the world

95. I do not think it is ok to go into another country for war and killing innocent people...no matter what the cause is

96. I think people should have to apply to have a child. There are far to many parents claiming benefits having more children and not offering them a future. We are over populated and need some control.

97. I have an uncle who is a police man

98. I hope to take up a martial art

99. I live near the country side and miss the busy city center

And finally...

100. My home town is Edinburgh.Home of the fringe festival, it is a beautiful city and have never seen another place like it.


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you are quite a person and i applaud you for that!