100 Things About Me..

1. I'm female
2.Music is like my drug, it calms me
3. I have one younger sibling
4. my eyes are multicolored
5. My parents are devoriced
6. I am 5'3
7. I love to cook
8. I love all different kinds of music
9. I drank before to try and take pain away
10.I've tried smoking, but never had a full cigarette
11. I'm over-weight
12. People tell me i'm a good singer, others tell me i'm not. i think i'm not
13.I love the show reba, my wife and kids , big bang theory, alot of shows from CMT
14. my favorite insect is butterflies
15. i act crazy
16.I love love love love love PARAMORE! <3
17. I wish i was skinny
18.I would love to go to school to train for hairdressing but i don't think i'm good enough
19.I have a 80 average in school
20. I live in Newfoundland, Canada
21. I have 3 kitty cats ^-^
22. my favorite colors are purple , blue and yellow
23.I love to wear big clothes
24. my favorite subject in school is English
25.I try to be an overall nice person to people , even if they hate me
26. I think gays are amazing , no clue why, but just do :)
27. My father is an *******, and if i could , i'd have nothing to do with him
28. I love receiving gifts for no reason at all :3
29.I love bright colors
30. I'm unique..
31.I'm very shy before i get to know people
32. I have cut my wrists before
33. I love to swim
34.i love to skate
35.I want braces
36. i have 4 true best friends , including my mom! <3
37. I'd wear my pjs all day everyday if i could
38.Dresses are okay, but i'd rather not wear them
39.i love doing photography
40. I'm very organized when it comes to schoolwork
41. ^ not organized when it comes to keeping my room clean
42. I like Italian foods better then alot of Canadian
43. I tend to go for guys far away :c
44. I love cinnamon toast crunch cereal
45. I wear rings and earrings everyday
46.I want a tattoo for my pops cancer
47. I also want my lip pierced really bad
48.I like my hair curly !
49 I want to learn to play the piano
50.i love to babysit
51. I wear headbands alot
52. i used to be asked if i was Asian
53 I hate cold weather :c
54. I love to shop
55. I'm single
56. My favorite holiday is Christmass!
57.I love to try new things
58. I love bubble baths
59. I want to move because i hate where i live
60.I think country accents are sexy c;
61.I play Xbox
62 I think i'm a little boy crazy sometimes
63. I want to visit my aunt and cousins i havent met in Florida
64.I got to see one of my heros in concert, UNCLE KRACKER<3 bdjuwcvd :D
65. I don't really know if i want kids when i'm older or not
66. I love painting my nails
67.My mom works as a homecare worker
68. I like to write rants
69. I like somebody right now, but are to afraid to admit it.
70I love Wrapsss
71 I love to wear yellow clothing
72. I don't like ribs, or wings
73. I can't wait to learn to drive
74 i have alot of pain with my ribs, stomach, and back alot,
75. I scrapbook sometimes
76. I love colorful socks
79. My grandfather has cancer :c
80. I loveeeeeeeee dirtbikess!
81. I'm determine to visit Tennessee before i die
82.i don't like kfc chicken
83.i'd rather wear thongs then normal underwear c;
84. I text alot
85. I have a gay bestfriend!
86. I wish i had a little sister
87. i love scary movies even though i be terrified everytime i watch them
88.i hateeeeeee the dark :c
89.i try to be as honest as i can be
90. i miss my pop Ken :(
91.My favorite number is 19
92.I miss my childhood
93. i get in the mood for cartoons more then i should haha
94. i want a good camera :(
95. I am allergic to the soap they have at my school
96. I don't like diet soda
97.I'm mostly always cold
98 I love being me, but at the same time i hate it
99.I've tried to commit suicide before.
100. And last...I like apple pie! <3
cherrylover1234 cherrylover1234
18-21, F
Nov 28, 2012