Who I Am

1. I am a teenage girl
2. I have long red hair which I love and hate
3. If my friends were to describe me they would say I was crazy, random, sweet and caring
4. I've been on the A honor roll every quarter since elementary
5. I am a chocoholic
6. Music is my life, it's my therapy, my caffeine, my meditation, my feelings
7. I have four younger siblings, one died when I was young
8. I love animals especially dogs and horses
9. I love being crazy and hanging out with my friends
10. Sports are also my life
11. I love dancing, it makes me feel free and allows me to forget the world
12. I cannot sing to save my life by I wish I could
13. I love painting and sketching
14. I absolutely love camping and the outdoors
15. My favorite bands are one direction, you me at six, the fray, the script, the scene, rascall flats, and many more
16. I have a strange love of railroad tracks, willow trees, angels, keys and stars
17. I've been cheated on
18. My boyfriend is very sweet and caring
19. My mother is abusive
20. I have depression
21. I think things through different than most people
22. I've always wanted to swim with dolphins
23. My favorite color is aqua
24. My favorite number is 21
25. Ive lost many people close to me
26. My favorite food is tacos or spaghetti
27. This list is very long
28. My favorite words are Galapagos and lollipop
29. I love my little sister more than anyone
30. I really can't stand one of my brothers
31. If I could go anywhere I would go to Italy
32. I've never been on a plane
33. I'm a picky eater
34. I've only had one real boyfriend
35. I love skiing
36. I don't have a favorite season I like them all for different reasons
37. I like summer because no school, it's warm, it means camping and bonrfires
38. I like autumn beause it's pretty and means football games
39. I like winter beaches I love snow and it means dance season and christmas
40. I like spring because it's track season and it means flowers and storms
41. I also have a love for storms, I love falling asleep to pouring rain and thunder
42. I have insomnia pretty bad and hardly sleep
43. I had heart surgery last year
44. I'm a good liar when need be
45. I love reading
46. My favorite tv shows are pretty little liars, America's best dance crew and America's got talent
47. My favorite books are the hunger games twilight and vampire academy and Harry potter
48. I have blue eyes
49. I am 5'6"
50. I weigh 117 and have huge boobs which are annoying
51. I love giving advice and helping people out
52. Idk if I want to put 100 things about myself anymore
53. I write all my dreams down and look up what they mean
54. I always listen to song lyrics and try ro find out what a song is about
55. Taylor swift is my idol
56. Channing tatum is sexy
57. I hate wearing socks
58. I love wearing sweatshirts
58. I wish my nails were always painted but im too lazy
59. I've never had sex
60. Gosh this is taking a longtime
61. Almost to 69...yep I'm a little immature
62. Hunter Hayes is cute
63. I used to be in volleyball and basketball
64 I want 3 kids
65. I am in track
66. My best friend and I are super close and do crazy things together
67. Not a lot of people know the real me
68. I hardly know the real me anymore
69. The real me is kind to everyone and loves making people happy
70. The fake me is confident, flirty and will take any dare
71. My biggest fear is public speaking
72. I love the sun
73. I love drinking cookies and cream coffee in the morning
74. Ive tried alcohol but have never gotten drunk
75. I like taking pictures
76. My biggest pet peeve is when people are full of themselves
77. I like taking long hot showers
78. The fastest I've ever driven was 113 mph
79. I never have and don't plan to ever smoke I think it's disgusting
80. I'm not much of a cook but I like making desserts
81. My favorite restaurants are olive garden and pizza ranch
82. I love taking bike rides for exercise and to clear my mind
83. I want to become a physical therapist, pediatrician or something with psychology
84. When I can't sleep at night I draw, stretch, read or listen to music
85. If I could change something about myself it would be to make my hair a caramal color, make my boobs smaller and make myself tan
86. My favorite holiday is Christmas because everyone is happy and it's fun
87. I want to read fifty shades of gray
88. I've never gotten in a car crash, though I have bumped into other cars in parking lots
89. I've never been on a plane
90. My favorite YouTubers are nigahiga, jennamarbles and luanlegacy
91. I have a thing for British music, one direction, you me at six and Ed sheeran are all some of my favorite singers
92. I love meeting new people and figuring them out
93. My friends say I have a knack for "extracting info" I like to call it charming my way into information
94. I'm kind of known for my matchmaking skills
95. I can play the flute and piano a little
96. I love hugs
96. I wish I was really pretty could sing and was more confident
97. I love shopping but am fairly ok at saving money
98. In the summer I work at a jewelry store
99. I hope people remember me as a kind sweet caring person who could make anyone smile and was nice but fiesty
100. I am me(:
Livelaughlove212 Livelaughlove212
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012