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  1. Got inspired to write this all after reading one of my friend's story on EP.
  2. Chose this name(ABCDEF7), because I don't want to be judged by my cast, religion, culture or nationality.
  3. Black Hair, Brown Eyes, 165cm and 64Kgs, working on reducing another 5 Kg, already lost 11 since my last brain surgery.
  4. I am 35, and feels myself to be around 27.
  5. Can speak and write in English & Hindi(mother tongue).
  6. Lives in India(Asia).
  7. Was a below average student in school, 'cause was less sincere towards studies, but somehow managed to pass all my exams.
  8. Was athletic at school, football, sprinting, judo and all.
  9. Completed schooling(intermediate/10+2) with commerce stream.
  10. Got inspired with yoga after reading few books in a public library, and started practicing.
  11. Realized importance of knowledge & education in life, and that "Learning never ends".
  12. Joined B.Com(Honors) - (Bachelor of Commerce), and got failed in first year, but was at first position in computer course.
  13. Did Computer Hardware course and completed MCSE(Microsoft Certified System Engineer).
  14. Worked as computer hardware & networking support engr.
  15. Diagnosed as having Brain Tumor and got operated for that. Had an out of body experience during the operation.
  16. Administered about 250 injections during my first 17 day stay in hospital. Powder antibiotics really hurts.
  17. Dropped College(B.Com) and joined BCA(Bachelor of Computer Applications) with Distance Education, as of my interest.
  18. Undergone Radiation Therapy and then got operated second time for the same Tumor.
  19. Had to Drop BCA due to medical/physical inability to write exams.
  20. Learned Software Development at home with help of books.
  21. Developed Software as free lancer, and delivered successful projects too.
  22. Felt frustrated, depressed and lonely, thinking about my uncertain & unsettled life and career.
  23. The tumor again grew up, Got successfully operated third time for the tumor, thanks to my doc. but..
  24. Got administered with PEG Tube and doctor once told me that I may not be able to eat or drink anything from mouth for my whole life, and that really shook me.
  25. Got recovered in 3 months and got the PEG Tube removed with the efforts of my family members(esp. my mom) and my +ve approach, that day I felt very happy.
  26. Learned Web Development on my own.
  27. Joined BCA again, with an university that has option of writing exams online, as I am not still good at writing on paper.
  28. Completed my graduation after 17 years of the completion of my schooling(10+2).
  29. I am Free Lancer Software & Web Application Developer now, pursuing my MCA with distance education and searching for job.
  30. Believes everyone is good inside, sometimes we or they themselves don't recognize it(soul), respects every soul.
  31. Respects all religions, thinks he(god) is only one, only names are different in different languages(religions) and he understands all languages.
  32. Believes in Lord Buddha's logic "Don't believe anything including what I said just because I am saying this, test/experiment it logically, then only follow".
  33. From a conservative family, but open minded.
  34. Want to devote my life to others, to make this world a better place to live.
  35. Been a complete teetotaler, neither smokes nor takes any other form of drug, even takes tea & coffee in moderation.
  36. Never had a girlfriend in life.
  37. Never kissed or got kissed.
  38. Would never hit a woman and I hate men who do that.
  39. I am single, and there are times when I feel lonely.
  40. Thinks that I don't just need a wife, but a soul-mate/life-escort, if god planned for me, who can understand me and would make me feel that I am not alone(sole).
  41. Feels pain of others when hears about it, wants to make other people smile.
  42. None of my real life friends lives near me as we have shifted our house 17 yrs back, and I am of reserve nature.
  43. Wants every person should live with peace, education, self respect, healthy food and respect for others.
  44. Dreams of one world, one nation, one economy, one currency, one religion(i.e. humanity) and no borders, no forces, no war, no hatred.
  45. I like to talk to people, share and understand them.
  46. After seen so much pain and sorrows of life, I don't want to enjoy pleasures of life even those are available to me.
  47. I am Perfectionist, when I starts something, very difficultly manages to finish it.
  48. Keeps my PC(laptop) well organized, can find any desired file in few seconds from my 170 GB(currently) of data without a search tool.
  49. Sometimes uses three or four different web browsers simultaneously with 35-50 tabs open in a browser.
  50. Sometimes uses three operating systems simultaneously using virtual machines.
  51. Thinks I have become stubborn to problems, tries to fight them at my best, it's not always easy to overcome them, but I keeps moving ahead.
  52. Sometimes feels happy, confident(+ve) and healthy, sometimes stressed and uncertain.
  53. Thinks everyone should take care of their health(physical as well as mental).
  54. Loves to practices Yoga.
  55. I don't fears in darkness, instead able to identify myself better.
  56. Living legends that inspires me - Amitabh Bachan, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Arvind Kejriwal, Bill Gates and  M.K. Gandhi.(alphabetically)
  57. My interests - yoga, gardening, computers, knowing how things work, deep discussions, discovering spirituality/religious truth, learning new technologies, helping others, computer programming, finding solution to any type of problem(be it technical or life related).
  58. Don't have a real sister, but found few on EP. I love them as(probably more) I would have love my real ones.
  59. Respects my mom and elder bro for what they did for me.
  60. I loves my mom more than myself, to me even god comes next to her.
  61. I want to learn everything in this world, and is curious about everything just like kids.
  62. I can be very blunt and honest in my opinions, though I try to be diplomatic and patient with everyone.
  63. Has a good sense of humor, but laughs very rarely.
  64. Born in a non-vegetarian family, but been a pure vegetarian since 2001.
  65. I tries to change the narrow mindedness of people.
  66. Some people believe that I can logically prove whatever I want to.
  67. Likes to wear cotton clothes, and mostly wears them too.
  68. Can feel the "life" in trees whenever around them.
  69. Believes in hard work, and that there is no substitute to hard work.
  70. Admires the inner and outer beauty of women.
  71. Thinks, I need not to contribute to population of my country, and even don't wish to have kids. But loves children and want them to grow into a good humans and responsible citizens.
  72. Don't want to spend my life just living for a family, but admires those who live like this.
  73. Thinks I am not born for myself, I am here for some special purpose and I am right now wasting my time.
  74. I often refers dictionary.
  75. Have tried to understand god and religion, and has my own theory behind their existence.
  76. I want to start a new religion to dissolve the differences between religions,  because existing religions will not update themselves to accept others.
  77. I jumped across railway track when the train was just few meters away coming with its full pace, I got escaped by less than a meter, I felt the gust of train. I was a good athlete then (@16), but later realized that it was a total blunder.
  78. I have felt myself many times close to death, and values the importance of life.
  79. I thinks there is solution to every problem, you just have to find that.
  80. I enjoys meaningful and rhythmic poetry.
  81. Enjoys driving, got my driving license at 18.
  82. Can imagine a story or an ancient tale as my first person experience. I am very imaginative.
  83. Want to give something to this world before leaving.
  84. I want to live near all my friends and dear ones that are close to my heart in a same residential society/building, so that I can easily meet them personally whenever I wants to.
  85. I believe human brains can be programmed and one's sole can be made totally disconnected from one's brain. Live examples are terrorists.
  86. Cares for persons even whom I have not met personally.
  87. I thinks men can't completely understand women, and laws relating to women must be designed by women.
  88. Hygiene conscious, keeps my hairs & nails short, don't like pets in my house, but that doesn't means I don't love animals.
  89. Against any form of cruelty against humans and animals.
  90. Believes in keeping myself updated, it saves lot of effort.
  91. I am right handed by birth, after being unable to write from my right hand due to tumor attack, learned to write from my left hand and my handwriting is same, even my bank signatures matches, now does most works from my left hand.
  92. Don't dance but enjoys to see others do, and admires them too.
  93. Sometimes sings when alone.
  94. Sometimes a lazy guy, sometimes nothing can stop me.
  95. Has a strong will power, can stick to my decisions for whole life.
  96. Loves programming things and playing with logic.
  97. Don't know swimming, but wants to learn.
  98. Loves it when I sweat after exercise.
  99. Previously used to think that I should not share my knowledge with others because I have worked hard to get it and everyone should do their part to get knowledge. But now thinks sharing of knowledge and education is necessary for development of humanity and this world.
  100. Doesn't leaves single grain in my plate. Believes that humans should not waste economical & natural resources.
  101. Thinks that only god knows my future.

Waiting for your Questions and Comments..
ABCDEF7 ABCDEF7 31-35, M 23 Responses Dec 2, 2012

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I am thinking to delete this story. I hope my friends and those who commented and/or liked this story would allow me and forgive me for that.

no u cant do that

It's difficult for me to disobey my aniyathi. How to make you understand my sister.

I admire you, and I think you are a great soul!! I loved to read you and would love to say more than this, but I can't say more than... Wow.. Namasté

Namaste. :) Thank you. Felt really good to hear your words. Feel free PM me, if you likes to share/ask anything. :)

Omg really haahhahaha

Are u sure? Are u really a man? Or a woman behind this fake profile?

I can't believe uve never been kissed

Hahaha.. My dear, soul doesn't have any gender, nor humanity is restricted to any gender. I don't understand why you are not able to believe, may be you have not seen/heard such people. But I am true. :)


I didn't mean to offend u by gender thing

It's just that guys... Omg

Ure a Saint!

Thank You. :)
I just tries to be a good human.

Oye dat hugs for ur mom wer from my side.:-)

Thank you. :)

Plz give lots of hugs to ur mom... I m soo proud of her... She never let u down. Never ever hurt her. U knw wat? God himself wit u in d form of ur mom. Dnt u think so?

Yes, I know god is with me, and my mother has a god's part in herself. I am thankful to god for giving me this mother.

Am nt happy reading ur story. Tears r der in my eyes coz I could able to feel ur pain. :-( no words to say. Blank. Sory yar am wit u as a friend forever:-)

That show you are a good soul, and a true friend too. Don\'t worry about me, I have learned to deal with problems and I am strong enough to deal problems of life, instead I feel it very strange when I don\'t have any problems. Thanks for feeling this way. :)

Hi friend in 100points more dan 95points matches me. I never lie. Now I got y I met u. Thank god:-)

I am happy to hear that, and to have you as my friend. :)

I really enjoyed reading this, thank you for sharing. I am so sorry to hear about your series of operations. I so admire your strength and I just want to give you a hug! I wish you a better health in the coming years..

I am fine after my last surgery. Thanks for the hug & wishes.

oh my god...
you are something...
i would have feel in love with you reading this.. but unfortunately im committed...
u r awesome....
sorry for being too frank...

thanks for the compliments,
but fortunately we can be good friends,

thanks for being too frank.
You are always welcome :)

sure.. i would love to...

Nos. 34 & 73. This is inspiring, so definitely not a waste of your time. Thank you.

(Also, it's nice to get to know you.)

Thanks :)

You got the points right. I am more conserned about making some fruitful use of my life that can benefit masses. But the problem is that I am not able to convince my family.

You seems to be right about the convincing part, but I can't pursue anything without the approval of my family member. I believe, with the events in past and my culture, they have earned some right over my life. Although I am waiting for the time when I will not need much effort to convince them, but think I don't have much time. I don't know whether my energies will ever be able to bring that time, and if yes, when? Although I am working at my spiritual side, and from some time I have stopped my expressed efforts to convince them. And yes I am doing my karma with a faith that things will change.

Heartily thanks for your wishes. Yes, your words were copious, not in numbers, but in importance & meaning. I hope I will continue to learn from your experiences, and I am looking forward to listen more from you. Thanks for your valuable words.

Thanks :)

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First of all hats off to u MsABCDEF7. Really u r superb. We have many things in common. Me too like Buddha jst like u and I m also fond of Yog (Not yoga), which is a way to live for me. As far as ur concept of starting new religion is concerned, I dont think it will help as in fact, we have misunderstood this word and have imprisoned this vast philosophy in narrow words like Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs etc. Dharm is something other than these words. If u like we can discuss it. Thanks for ur precious time given to my petty comment. Wish u all the best in ur life!

Yes its "yog" in Sanskrit & Hindi. But when we are talking in a different language(English), we are supposed to use the equivalent & established words of that language.

Yes, we can discuss. What does the word "Dharm" means to you? You can PM me, I think that place will be more appropriate to discuss that than this thread.

Heartily thanks for your wishes. Wishing same for you.

Its nt the lang only. In fact today Yoga means to twist, turn, bend or straighten ur body. Thats yoga. Yog is smthing different. These postures r only a step of yog which consists eight parts and thats y is called Ashtang Yog. Even in todays perspective, there is need to adopt real yog, instead of yoga. After all I think its ashtang yog which was responsible for our cntry's prosperity in past.

hmm.... ok my dear, thanks for the valuable info.

You have gone through such a lot.Loved reading this.

Thanks for reading & liking it.

You are such a storehouse of life force.Really you got something in you to inspire people through your actions.Such a positive aura you are emitting.My Good wishes with you.

Thanks for reading my story, for your comment and your wishes. :)

Very inspiring person

You truly amazing person... :-) will write abt ur post in mesg :-

hm great!i admire the beauty and strength of character tht Allah Has given you!and the most"Believes everyone is good inside, sometimes we or they themselves don't recognize it(soul), respects every soul."i believe and also seen manyu times tht affliction bends man towards God if the only hope stays with all other deprivations(though God does nt deprives like this) and i think you r the one with hope to whom affliction made soft hearted!it is great blessing having sensitive heart who can feel the pain of others and yr respect to yr mom and the humanism would in sha Allah enlighten you in such a way tht you will find the way which is actually made for you only, which is looking forwards for you to take your light to be enlightened!God loves His creation, and He alone is enough to feed and nourish whole mankind but He makes peopkle source of delight for others to join them and to write beautiful history of mankind in which humanity dances with joy seeing bonds and relationships of people!wht you will leave for world before death tht would be gift of God to world through yoyu!actually your gift from Allah to enjoy eternity!wish you such eternity!point#76...i think religion of humanity is very much there if you would update tht would also be distorted perhaps, but those who have humanism realized(though all have humanism ) they would be acting on the present one also as you r doing!would you describe yr own definition about faith?blessings.sunshines!

my intention behind pt.76 is that i want to dissolve the differences between religions, by using word humanity i meant it will be full of humanity, yes humanity is there but we have to make it strong enough so that it can overcome all the hatred and inhumanity in this world, i have updated that pt. to clear my intentions.
faith - there are many definitions, and it is more to be felt than defined but as you requested, for now you can consider it - that helps keeps me going.

Thanks for your comment
Best Wishes

hm nice!best wishes to u as well.sunshines!

thats a very good list

Congrats on listing 100, I tried but listed maybe just 40 or something. Hundred facts about you is really revealing, you had brain tumour and again it is growing..but best part is you re a positive person. I find some similarities with you and few differences..but thats good..friends are not carbon copies :))

well this is life ... but you seems to be a nice person and a very happy person

wow.. amazing.... life with ups and downs..... but u r strong...

You have had some really hard times with your health, and how it has affected the other aspects of your life. It is admirable how you keep positive and how inspite of all the hurdles, you found a way to acquire knowledge.

it becomes easy after you recognizes the importance of knowledge and education.

an astrologer told me that i will not be able to get education beyond schooling, hope i will prove him wrong, this is my third attempt.

I hope so too. :)

Do you mind if i interfere bro, you already proved him wrong, is a recognized degree, what education is about . You are always beyond that. You inspire and make so many people think,. Keep up that good work and good luck for your attempt. :)

Now I have proved that astrologer wrong, secured 80% in graduation. Updated point 28 & 29.

Thanks angelicsmiles & stupidkoala for your wishes, they helped me to win over the odds against me. :)

that is the difference between knowledge and education

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what i was waiting for bro,, you are an inspiration. btw, i think no apartment is that big enough,. I wish you the best. Take care.

thax, that is why it is a dream, and will remain to be...

:) :)

updated my dream to accommodate all my friends

hatsoff for the effrt u took to finish it
ur always a sport