100 Things About Me.

1. I'm a natural blonde
2. My name is a form of "Elizabeth".
3. I have 2 brothers
4. I am married to a man twice my age
5. I have blue eyes
6. I hate myself.
7.I have a beautiful baby boy
8. I believe in God
9. I don't go to church
10. I don't like cats
11. I had a pet baby chicken
12. I think I"m funny
13. I am trying to get pregnant
14. I live 1200 miles away from home
15. I really REALLY don't like people.
16. I'm not sure if I know myself well enough, to write 100 things
17. I always doubt myself
18. I have anxiety
19. I had my baby via c section
20. I've been in love twice
21. I self mutilate
22. I'm considered obese from my BMI
23. I love baked lays. They're my weakness
24. I'm sarcastic
25. I try to avoid being social
26. My house caught on fire when I was 13
27. Sometimes I think I'm bipolar
28. I've never loved anything in this world, the way I love my son.
29. I've had 9 one night stands
30. I have 12 tattoos
31. I've had my hood pierced
32. Sometimes, I just want to run away
33. I seek attention
34. I'm extremely blunt
35. I've never been off the Easy Coast
36. I'm insecure, about everything
37. I'm a jealous person
38. I wish I had a hobby
39. I'm a good liar.
40. I'm also a good manipulator
41. I've been interrogated by State Police twice, and got away with it.
42. Up until a few days ago, I had a secret that not another soul knew about
43. I told that secret to someone on EP
44. I fantasize about being a sister wife
45. I'm bicurious
46. I have extremely high standards for women
47. I want to **** my husbands friends, just because it makes me feel like a *****.
48. I think I'm a bad person
49. I want to be a GOOD perosn, for my son.
50. I have a crush on my Gyno
51. My favorite show is Teen Mom
52. I watch Jersey Shore, not for hte show, but because it reminds me of home.
53. I grew up with only 1 grandparent
54. I think a lot of girls are jealous of me, although I don't know why
55. I truly do think I'm better than a lot of people. I guess I'm stuck up
56. I've been in therapy since I was 14, and haven't told a therapist as much as I've shared on EP
57. I hate Thanksgiving
58. I love the Yankees
59. and LOVE Derek Jeter
60. I was molested.
61. I have considered selling my body. That's how bad things are
62. No matter what, nothing is ever good enough.
63. I truly believe money would fix 99 percent of my issues.
64. I think I have a better understanding of people than most psychologists.
65. I'm a college drop out
66. I seriously ********** all the time.
67. My therapist diagnosed me as a sex addict
68. I want my husband to buy me something meaningful for christmas, but don't want to have to tell him to do so.
69. I feel like my weight holds me back from doing a lot of things
70. I love Britney Spears
71. Today is Britney's birthday, *****.
72. I hate to cook
73. I like taking pictures
74. I was always grounded as a kid.
75. I'm just under 5'7
76. I'm a scorpio
77. I'm DEATHLY afriad of SIDS
78. Alcohol makes me tired
79. A perfect day to me is spending it with my husband and son
80. I LOVE to buy baby clothes
81. I hope I get pregnant with a girl, next time
82. All of my pictures and information on here are real.
83. I truly have blonde moments
84. I can spell onomatopoeia
85. I have more crabby days then "good mood" days
86. I wish my son could stay little forever
87. I worry I'm not going to raise him the way I imagine I will
88. I hold a grudge toward my mom
89. I've tried my whole life to get my mother to accept me.
90. I miss my dad.
91. I have only been to 1 concert in my life
92. I check my husbands facebook, because I don't trust me. (he's never given me a reason not to)
93. I always think people are "out to get me".
94. My favorite word is "****."
95. I like giving head.
96. My statuses are always related to my mood
97. I love lyrics
98. I have to get up early tomorrow
99. I don't like my mother in law
100. I'm really glad this is over.
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3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

You sound fabulous!

What an amazing post- wow - that must have taken some time- I'm gonna do it now, well ok, maybe in the morning
1. I always put off today, what I can probably do tomorrow !! Lol

Seriously though, some of your list you mention some sad things 8(

I think quite a few if mine will be aswell
Thanx for being open and honest - hang on, one of them was you are a good liar!!



I've done it - my own list of 100 things- come have a look

i'm so in love with this post that i'm going to post one myself <3

Can't wait to ready it ;) &lt;3

I did it, it took me ages aha :P