100 Is A Lot, But Here Goes

1. i'm just under 5' tall
2. i'm american
3. i'm trying to learn sign language
4. shortly after i was born, my parents thought i was deaf (i'm not)
5. my eyes change colors with my mood
6. i've been diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder
7. there's a lot of illegal drugs i want to try, though i'll probably never get to
8. i live with both of my biological parents
9. and my 2 siblings
10. i'm an artist
11. i have yet to find a religion that suits me
12. the best friend i've ever had no longer speaks to me
13. i've kissed a stranger
14. i've never been on an airplane, train, or subway
15. i'm 1/4 japanese
16. i tell people my favorite color is red becuz my actually favorite color (arguably) isn't actually a color and it's difficult to explain
17. my real favorite color is what i call oil spill. it's that metallic black color that has a rainbow sheen to it, like the color of an oil spill.
18. i love reading even though i'm very picky about the books i read
19. i don't like tv
20. i hate the radio
21. but i still love music
22. i wish i could play drums and/or sing
23. i'm not musical at all
24. i never really believed in santa clause
25. i need to start running more
26. i have 3 unfinished projects that i could be working on right now
27. i want to live in a loft when i get older
28. idk what i want to do with my life
29. the thought of college gives me anxiety
30. i'm supposed to be in my senior year of high school
31. i haven't even looked at colleges yet
32. i wish i was braver
33. i have almost no friends
34. people scare me
35. i have odd ways of thinking
36. i'm told i have the mind of a stoner
37. i've only smoked weed 3 or 4 times in my life
38. it really bothers me when friends don't text me back
39. i seem to attract "bad friends"
40. my dad is awesome
41. calligraphy pens are my favorite. i wish they were still used in everyday life
42. i have 2 piercings on each of my ears, a nose ring, and a lip ring
43. the first piercings on my ears are at 0g (meaning they're gauged, if you didn't know)
44. austin carlile is my hero
45. i really want sweet tea right now...
46. my parents are supposed to register me for online school but they haven't yet
47. i love my phone even though it isn't a fancy touch screen smart phone
48. i want to move to, or at least visit, england
49. tattoos are great if they're done well
50. i self harm
51. it has taken me 20 minutes to get half way through this list
52. i'm obsessed with day of the dead skulls
53. my favorite animal is a rabbit
54. i miss how things used to be
55. the past 3 years of high school were hell, and they were themed with one huge problem that was different each year
56. i've been hospitalized twice (totaling 4 weeks of my life)
57. i still don't have my license
58. my parents haven't taught me how to drive -___-
59. i really need a job
60. i really want to get started with online school so i can finally be done with high school
61. my favorite song pretty much changes weekly
62. i idolize tim burton
63. i want to own all of his movies
64. sweeney todd is my favorite movie
65. i'm a loner
66. i've always bought skullcandy headphones
67. but i really want a pair of the new iphone headphones
66. i eat wayyy too much junk food
67. my favorite candy is snickers
68. i love postsecret
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18-21, F
Dec 2, 2012