1.) I have brown eyes
2.) I have black hair
3.) I'm gay
4.) I'm 6'1
5.) I love music
6.) I play piano
7.) I love cats
8.) I have a disease called scleroderma
9.) I watch anime
10.) I don't have a lot friends
11.) I get bullied for being who I am
12.) I am vegan
13.) I'm straight edge
14.) I am one half German
15.) I am one half Spanish
16.) I can't speak Spanish even though I am Spanish
17.) sometimes I cry for no reason
18.) I love drawing
19.) I never really knew my dad
20.) my dad died when I was little
21.) I used to be a boy scout
22.) I got kicked out of Boy Scouts for being gay
23.) I have long hair
24.) I have a little sister
25.) I like wearing hats
26.) I like photography
27.) I've never been to a concert
28.) I like post -hardcore music
29.) I love acoustic albums
30.) when I am older I want to work on Warped Tour
31.) I love Jayy Von Monroe
32.) My actual name is Wes
33) My name is German
34.) I love James Dean movies
35.) Sometimes I just look up at the sky and smile
36.) I used to watch my neighbor walk to the corner and he'd giggle at the street light
37.) My neighbor thinks an angel lives on the street light and I believe him
38.) My neighbor died a year ago and I cried when I heard
39.) I believe there is a god
40.) I believe god is punishing me but he will make me stronger
41.) My mom doesn't love me very much
42.) I have snakebites
43.) I have lip rings
44.) I have gauges
45.) I have my belly button pierced but I can't wear it
46.) I want a few tattoos
47.) I believe there is other life then us
48.) I fell in love with a guy who broke my heart
49.) I love a guy who used to love me but he found someone else
50.) I love guys with long hair
51.) I think colored eyes are beautiful
52.) I have a German accent that I hide
53.) People at my school know me as the German guy
54.) I can play the ukulele
55.) I love old fashioned movies
56.) I think pop singers don't put effort in their lyrics
57.) I used to cut myself
58.) I can take a compliment but secretly deny it
59.) I am really skinny
60.) I play golf for my school
61.) My school is known as " East Side Poor Side" instead of "EastSide Strong Side "
63.) I have been called a fa ggot
64.) I am always nice to people
65.) I can't live without music
66.) I eat a lot but don't get fat
67.) I am horrified of dying
68.) Sometimes I have night terrors and wake up crying
69.) I think this is a funny number
70.) I want to meet Jeffree Star
71.) Music saved my life
72.) Im allergic to mushrooms, freshly cut grass, peanuts, bee stings, and cucumbers.
73.) I never pay attention in school
74.) I day dream a lot
75.) I am a straight a student
76.) I still have scars on my wrists
77.) I wish I could meet my soulmate now
78.) I used to have a stalker who would bring me gifts during school.
79.) I can speak German
80.) I like looking at nature
81.) I like guys that people think are weird
82.) I want to go to Warped Tour
83.) I want to open my own clothing store
84.) I love eating
85.) I wish my mom could find another person she loved like my dad.
86.) I usually cry myself to sleep
87.) I am scared of where I live
89.) I always think of why they put Braille on drive thru ATMs
90.) I love the colors black and silver
91.) I wish I could be a stronger person
92.) I have a baby brother that I practically raised
93.) Im always drawing
94.) I hate annoying people
95.) I hate close minded people who can't open their minds
96.) I love living my life
97.) I love my cats
98.) I love my family even if they don't feel the same way
99.) I love my friends
100.) I love who I am
WestLush WestLush
22-25, M
2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

I have read you stories and experiences , I am also bi, and I do want to tell you that some of the things I have read has brought me to tears, I do want you to know that at anytime in your life you want someone to talk to lean on or need a place to stay for that matter, you are welcome here.
I wish I had been your father, you would know what unconditional love is , and would've had that all of your life, I just wanted you to know these things , you do matter , and you are important,

I love this :) More power to you, man! And heartbreak will heal, let time do the mending. :)