100 Things About Me

1. I am a woman.
2. I am a natural blond.
3. I dyed my hair so dark it almost looks black.
4. I am separated.
5. I am left handed.
6. I am student.
7. I like watch lightning storms.
8. I'm a cuddler.
9. I am a country girl.
10. This is the first time I have ever lived in a city.
11. I don't like it as much.
12. I own a shotgun.
13. I can use it.
14. I am 5'4"
15. When I played soccer I was the goalie.
16. I water ski.
17. I snowboard.
18. I am Canadian.
19. I grew up in Alberta.
20. I now live in Manitoba.
21. I am seeing a woman for the first time.
22. I'm a little scared.
23. I'm a lot excited too.
24. I like EP for the anonymity.
25. I am 24 years old.
26. I miss my cat.
27. His name is Rascal.
28. I haven't spoken to my dad in 4 years.
29. I miss him.
30. I hate his wife though.
31. I should have treated my step-father better.
32. He should have treated me better too.
33. I miss only three people from high school.
34. College was the best time of my life.
35. University is also pretty good but more work.
36. I wasn't happy at my wedding.
37. I believe we learn from our mistakes.
38. Sometimes I'm arrogant and rude.
39. It is my biggest fault.
40. I am aware of my weaknesses.
41. I am aware of my strengths.
42. I should call home more often.
43. I like photography.
44. I can labour like a mule.
45. I can procrastinate.
46. I love to swim.
47. I smoke weed.
48. I love tattoos.
49. I love piercings too.
50. I drink too much sometimes.
51. I have moved twice this year.
52. I have moved 15 times in total in my life.
53. I have fallen off a horse.
54. I have fallen off a bull.
55. I have helped bring animal life into the world.
56. I want to be a large animal vet.
57. I don't like children.
58. I never have.
59. And I don't want them.
60. I believe in equal rights for everyone.
61. I don't believe in marriage anymore.
62. I feel like it's redundant.
63. I love the smell of rain.
64. I love studying microbiology.
65. I love studying classics.
66. I haven't had sex in 3 months.
67. I **********. A lot.
68. I am a feminist.
69. And proud of it.
70. I have one of those smiles.
71. I also have a smirk.
72. I've used it too.
73. I love hugs and haven't had one in about 3 months as well.
74. I play rough still.
75. I love to fish.
76. I love to look at the stars.
77. I'm bummed that I can't see the stars in the city.
78. I prefer autumn.
79. I am a baptized Ukrainian Catholic.
80. I haven't followed any religion for many years now.
81. I find them interesting on an objective level though.
82. I play video games.
83. I don't enjoy film that much.
84. I haven't watched TV in almost 3 years.
85. I have a scar from an air soft match.
86. I am a B student.
87. I prefer rye whiskey to malt whiskey.
88. I love long hot showers.
89. I am very picky about my eyebrows.
90. Most of the time I don't wear any make up.
91. But when I do I know how to do it well.
92. I wear glasses.
93. I lost my keys last week and needed a locksmith.
94. I have been to many concerts.
95. I miss my cows.
96. I am the oldest child.
97. I have one younger brother.
98. There are 4 younger half siblings that we never see.
99. My favourite movies are all the LOTR.
100. If I could be any animal I would be a tiger.
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Dec 4, 2012