100 Things About Me

1. Am 21
2. My full name is Thomas Johnson
3. I work n hate it
4. I am very spiritual
5. I have had ghost and spirit seeings
6. I think too much about the past
7. I plan too much
8. I like to get off my face and be completly
9. I smoke weed
10. I worry i might have a weed problem
11. I smoke weed to block out alot
12. I am on anti depression tablets
13. I am 100% english
14. I know am differnt to most people
15. I know when things are gnna happen i get feelings n dreams
16. I act more confident then i am
17. I am alot wiser then my years
18. I know souls are more important then people think
19. I act differently around friends
20. I play more dumb then i am
21. I have took drugs = Cocaine and MDNA
22. Am single
23. I love going the gym
24. I hate not having money
25. I still live with my mum
26. My mum was with a woman from me being 12-17 this got me bullyed in school
27. Iv been told i give alot and never get anything back
28. Am misunderstood not alot of people get me
29. Am very loyal
30. My Dad died when i was 11 of Cancer
31. I love my mum the world!
32. I am telling
More here then iv told any 1 lol
33. Am from the town Liverpool
34. I type in my english accent
35. My english accent is Scouser lol
36. I have 3 dogs
37. I dont have a dream
38. I want to understand everything
39. I read people the instant i meet em
40. I lost my virginity to my ex gf at 15
41. The weirdist place iv had sex is in the schools "box" (where u go for misbehaving or learning or trouble differcultys) was a girl from another school
42. Iv never had a one night stand
43. Am 5ft 8
44. I have a cross tattoo
45. Iv never been beat up
46. Am alot diff from when people used to know me
47. Started to not give a s hit
48. I came on this site to talk openly
49. I keep alot to myself
50. I cant stand lazy people i smoke weed and am not lazy!
51. 50 more to come and i no ones going to read this lol
52. Am scared to be happy because i beleave tha sumthing bad will happen
53. My life on the outside looking in is very diff then people think
54. No one really knows me
55. I can get really angry over the slightist thing
56. My hands shake when am excited, angry or sad
57. I would like to have kids one day
58. Some times i feel like a failure
59. I hide alot
60. I like to make people laff
61. A treat people how id like to be treated
62. Id love vist america one day
63. Hair colour eye colour **** *** meens nothing to me am more into the person for me to find a real attraction
64. I get days where am very down
65. I think weed should be legalized
66. I dont understand how some weed is medical n fine but it banned in other places
67. Iv started to come to terms tha il never be what i really want to be and things will never be 100% but i pray i can continue to have fun and keep blocking them thoughts
68. I love being hiiigghhh
69. I am sober right now and in work :/
70. I have no problem with gays every 1 is different

Its just gonna be 70 no one ever reads my stuff haha if u did read tho thanks :) Gonna write the rest some one asked lol 51. I am stoned as i write this now lol 71. Am feeling great today 72. I am very wasteful and generous with my money 73. My fave food is chicken keebabs 74. Am very into smelling nice and good hygene i hate smelly t wats lol 75. Am very into my computer games like xbox ps2 ps3 wii n the golden oldys ps1 emulator stuff haha 76. I love music all types rock rnb rap indie pop country 78. I want to have a real christmas now that am older with my own girl and kids :) 79. Love horror films and comedy detective stuff bitta action :) 80. I try to be a nice good person 81. I give every 1 a first chance 82. I love accents from other countrys 83. I like to think al try anything once 84. I would go on a reality program 85. I just want to be happy its hard work to try always think possitive and show people your happyer then what you really are 86. I like to cook 87. Am very creative 88. I have a good imagernation 89. If you havnt already guessed am dyslexic in my spelling and maths 90. I want to be excited for christmas and share it with family and friends 91. Am a big flirt 92. Am running outa things haha erm am wearing blue boxers haha 93. Starting to get real high now 94. I hope people will inbox me after reading this and talk to me make new friends where i cam be myself would be nice :) 95. I cant wait have my own house 96. Im not a morning person 97. I would move to another country if it was possible 98. Am gonna roll another spliff when av done this 99. Love fruity stuff 100. Am a jelous person at times There all 100 lol splifff timeee
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18-21, M
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

I read it.. still hoping to find out 31 more things. #51 didn't really count as something about yourself.

I done the others :)

ok. thanks sweetie.