You Should Comment On This.

1. I've done this before. but had 5 people request to do a round2
2. i'm typing with 1 hand.
3. I've been to hunkamania and have the pictures to prove it
4. i'm bad with directions
5. I've also been to the Jerry Springer show. and Steve Wilkos.
6. I don't wear underwear. yeah, i said it.
7. I don't have much of a filter.
8. I think I am better than a lot of people.
9. I have perfect vision
10. One time, I kissed a girl so my ex would take us to six flags. He did.
11. My favorite perfume is verawang's "Princess".
12. I'm forgetful, and good at playing dumb
13. I think I'm the funniest person I know.
14. I prefer girl ***** clubs to mens
15. I gave a homeless man a ride once. He was great. His name was John.
16. Swiss cheese creeps me out. Because It has holes in it...So does munster cheese. it sounds like a yeast infection
17. I don't like men who wear watches. It says something about their personality...and i can usually pick out the ones that do..
18. I have a permanent retainer in my mouth.
19. Hair extensions sceeve me out.
20. I think I will hate myself even more when my parents pass away, i could of been a better daughter.
21. I can't be intimate.
22. I wish i weren't so disgusting so i could be a burlesque dancer!
23. I've spit in someones face before.
24. I'm not a back door virgin.
25.Shmuck and sassy are my favorite words to use. I use them often
26. My biggest peeve is when people don't use the right "your" "you're"
27. Quiero hablar espanol perfecto
28. It's very easy to creep me out.
29. . I don't like a lot of people.
30. I'm the only person who tried to have an eating disorder, and failed.
31. I have difficulties making decisions
32. I HATE writing with pens that don't have caps
33. I don't do drugs. go me.
34. I will never wear shorts.
35. I've had my tonsils out.
36. I have the word "perfection" as a tramp stamp. Made my parents proud with that one
37. I've never had a best friend.
38. i'm naturally flirtatious
39. Ive never been faithful in a relationship.
40. i curse too much
41. I have a lot of rough edges
42. I really wish my mom and i were close.
43. I think Jewish people are funny.
44. I'm a jealous person
45. Hate suishi.
46. try to live by "no regrets; just lessons learned." but i have a pile of regrets
47. My back is killing me.
48. the nicest thing ive ever been told was you have a face someone could wake up to every morning
49. im always worried about hurting someones feelings i much rather have mine hurt because i know how to pick myself up again.
50. I'm sick of being used.
51. I had sex in front of 20 people on a party bus during prom
52. I miss my ex boyfriend today. Which is weird. I haven't seen him in years..
53. I HATE the state I live in
54. I illegally download my music.
55. I love to watch **** with my husband.

Sorry guys, that's all I can come up with!
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5 Responses Dec 5, 2012

This is a very entertaining list.

WOW girl 55 is still a lot very informative.

Two of us that cant write with a pen without a cap. It just feels wrong in my hand and i can only do it in an emergency. LOL

OMG! I thought I was the only one lol

Wow again - you're very good at doing these lists (and you'll notice the correct you're)
I now know 155 things about your life (and again - he gets is right!!) ( but, unnessasarily put two exclamation marks)

Thanks for the post - fabulous

Mark xx

#2 what was your other hand doing?

feeding my son

Ohhh. Ummm ya. Thats what I figured.