100 Facts About Bubblynng08

1. I was born on March 25th
2. I am 23 years old
3. I am an Aries
4. I am the youngest girl in my entire family
5. I was born blind
6. I was born with only 20% hearing in my left ear
7. I was deaf in my right ear
8. I was born with a hole in my heart
9. I lived on a ranch
10. English is my second language
11. I've had to kill a chicken
12. I've never ridden a horse
13. I know how to make cheese (lol)
14. My favorite color is purple
15. My school was an hour away from my home
16.My first and only job was selling milk and cheese
17. I've seen a chick hatch
18. I've bitten by an ostrich
19. I don't know how to ride a bike
20. I don't know how to swim
21. My family's ranch is 25 minutes away from a small beach
22. I've gotten chased by a goat
23. I'm terrified of spiders and snakes
24. I have blue eyes
25. I got a heart transplant when I was 5
26. I could fully hear by the time I was 9
27. My hair is black (most of the time)
28. My hair turns blonde in the winter
29. I hate having short nails
30. I've never had a mani or pedi
31. I want to get a massage
32. I know how to play the flute, piano and accordion
33. I want to learn how to play the violin and guitar
34. I am 5" ft tall
35. I was bullied since I was 12 up until the end of high school
36. I have severe panic attacks
37. I have really bad depression
38. I've been to 2 different colleges yet had to drop out
39. I suck at math
40. I know how to count only to 50 in English
41. I've never gone to the dentist (nor do I want to)
42. I want to build a snowman
43. I've never been to a beach
44. I want to ride a train
45. I'm scared to ride a plane
46. I can't ride rollercoasters
47. I want to pet a llama
48. I've ridden donkeys
49. I love the rain
50. I've never been in love
51. I've never been kissed
52. I've never been hugged
53. I've never heard the words I'm proud of you
54. I want to see a turkey
55. I've gotten my ears pierced (now)
56. I want to get my hair dyed purple
57. I'm allergic to oranges
58. I hate sour things
59. It takes a lot to make me angry
60. I can't dance
61. I want to hold someone's hand
62. I'm starting to hate the color red
63. I have really small hands and feet
64. I want to receieve flowers
65. I have the hiccups every other day
66. I sneeze about every half hour
67. I've never eaten popcorn
68. I have really bad thoughts in my head
69. I rarely sleep
70. I want to laugh more
71. I get distracted very easily
72. My toys were corn husks
73. I know how to make corn tortillas
74. I want to eat more pizza
75. I want to drive a motorcycle
76. I want to learn how to ice skate
77. I want to learn how to surf
78. I could eat cookies all day long if I could
79. I talk to myself more than I do to people
80. I've never seen my sister's husband
81. I've stolen limes from my neighbor's trees
82. My family has cotton plants
83. My family has avacado trees
84. I want to get a makeover
85. I've never worn makeup
86. I want to see fishes
87. I want to actually finish college
88. I want to get a job
89. I want to go to a WalMart
90. I live in Mexico
91. I lived in a homeless shelter
92. I have AML (actue myeloid leukemia)
93. My family kicked me out of my home
94. My family hates me
95. I have become paralyzed
96. I have become fully deaf
97. I want to go to the US
98. I want to travel the world
99. My nose bleeds a lot now
100. I puke blood (as of now I only puke blood once a week)...
bubblynng08 bubblynng08
22-25, F
24 Responses Dec 11, 2012

didn't you say your house is 20 min from a beach?how come you never went to a beach

Crazy right. I never went there. I don't even know what it looks like. I realized it when I went off to school lol

You are truly an incredible, strong, wonderful, kind, loving
(add any lovely good adjectives here :)person.
You are such an inspiration.
I hope you can see how truly amazing you are dear lady!
Be proud! and thank you very much for sharing this story.
Healing hugs and love to you,
and if I was close and you were OK with it,
I would give you a great big *bear hug*

Thank you very much

you were born to inspire others. keep it up.

may god give you strength to deal with your struggle.

best wishes.

Thank you very much

If you are born blind how did you posted this??.

I forgot to put on their that I got an operation at the age of 2 on my eyes so I'm not blind anymore

Oh, ok cool

wow!!! quite a story

Thank you

Would you tell me, how are you writing an reading? is there online sites for legally blind people? social network like EP? You must be kidding me? Just curious.

If you look at my April 27 posting you will see an answer but I'm sure she will answer when she is back online. Lots of love.

Darn I need to remember to put that I am no longer blind on here! Though there is a software program for the blind to answer that question for you

How does the software program work?

Well for those that are blind a microphone is connected to their keyboard to help them type...they just talk into the mic...they have headphones or speakers to hear what it is their looking at and helps them click on whatever it is they want...fairly simple or so I'm told

I meant they're not their lol

Wow. Thank you.

You're welcome

My daughter, when struck with blindness, learned to use this tool, so I used it some, too. It simply turns the written word into spoken word, and turns the spoken word into written word. It's been a while since I used it, but it seemed to work much better than the software I've tried lately.

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i really wanna hug you <3

Thank you

hope ur wishes come true and u will be fully recovered , i am very bad with expressing and i always wanted to list and write what i feel and want now i can have an idea , thnx

Thank you

I wonder if I will be able to compile such a list. You have taken the time to do it and good on you lady.
Hope all your wishes come true.
Every blessing to you

Thank you

You need a friend especially through the tough times. I'm willing to be a friend, support and I will all most certainly make you laugh! You deserve better. I'm proud of you for being as strong as you are through all the terrible things you've been through. If you ever want to chat I will send you my number in a private message xx

I agree. Bubblynng08 you're one strong lady :) such a wonderful person.

yeh she is she awesomely beautifulll and a kind hearted.... sarah bablly is a awesome ly strong girl and sh willl make it through

Aw thank you that's sweet of you to say!

duh its trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...so be proud lol

Lol ok I will :)

and through a party lol.... and invite me toooo we will rock the party i am sure lol

You host my party just don't surprise me so much

hahaha ok i willll for sure

Yay ok!

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you are a beautiful person

please add me

Thank you

can you please add me?

ohh ....nice to know all this...:)


You seem like an amazing with lots of love to give. One day someone will be lucky enough to share their life with you. Keep fighting the good fight and beat. Sending you lots of love from Miami. If you need someone to talk to hit me up. Ill be here and get back to you as soon as I can. I speak Spanish as well if you prefer using that language.

Con mucho amor,
Alex xoxo

Thank you

Sending you a hug and kisses and lots of healing love. I can't swim or ride a bike and have kept goats. They are lovely and the smell of a male goat to me is fabulous. (Not to everyone's taste!) I have taught math for years and could help. How do you post stuff and receive the responses? Good luck and healing for Tuesday.

Thank you it seems we have some things in common. Well I suppose it depends on what you want to post if it is a comment all you have to do is what you did and I got a message that you commented on my story. If you want to post a story then you pick the group that you want to put your story in and just type it into the box and when you're done click the submit button and it should be posted. To know if you have responses it should message you so you can know. I hope that helps. Thank you

Thank you . I was wondering if you can see the postings or have I missed something about your blindness?

I've been meaning to put on here that I'm no longer blind

Thanks xx

Your welcome

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you been through lot for sure but good news is your doing well. best wishes

Thank you

stay strong girl

Thank you

<p>I adore you, special Angel... Proud of you~ ((((HUGS))) I love purple too :) send you my caring healing warmth...rays from the sun~this Love surrounds you always! stand in the sun :)</p>I made my dolls from dough.

Aw thank you that means so much to me!!

you mean so much to me!! Love hugs! see you later! mwah!

From one Cancer survivor to another I am Proud of you XX

I hope to become a cancer survivor I'm not there yet but thank you

Keep Strong. Difficult I know XX

Thank you

It's lovely to meet you :)

thank you

Wow... and i complain about my life once every while pero yo se como se siente....que tu familia te den la espalda...its horrible feeling yet there are many things i share in common with u.. I hate airplanes too, i love the rain and i too been chased by a goat, i play instruments too and etc... awww DX my parents are different now they dont say im proud and stuff but 1 thing i have learned is no matter how they act they love me I'm sure that your family loves u to even if they kicked u out. And they are proud of u, they probably dont know how to express it

Que dios te bendiga mija T^T voy a resar por usted

Gracias that means a lot too me

de nada QAQ

Hi, I have a daughter your same age, she is my pride and joy, if you where my daughter I'm sure I'd be just as proud of you! I can see you have a tremendous heart and lot's of courage. I got a knot in my throat and tears in my eyes reading your storys, but that is becouse I am humbeled... Thank you

No I'm the one that should thank you. U are indeed very humble.

merry chrstmas?

Merry Christmas to you as well.

I'm proud of you for having the courage to share all these facts about you and your life.
Thank you.
I wish you the best, and hope you can trust yourself to be strong in tough times.
I hope you go on a train, it is one of my favorite things.

Thank you that means a lot too me.

Wow! Considering all the difficulties you have and have had, I am really impressed how much (though you may not think it's much) you've gotten done. I don't think I would have even done school if that were me.
If that were me, I don't think I'd be able to learn a 2nd language, much less any musical instrument or even have gotten to college!
Hope you get to finish college.

Thanks I had to write that just to see what little I've accomplished in my short life

Actually your hard on yourself!!!!....try not to be..others on this site see you differently, in a good way.

You'd be amazed at how little to many american teenagers and 20 somethings have done...bunches of spoiled lazy brats...and without health problems to over come like yours :)

I've always been like that guess it's a bad habit. Glad to know people see me differently maybe they'll remember me when I'm gone...

It often comes from our families ...who of course never see us objectively!

Now wouldn't it make more sense to put more weight on the views of non family members sometimes....after all those are often more objective. objective is usually a better indicator of what reality really is......I call it logic...think about it :)

Well I have now that I don't have family in my life anymore

Just keep trying to meet new people, careful not to tolerate anyone bringing you down.

Yeah but it's usually me that brings me down

That's a habit perhaps you may want to try to break. Though that is easier said than done, though we all do that sometimes.

Your in a really rough spot right now, so I am not qualified to judge you and don't want to come off as a know it all, because I don't...All I can do is give others good energy and hope some rubs off on them, or you :)

Your good energy is rubbing off on me :)

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