100 Factoids About The Real Me.

1. I should be doing my homework instead of this.
2. I troll EP's website in bed right before I fall asleep because it makes me feel less alone.
3. My cat is the best cat. Paws down.
4. I bite the tissue off the inside of my lower lip and then suck on my blood.
5. I bite the skin off my fingers.
6. I tell everyone I quit smoking (which I HAVE) but in my "2 months since my last cig" i have smoked three times.
7. I'm afraid of putting too much personal information on this.
8. I'm a virgin
9. I have ridiculous relationships with fictitious television characters.
10. I get upset when my television friends get upset.
11. When I talk to people, I mirror their facial expressions.
12. I think smoking weed is cool, but I don't like it and make up excuses not to smoke with my friends.
13. I think cigarettes are attractive, but I hate the smell.
14. I went to my last day of school senior year still drunk from the night before.
15. J.K. Rowling is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
16. Every time I read the last HP book I cry excessively and fall into a slump for a few days.
17. I think about death too much.
18. I think I'm really funny.
19. I honestly love my job, because the people I work with are so awesome.
20. Kindness from strangers awes and inspires me.
21. I strive to be nice to every person i meet.
22. I had a girlfriend, and I am too a girl.
23. I am not a homosexual.
24. I am open to all kinds of love.
25. I relate better to girls, but when I picture my future I see myself with a husband.
26. I am so excited by the possibilities this life holds for me.
27. I was baptized and raised christian/catholic.
28. You know how some people never forgive? I ALWAYS forgive. I just never forget.
29. I get physically ill when people become upset with me.
30. I literally don't care what others think of me.
31. I don't appreciate hatred or judgment.
32. My favorite Disney princess is Ariel.
33. I can't take Tom Hanks or Tim Allen seriously in movies because all I can picture are Woody and Buzz.
34. I am constantly tired.
35. I think I have been depressed for years now, but have never been to a doctor about it.
36. I'm trying not to be such an open book.
37. I am in a foreign place.
38. I have no one to talk to here.
39. I am not leaving here anytime soon.
40. My mom is the strongest, best, most kind and loving person I have ever known.
41. The teacher that was my "Dumbledore" doesn't speak to me anymore. I miss her.
42. I am so baffled as to why some relationships fall apart.
43. I pretend to know more about Star Wars than I actually do.
44. I have thought of several things to put on here that are inappropriate.
45. I ********** with highlighters. (see above)
46. I have not cut myself for almost one year.
47. I wish i was in group therapy again.
48. I can't afford to see a doctor or go to therapy. I'm pretty sure I should be doing both.
49. I live at home.
50. I have HUGE dreams for my future!
51. I know my dreams will come true. I won't stop until they do.
52. I have my septum pierced.
53. I wonder if anyone will actually read this...
54. I also wonder if anyone cares about the things I am saying.
55. Sometimes words get stuck in my head and I can't get them out.
56. I blink uncontrollably sometimes and I have no idea why.
57. I wink one eye alot. Sometimes people think I'm flirting but I usually am unaware or it happening.
58. I love to swim.
59. I am unhappy with my body.
60. I tried unsuccessfully to have an eating disorder.
62. I'm pretty sure my sister is anorexic.
63. I love to cook and bake.
64. I like video games.
65. I don't feel passionately like I used to, and I want that back.
66. I think I may have become a shell of a person.
67. Sometimes I get scared of the way I think.
68. I should try harder.
69. I enjoy using hand sanitizer.
70. I wish I was a **** sometimes.
71. I eat my scabs.
72. I wish I mattered more to people.
73. The relationships I have are always imbalanced- I generally give more and receive less.
75. Sometimes I hit my arms on things.
76. I'm weak.
77. I am also strong, but only sometimes.
78. My stepmother is the most awful person i have ever met.
79. I miss my family.
80. I get these really creative ideas but then I get too lazy to perform on them, and this makes me angry.
81. I love to sing.
82. When I hear other people singing, It's like I can see a part of their soul.
83. I feel so alone all the time.
84. I have been para-sailing. It was amazing!
85. I have also swam with dolphins!
86. I don't get much for Christmas, but that's okay because my family is together.
87. I am too attached to material things.
88. I sleep with a baby blanket. It's old and frayed, and hardly ever gets washed.
89. I went to three midnight Harry Potter premieres.
90. I intend to learn to scuba dive.
91. I have a hard time saying no to people.
92. My favorite artistic medium is colored pencils.
93. I am nineteen, but I feel so old.
94. I spit all the blood from sucking on my lips into a cup by my computer, and it is fascinating to watch it clot.
95. I love to drink pop.
96. I think tofu is grossly underused.
97. I wish I was drunk too often.
98. I feel very limited.
99. I really enjoy listening to music.
100. I am trying to find me.

Thank you if you got all the way through! xoxo
bluegirl23 bluegirl23
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012