1. My name's Lindsey.
2. My middle name is Áine, weird I know, it's an Irish name, thanks mom.
3. My middle name means goddess of summer, wealth, & sovereignty. Ugh.
4. My mom is Irish...duh.
5. My dad is melungeon(google it)/native american.
6. I played soccer for 10 years.
7. I don't believe in the end of the world.
8. I want to be a history teacher..US/VA history teacher to be exact.
9. I never thought I would be in college.
10. I'm currently reconstructing my life.
11. I don't have a best friend anymore.
12. I have 1 brother, 28.
13. I have 1 sister, 29.
14. I'm 23.
15. I get stuck in the past a lot.
16. My dad is the best man on earth.
17. I stumbled on this site in the strangest way.
18. I want to live in Seattle, Washington soooo badly.
19. I have been in love twice.
20. My mom is tall, blonde, & beautiful...I don't look like her.
21. I haven't traveled nearly as much as I want to.
22. I hate Facebook.
23. I miss myspace.
24. I love rock&roll.
25. I used to listen to only rap, I find that extremely embarrassing.
26. I love gay people.
27. I enjoy fish tanks.
28. I have a niece and nephew. They are my favorite short people.
29. I grew up lower middle class.
30. I am not prejudice.
31. People make fun of my feet.
32. When I'm alone, I pretend like I can sing.
33. My dad taught me how to read at 2 years old, that's what I hear.
34. I love to swim.
35. My parents have been together since middle school.
36. I have a strange fascination with drugs.
37. I would rather watch a documentary than watch anything else.
38. The most annoying quote is "everything happens for a reason".......duh.
39. I like my president.
40. I wish I had blue or green eyes.
41. I hate coffee.
42. I'm a homebody..as of the last year or so.
43. I wish I liked to work out.
44. My favorite place in the entire world is Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.
45. I have a pug.
46. I will never not have a pug.
47. I had a Japanese Akita before him. He lived for 20 years.
48. My dad is a mailman :)
49. I'm 5'8".
50. I never wear the color red.
51. I looooove cottage cheese. And tomatoes...mixed together.
52. I'm a girly tomboy.
53. I'm not competitive.
54. I have my own garden. I grow tomatoes, green onions, & sunflowers.
55. I hate nightclubs.
56. I love bars.
57. My favorite show growing up was rugrats.
58. I've never been outside the country. :(
59. I graduated high school in 2007.
60. I thought I would be married with kids by now, I've done neither.
61. I love pistachios.
62. I'm almost fluent in Spanish...almost.
63. I love body pillows.
64. Cuddling is for wimps. Don't touch me when I'm trying to sleep. :)
65. I tend to say morbid things.
66. I'm the one who cries on Christmas morning because I'm sad it's over.
67. Paper cuts terrify me.
68. I never wear necklaces, but I always wear bracelets, lots of bracelets.
69. I get annoyed when people snicker at this number.
70. I have a beauty mark, I got it from my grandma on my dads side.
71. I miss being 19..funnest year or my life.
72. I hate when people say "that's what she said"....ughk.
73. I throw up gang signs.
74. I love documentaries about drugs and suicide..told you I was morbid.
75. I will go to Turks and Caicos before I die. I must.
76. I love Incubus & Sublime & Alice in Chains & Jack Johnson & Tool.
77. I'm generous with my money..to a fault.
78. I wish crabby patties were real.
79. I've always wanted to get into Halloween like everyone else.
80. My favorite Disney movie is Pocahontas.
81. My least favorite is Sleeping Beauty.
82. I love making paper airplanes.
83. I love christmas music. Kenny Rogers christmas music to be exact.
84. I've used adjectives to name my cats my whole life. For example: my current 2 cats are named "black cat" and "fat cat".
85. I like makeup.
86. My first job was at an arts and crafts store.
87. I hate arts and crafts.
88. I love football.
89. I love the redskins.
90. My parents did not have me young.
91. Teenage mutant ninja turtles are freakin awesome.
92. I did nothing for my 21st birthday.
93. Hakuna Matata.
94. I planned on joining the army most of my life.
95. I've self medicated.
96. I'm not religious.
97. I have 4 tattoos...did I say that already? Yeah I think so.
98. I've been to 12 states.
99. Pot+spongebob=amazing experience
100. I hate math.

I'm gonna pretend like people give a crap about all of that. :)
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5 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Nice list.. many similarities..

@twentytwenty- yeah sooo true though right?

@Makeeyes- lol pugs are soo awesome, best dog I ever had, and I've had lots! Yeah it took me about 30 minutes I believe, finally had free time last night! Lol

I like my space when I sleep

Great list btw.
And I do give a crap- its great you managed to write it all
Took me about 3 hr to do mine. Mxx

Beautiful - great list of things about you
I love reading these lists - I made the mistake on number 69 on mine.

I love pugs.
After men in black film- if I had a pug - his name would be frank

And I walked an Akita -and a samoyed when I had my dog walking business.

64 was a good one