100 things about me- will write another one soon

1. I tend to go and on on about some things, so some of these answers may waffle on a bit!
2. I'm 6 ft 3 in tall
3. I'm happily married for 24 years, to lorna.
4. I've only had sex with one person in my life- my wife
5. I have green eyes
6. I love my coffee - at least 7-10 large cups a day- sometime black, sometimes white
7. I smoke a little marijuana - only a small bit- but it helps round the sharp edges of the day.
8. I have 2 cats - storm, a long haired tortoiseshell female, and shadow, a semi-long haired ginger
9. I'm a workaholic - I have a part time eve job in a local bingo hall, where I cashier, and I run my own tv and home entertainment installation service
10. My elderly parents need a lot of help from me, so, most days, I spend round their house, shopping, tidying, and cooking etc- this takes up about 5-6 hours of each day.
11. Im 44 years old
12. I have OCD in so many parts of my life.
13. I hate lateness- if u say 10 o'clock, then be there for five to ten, not quarter past!!
14. I hate laziness - if you can do- then bloody well do it, don't leave it for someone else- sorry, rant over.
16. I have a very wicked sense of humour
16. Noone noticed I used 16. Twice
17. I love cooking, and baking
18. I need to go to the shop to get tobacco in a moment. '!!
19. Err yes please, sorry, wife asked if I want more coffee- as if I would say no!!
20. My parents divorced about 30+ years ago, but still live in the same house together- now I know it sounds weird, but they still sort-of get along, but mum sits in her room, and dad sits in his room- now it does get Akward when dad says - ask mum for- and she says tell him---and he says- why is she---, and she says tell him - well you get the picture - me running backward an forwards - tell him this - tell her that- but I've lived with it for 30 years- and it's my sort-of normal now
21. I live in the south-east of england- Essex- Southend- and the towns claim to fame is that we have the longest pier in the WORLD !!
22. I sometimes feel very low and not worth anything- my depression comes and goes- but lately, it's been around lots.
23. I'm back from the corner shop now - I've bought my tobacco- and I've just smoked a small joint- so things may get a bit weird now onwards !!
24. I only ever shower- haven't got time to run a bath, lay there, soak, wash, wipe bath over - no thanks - a quick shower- all done.
25. I'm a quarter of the way through this list- Im a very keen photographer- lots of my pics are on picyou, and streamzoo- if you want details - msg me- I only photograph nature and wildlife- so pervs - dont bother !! Lol
26. I try to post a new story on Ep- every day- but some days it's difficult to find time. - and yes - I've got a free morning today - hence this post.
27. I hate, loath, HATE bad spelling and grammar - especially if it's in an important letter. - when I get a letter in the post- if it has spelling and grammar issues, I let them know about it. I don't mind accrinoms - btw, ATM, lol, even cu l8r is ok in msgs, but not in the real world please.
28. I don't drink alcohol - maybe at Christmas, but otherwise, no thanks
29. I dislike drunkenness
30. I found Ep by accident.
31. I found it whilst surfing the net, looking for someone who shares my (I thought) weird fetish. - I like to watch girls who are desperate to pee themselves. - yup, that's half the audience gone. Just you and me left now.
32. I love the sound of rain, falling on my corrigated plastic roof in my concervatory.
33. I'm a very keen gardener- love growing all sorts of seeds, and flowers, and bulbs.
34. I once grew a shed full of marijuana- but the smell - you could smell it from outside the shed- so I cropped and smoked what I could- before the police got wind of it!!
35. I'm very adventurous sexually, but only with women. Got no problems with gay men, two of my very best friends are gay, and I've worked with two gay men In one of my first jobs. They are all sooo funny with the things they say and do- but I'm afraid my bum is exit only. Don't like the thought of it I'm afraid. - well there goes a few more viewers. - sorry guys - I love u all really - but just not for me.
36. I love true blood- the tv series- brilliant.
37. I think the Harry potter films are awesome. - but the talking books - read by Stephen fry, are better.
38. I get up at 06:30 every morning
39. I go to bed late every night.
40. I don't get a lot of sleep these days.
41. I only use Ep on my iPhone - and my account is a secret.
42. I love the friends I've got on Ep- but I wished I could talk to them all more than what I do.
43. I find myself drawn to people who need help- and then, spend hours worrying about their problems, as well as mine
44. I used to be a train driver.
45. Before that, I was a baker.
46. I love technology - if it's the new gadget out- I want one.
47. I don't like fried eggs- any other way, but not fried.
48. I never eat breakfast.
49. I take size 11(uk size) shoes.
50. Half way through- I have brown hair that goes down below my shoulders, but I normally tie it back in a ponytail.
51. I don't drive a car- never bothered to learn.
52. I ride my pushbike everywhere
53. I had nearly two years of counciling after a nervous breakdown.
54. I try not to get mad or angry- I have a really furious temper, so I always try to keep it locked away- but sometimes - the beast tries to escape- and I can't get it back into the box.
55. It's taken me an hour so far- I love pasta and spaghetti.
56. I don't drink tea - well not by prefference - ah, some more coffee please- thank you
57. I once solved the rubiks cube in 1min-16 seconds
58. I'm not that keen on dining out in restaurants - you've got to dress up, get there, wait ages for your food. I get so little free time, eating is a need, not a luxury.
59. I love going out clubbing - 4/4 beats banging away, girls dancing, the feel and the sound of the music.
60. I've seen all of the original star wars movies - new hope, empire, Jedi, - so many times, I think I know the script for each film
61. I love the snow.
62. I love the west highlands of Scotland - fort William, mallaig, loch lomond, loch shiel. Mountians.
63. I've climbed Ben Nevis- the uk's highest peak.
64. I can't swim- if god had wanted me to swim, he would have givene flippers instead of legs.
65 I'm allegic to penicillin
66. Two thirds of the way through - I sleep on the left side of the king size bed i own.
67. I think the world is a cruel place sometimes - wars, destruction, murders.
68. My younger brother was killed by girlfriends lover - in fact - he murdered them both. - that's made you stop in your tracks, hasn't it?

68. Every day - I miss Steve, my brother.
69. - oh now there's a nice number- hmm naughty thoughts - lol
70. I write and compose club music on my PC, using a piece of software called "reason"
71. I have a huge collection of vinyl Lp's and singles
72. I download music and don't always buy the cd- and I know the artist doesnt get paid etc, but it's the way if things now days- in my youth, we used to record Lp's to cassette, what's the difference??
73. I have a magical gift for numbers - I can work out the cost of my weekly shopping, to within a couple of pounds - I can add many numbers together in my head- in fact, to me, math is sooo easy- I really can't see why anybody has a problem giving me change in a shop, if I give them the odd 21pence
74. Im addicted to these 24 hour news channels - when I was young, you had to wait for the evening news on the tv- now it's there all day, every day- an if there a news story like the super storm in the USA recently, I'm glued to the tv all the time
75. 3/4 there - I can whistle and hum at the same time!!
76. I don't lie much- sometimes a little, but I normally tell the truth.
77. I wonder if there is a heaven
78. - now another interesting number- when I was young- we had a record player- it played 33 rpm Lp's, 45 rpm singles, and 78 rpm albums- now I never owned a 78 rpm record- but I did notice if you add 33 and 45 - - - you get 78!!
79. I make my own jam and preserves.
80. I once had a dog walking business- I would walk your dog if you didn't,want to or couldn't
81. I can fix a puncture on a bicycle wheel, in about 4 minutes.
82. I love the cold weather, better than the hot weather
83. I think it's time for another coffee and another small joint to inspire ne for the last few items on this list.
84. I love outer space - planets, stars, nebula, black holes, the universe, everything Is different - it's awesome
85. I was sad when Patrick Moore passed away
86. I enjoy watching Stephen fry on tv
87. I have read the hobbit hundreds of times - but am worried the film won't live up to the book.
88. Stephen king is my fav author
89. Christine by stephen king is my favorite book.
90. Nearly there - I grow mustard and cress, on a saucer, with tissue paper, on my window ledge.
91. I ask lots of silly questions on Ep
92. I don't always get answers from my silly questions - and then I think nobody can be bothered - and then I feel I can't be bothered any more, and then I post some more.
93. I wonder if my life is complicated - and I wonder if other people have the same issues as me.
94. I'm glad I'm telling you all this stuff
95. I wonder when it will stop raining - I've got to go out on my bike soon.
96. I am easily embarresed in the real world - but here on Ep- I have no problems talking about anything.
97. I worry about the green issue with the earth- are we really killing the planet??
98. Why are some people so rich, and so much wealth and happiness ?? And others live on the street, with nothing!?- this concerns me alot.
99. I'm a 99th of the way there- 99 percent done - I wonder if there's a hell- or are we already here. !?
100. I love my Ep friends - and you for reading all this shot about me and my insignificant life.
I mean Im happy in it- its my world - but it's not your world- and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading it.

Lots of love n hugs-

Mark xxx

Xxx Mwa xxX

As a postnote to this story - it is my sad duty to inform you - my father passed away in february of 2013 Mark xxxx
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21 Responses Dec 14, 2012

It's here !!! It's here Markie!!

Hahaha....your a legend... Awesome 🙆..

Thank you....

No idea how you found it... But thank you 😁...

I'll bookmark 🔖 it so I can return...

Mmmmm.wah.... (and one of those little gold sticky stars for you..)

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟. 🌟. 🌟. 🌟. 🌟. 🌟. 🌟. 🌟. 🌟. 🌟.

That's fabulous to read all the amazing things you do..How your life revolves...I hope we can be new friends at sometime...Please if you want, read my profile.. I only chat w 2 other happily married men...no sex chat is involved. ..so if that's what your looking for want...then I'm not the friend for you! Take care! (:

Thank you for reading...
**hands you gold star 🌟 as promised...

I'll check your stories..asap...
I often flirt and have a giggles...but never anything more...

Speak soon xx markie xx

Well. Im positively amused. Thank you for the giggle as well as the very personal info. You certainly went through some effort. I agree with many of your posts. 98 resulted in much unhappiness yesterday. Im very sorry for the loss of your father. I lost mine 11years ago in nov. I drive to my mom once or twice a month to take her around as she cant drive. She's 80. Ill check out your link some time as i also love ❤ nature shots. When i started fooling around with my camera I wouldve never guessed it, but I saw a pattern in my photos, which is nature shots, patterns eg lots of steps, park benches, chickens, trees. I dont plan it, it just happens. Chat soon. Enjoy your pot, coffee and your day

And by the way, you are definately not insignificant, remind me of myself and reading your numbers made my day

Thank you once again...for the words of wisdom:)

Passes you a gold star 🌟.. Well done for reaching the end ...
Thank you for your words...means a lot to me...
My instagram is @ keyesm6 .. Please do have a look... You have an instagram??....let me know your username...would love to see your shots...
My coffee 🍵 is ready to pour....and then I'm off to moms for the day :)....
Much love ...and thank you 😁

Markie xx

What an awesome list Mark .. funny and sincere, you have many great traits none of which are insignificant!

Thank you....and that makes MY night xx thank you very much xx

Not insignifiant at all! We have a lot more in common than I thought. If there's another 100 I'm curious to see :-) I have tons of questions! :-)

We have all the time in the world....ask away....anytime....ill be more than pleased to answer any questions xx

Will do :-)

😊.. **smiles**

Ok how you doing #75?

Well .... Its difficult to explain....i kinda hum... Then put my lips together...and whistle....i saw someone on tv years ago doing it....she could hum one tune...and whistle another....wowser.....i cant do that....but ...still one of my many skills... :)

*thinks markie lost his mind* i didnt think it was possible

Me??? ....loses my mind....*searches frantically....all the time, whistling and humming different tunes** ....haahaha

Thanks for sharing and sorry for your lost. This is very informative and I seen that you used 16 twice haha and skipped 15. It's touching, funny, and sad all in one. Aloha auwayz420

Thank you very much for reading..

just finished work...about to cycle my way home....
aloha xx

Entertained me, we are alike in many ways. :)

Ty for reading... Here.. *hands you a medal for reaching the end*

'Holds medal up into the air and bows to a crowd'.


Wow !! I feel like I know you. There are alot of things we have in common. Glad to know you.

Thankyou so much For reading it .. Means a lot to me xxx

Wow...that was really great!
I find that we have at least 50% if not more of your list in common ;)

And now I'm wondering which 50%

Haha...well we might just have to go through the list then one day ;)

Ohhh ... That could take some time... Lol xx

Yes it could...and that's the fun of it *wink ...lol

*giggles like crazy* ... Just off out round moms ... I'll bbl ... Where do we start with this list ... ???? You know I waffle - you know how tall I am .. You know im married .. Rofl .. I think you should write one !! .. It will kill a couple of hrs !!!! ... Have fun ;) .. Markie xx

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Some interesting things you wrote. I'm sorry for the bad stuff. Wish you the best. Oh and it's true about the 16.

Thank you for talking the time to read though this enormous post ...hope it gives you an insight into what I'm all about !!! ... Much love n hugs .. Mark xx

And what is wrong with fried eggs ? ... nice post - sorry for your loss.

Dunno ... Just dont like em !!! ..and thank you xxx

Phew, Mark.... I stayed with you for this marathon but make no promise for the others! In support of your dislikes and to prove that I did read this post.... I point out "counselling" not "councilling" and "corrugated" not "corrigated".

Also, I felt your pain of your loss of your brother, Steve. Namaste Steve. I have no siblings to loose, that is my great sadness and pain.

Mickyhugs @~@

Thank you Micky - yeah I've noticed several smelling pistakes - but Ive left em in to see who notices !! On porpoise !! Lol - gonna be a fun ride getting to know me - buckle up - here we go - weeeeeeeee!!!!!!

I read the whole thing before my battery is to die lol. Very insightful. A little add humorish very nice.

Ty for reading - dads at hospital - I will message u soon-mark xx

Hope he is better xo take care.

Glad you enjoyed it!! - Anything particular that you found interesting about me ??
Anything that surprised you??

wow, we do have a lot in common! thank you for sharing~

I love astronomy too, hooray for coffee!, yay for biking everywhere, I would LOVE to see your nature photography, and gardening is the best!

Can I send U a private message with my streamzoo-and picyou acc details??

You sound pretty normal to me. It did not get weird after your toke....

Normal - me- that's the one thing people don't normally say about me- thanx my friend-
As for the weirdness- had to put that in incase it did get weird -lol
Have a good Christmas and happy holidays

Very good!
Though I've noticed that you said you don't like spelling errors etc, and I noticed a couple after :-) I believe it was number 73 and a couple after that number.

The way I see heaven and hell, we live in hell and in the after life if deserving we go to heaven. I'm a strong believer in god and angels.

Most share the same issues.
I also have depression problems, they come and go lately I've been in a good place. And wish better for you :-)
cats are amazing friends I used to have two Buddy who is no longer with me. He was my best friend! And my other is Furface -ginger short hair. Love him to bits! I also have a dog named Tonka he's a pure black lab. Also a great fun loving friend!

I put those there on purpoise to see if ne 1 wood notice!! Lol

Thanks for you're great comments - I must find more time to chat with you.

Thank you again four replying !! Lol

Mark xx

Lol now you're just doing it to mess with me :-)

No actually, I never noticed till u mentioned it.
And I was quiet stoned by the time I got to no. 73...
And I'm sure one of them things says I have a wicked sense of humour. !!! Lol

Lol yes that is one of them :-)

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I love #31....awesome! Lol

Thanx for the comment-
Yeah - that's one of my favorites
Mark xx

Very interesting. You are obviously very smart. By the way when holding your wee, wearing a nappy actually makes it harder because you give in to the pressure soorner. For me anyway, the need comes in waves. So long as I can concentrate and hold on then the need goes away and I can then function again without consciously concentrating but then there is another wave and of course more concentration required.

Thank you for your comments - will chat if u online when I get home from work


Wow. You know. Your life is not insignificant at all. It's jam packed! Thank you so much for sharing your world. Xx

Thank YOU for reading and commenting
Thanx edwina xx
Mark. Xx

Very interesting! Now I have a much better picture of you. We are quite different in many ways, but with some similarities.

Perhaps each of us should list our own 100 facts.

What a great idea - thanx for reading and putting down your thoughts
Mark xx