Answering This Challenge! (first 25)

1. I have grey-green eyes.
2. My hair is 65cms long.
3. I go to a poetry group to share my poemes.
4. I am 1 metre 69.5 tall, but I always say 1 m 70.
5. I am a second child.
6. I live on rue Rambuteau, Paris 4eme.
7. I was a virgin until I was twenty-two.
8. I have a degree in history with english and french, from the Sorbonne.
9. I am voracious.
10. I believe in freedom for the individual for everything.
11. I am reading the Qur'an.
12. I am a student of the Kabbalah, and especially like the two American kabbalist Yehuda Berg and Michael Laitman.
13. I am fascianted by the Troubadours of Medieval history.
14. I play piano.
15. I play guitar.
16. I like to sing.
17. Most of my friends are non-Jewish (yes, I am a Jewess).
18. I like heavy rock, punk and death rock music.
19. I always have my earplugs in for my mp3.
20. I would love to live in southern France.
21. I am a pacifist.
22. I eat fish, but hardly ever eat meat.
23. I have read Edgar Allan Poe's work.
24. I ********** too much.
25. I wear Chanel Number Five.
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This was pretty interesting. Good list. :)