100 Things About Nbf

1. My name starts with a J
2. I am 100% American
3. Born and raised in Calimotherfuckingfornia
4. I had a horrid childhood,happiness was rare and short lasting
5. I have many songs permanently associated with memories
6. I am a very sentimental person
7. I've never really had my father
8. I come from an extremely dysfunctional family
9. I have a lot of pain I transfer to anger for relief
10. I've been writing since I was old enough to talk pretty much
11. I had a saga of short stories I would write as a very young child
12. Music is my life, love and passion
13. I play the guitar (Since I was 14)
14. I love all animals, I cannot bear to see any type of abused animal
15. I have rescued many dogs and cats
16. I HATE talking on the phone
17. I find consistent silence euphoric and vital
18. I am not shy, I just don't talk very much
19. My language is always very explicit
20. I have not watched television for two years
21. I used to know all of Michael Jackson's dance moves. :P
22. I am not just a fan of musicians, I idol worship/imitate them
23. I literally love ALL music (Classical - Dubstep,Rap - gospel etc.)
24. I am THE music connoisseur
25. I can rap. (Better than most at the risk of sounding arrogant)
26. I can also sing. (Decent enough at it)
27. I think all day, everyday about music and life
28. I stay up ridiculously late doing absolute nothing
29. I don't limit any speech ever. (I use racial slurs, all expletives etc.)
30. I am a Gemini
31. I was born May 29
32. Most of my family has been to jail
33. I am primarily Mexican
34. I have no accent because my mother is not fluent, my father is but wasn't there to influence my speech
35. I very rarely sleep the required hours,purposely
36. I am somewhat of a nihilist at times
37. I write poetry
38. I write songs
39. I have been told I'm very mature for my age
40. I am not used to compliments therefore I act awkward when complimented
41. I fear death because I love life
42. I love stand-up comedy
43. I consider George Carlin to be a genius philosopher
44. I am one of the very few that finds Cobain's lyrics superb
45. I have very good grades
46. I always turn in assignments late however
47. People always want to get to know me (For some reason)
48. I don't allow anyone to get close
49. I trust no one
50. I've never truly felt unconditional love
51. Believe or not I've never done any drugs
52. I have a few mental issues
53. I have spoken to a counselor many times
54. I love YouTube
55. I am addicted to video-games
56. I am a heterosexual
57. I am an Atheist
58. I don't care if you're gay, bisexual or lesbian and find caring asinine
59. I am a very empathetic person
60. I don't think anyone really knows the real me
61. I am very loyal and trustworthy
62. I find some music orgasmic
63. I am as open minded as possible
64. I believe ANYTHING can be funny
65. I am rather offensive
66. I can 100% relate to Eminem, he often writes my life and thoughts as well as his
67. I am indescribable love for music related chords
68. To me noting sounds more beautiful than an acoustic guitar
69. I prefer animals to people
70. Don't really like children
71. Don't want any children
72. I refuse to be friends with anyone who thinks the Beatles are horrid
73. To me nothing is better than Pink Floyd musically
74. I detest all politicians
75. I DO NOT vote
76. I am an Anarchist
77. I say what you're afraid to
78. It's a miracle I'm alive
79. I LOATHE Christianity
80. I have a spiritual/sexual connection with music
81. I am full of contradictions
82. I don't really like holidays
83. I have contemplated suicide
84. I am atrocious at Math
85. My best subject is English
86. I prefer white cake to chocolate cake. :P
87. I love candy
88. I am a meat and potatoes kind of person
89. I own Dark Side of the Moon on vinyl
90. I want to get the RHCP logo on my wrist like the band members
91. I think diversity is beautiful
92. I embody insubordination and antiestablishmentarianism
93. I believe in the Illuminati
94. I am an introverted extrovert
95. I am very sick minded
96. I am fascinated by psychopaths
97. I independently study many things
98. I am a master of sarcasm. :D
99. I am a very god liar ;)
100. I want to spend my life working in the music industry (my dream)

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Dec 15, 2012