100 Things About Moi

1. i played 3 instruments
2. i was born with 2 extra fingers
3. i have no siblings
4. i'm married
5. been married for 10+ yrs
6. met the hubbo online
7. am a librarian
8. also an artist
9. also a crafter
10.perpetual learner
11. optimistic
12. listens to all kinds of music
13. bibliophile
14. home library just has 330 books
15. ive cataloged all my books at home
16. i'm addicted to cleaning
17. i vaccum daily, sometimes 3x's a day if the mood strikes me.
18. i wear glasses
19. own a pair that looks like something from Elton Johns accessory line.
20. i wonder about my sanity
21. i wonder if im insanse enough
22. i still play with dolls
23. i like video games
24. i love horror movies even if they scare me
25. i own the nightmare on elm street dvd collection
26. had a crush a panthro from Thundercats
27. i get upset with cartoon characters, for instance, Peggy Hill! she thinks she knows everything!
28. I daydream about being a standup comedian
29. I once was a religion major
30. I curse like a sailor
31. secret geek
32. i love flowers
33. i am a child of a alcoholic parent
34. i only have 3 close female friends...by choice
35. i love to dance, especially to reggae and calypso
36. born in Barbados
37. recently became a American citizen
38. I have a college degree
39. Smart *** should be my middle name
40. lost my virginity at 21
41. I'm a mamas girl
42. very spontaneous
43. can be very naughty
44. has a cruel side
45. i like pratical jokes and pranks
46. Wrote my first erotic novel in 4th grade, at least erotica according to Jackie Collins :p
47. Like doing way to many surveys
48. was addicted to self help books
49. Applies "seven habits of highly effective people" to daily life
50. Is a true form of the Aries astrological sign
51. Had a job as a phone psychic
52. I love my personality sincerely
53. I constantly imagine what couples look like having sex
54. I talk to myself when there is no one to talk to
55. I want to run a cat house
56. I admire Sydney Biddle Barrows aka The Mayflower Madam
57. I like to cook
58. I hate drawing faces
59. I have kepy diaries all my life
60. Loves animals
61. could be a pet hoarder if I lived alone
62. I'm my own worst critic
63. I like meeting new people, especially online
64. I've been talking to people using the internet before there was pictures available on the internet.
65. I cry easily, either from joy or sadness
66. I hate to sweat
67. I prefer showers over baths
68. likes massages
69. I like to be challenged
70. I am opinionated
71. Has dreams on opening a holistic wellness center for the homeless.
72. im confident
73. i like to give people side eye
74 when sex starts feeling really good I will chuckle
75 My eyes are brown
76 I have 7 tattoos
77. i like anything curried
78 prefer jelly coconuts over regular ones
79. I like entering contest
80. i own lots of nail polish bottles
81. my fave instrument to play is xylophones
82. i know how to develop film in a darkroom
83. I've blown glass before
84. I stay up late more times than not but don't consider myself an insomniac
85. addicted to crime shows
86. I own The Flavor of Love dvd....i know...dont judge me :p
87. My favorite drink is mauby which is tree bark basically
88. i believe in ghost
89. i believe in miracles
90. im roman catholic but not practicing
91. Im afraid of dark spaces
92. im afraid of flying but like to travel. I can't explain how many hail mary's are said when I board a plane.
93. I suck my teeth when aggrivated
94. i always speak to people who look lonely at clubs/bars
95. I like short hair
96. I miss the 90's
97. i believe wwf wrestling is real
98. i hate pet fish
99. I'm going through pet withdrawal and miss my pets
100. Im surprised i actually finished this.
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2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Impressive list, My Friend! And what might your 7 tatoos be? Just curious...

WOW! That's quite the collection! Very cool...

I guess I could imagine you with most of those... But tell me... What prompted you to get a "Star of David" tatoo? And can I ask where that one might be?

I have learned so much about you. Amazing how many similar traits we share. Aries ,brought up Catholic, wear glasses, married, own worst critic, believe in ghosts/miracles...
I give a good massage, can quip with the best I of them (no-better), am the oldest of 6 kids, inspired by naughty women, like women with brown eyes (I have blue), don't HAVE to win an argument (unless it is foundational to who I am), have been reading erotica since 5th grade (erotica according Anais Nin), enjoy gardens but hate getting my hands dirty, always want my partners pleasure before mine(multiple times), and there has got to be a pony under there somewhere

I know!