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Let's See Here....

1. My name is Jimmy
2. Born and raised in Southern California
3. Male
4. Straight
5. Love Final Fantasy series
6. 6'2
7. weigh between 185-200
8. Sweet craver (candies, chocolate, desserts, etc.)
9. Dislike ghetto people
10. Half Chinese
11. Half Vietnamese
12. I only speak English
13. I understand Khmai (from Cambodia Country)
14. Love anime
15. I play the guitar
16. Drop out college student (3 times)
17. Underachiever
18. I get underestimated
19. Pervert (secretly)
20. tall and slim/regular body type
21. I get a lot of common nicknames from people because of my name
22. Music will be with me forever
23. I was once a NEET or Hikkikomori (google it if you don't know)
24. I once almost killed myself attempting suicide
25. I have learning disability
26. I have Chronic Hepatitis B since I was 10 years old
27. I was in special ED
28. I like Paramore
29. I like Linkin Park
30. I sing in my car
31. I sleep side ways
32. N64 is my generation loving games back then
33. I'm an introvert
34. But I can choose to be extrovert if I wanted to
35. I love Zelda games on main console systems
36. Big daydreamer
37. I normally don't catch people say something to me the first time I hear through phone and in person
38. Slow in general
39. Can be a very thoughtful person
40. Good with deep conversation about life
41. I'm in my early 20's
42. I value friendship a lot
43. Single
44. Missing something in my life that makes me feel incomplete
45. A solitude person
46. I like nature
47. neutral with family
48. Very quiet at times
49. Most time, I don't like to talk
50. lethargic droopy type
51. People think i smoke weed or do drugs.....FALSE!!! -_-
52. Look tired all the time
53. Deep voice
54. I like reading inspiring book
55. I get mood swings
56. I do my best to stay strong eventhough I'm very weak inside
57. I wish to die early
58. Can be a dark person
59. Can be a light person
60. Have brown eyes
61. Black hair and thick
62. I leave me hair messy and nappy most of the time
63. I have 1 abs.
64. Too many siblings
65. First generation in the U.S.
66. Asian- American
67. I'm a lefty
68. I find Emo girls very attractive
69. I'm into sweet girls.
70. I'd date a cougar or a woman older than me
71. Innocent yet has a darkside
72. I'll be straight forward with you at some point
73. accepting person
74. I don't want kids
75. I don't want to get married
76. I can be a relationship or a swinger type depending what type of girl.
77. Not a picky person
78. Only had a girlfriend once
79. Had a one nightstand once
80. I like running outdoors
81. Spend a lot of time at home
82. HIghest score in bowling was 199
83. Not really into holidays
84. I get bored easily
85. Fun to be around with when I'm drunk
86. I've smoked once (I can see why it's an addiction)
87. An athiest but interested becoming a Christian
88. I like wasting time literally doing nothing (hate it)
89. I'm a doggy person
90. I can tie a cherry knot inside my mouth by using my tongue
91. I wear glasses
92. Hate spiders
93. I am not normal
94. Fall girls easily
95. Can be flirty and a teaser
96. I'll wear the same jeans a few times before I wash them
97. I usually wear basketball shorts when I'm at home
98. More old school
99. I sleep or take a nap a lot
100. My Zodiac is Aquarius and Dragon(Chinese version)

Jimbo89 Jimbo89 22-25, M 4 Responses Dec 18, 2012

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19? SRSLY :D:D:D??? Hm, aquarius here as well.

Almost the same as me. I guess i'm more delight than you. Im an Aquarius introvert love inspiring talks vietnamese i think about suicide but havent attempted because i still love my life i value friendship i love alternative punk rock i love yellowcard band and more!!! We can talk if ur interested :)

Yeah sure. I'm interested getting to know you. :) It's been months since I went on this site, so I'll give you my email just in case I don't come back on here for like another few months.

Wow xD we have so much in common! Do you think you could add me so we could chat? ^-^""

We are nearly identical! It's almost scary. The problem i have though is that you put final fantasy before you put zelda! What were you thinking? :p You are half chinese, half vietnamese, well my last gf was vietnamese and the one b4 was chinese. haha. I'm also left handed. I write a lot of songs but I can't play music so it's cool that you can. Also my 64 is still set up.