100 Facts About Me

1)My profile name mellifluous means sounding gud.

2)My ep frnds call me melli,angel,honey,BB,devil for fun.

3)I found this site by accident.

4)I keep ep a secret.

5)I luv my ep friends.

6)I understand that each and every person is different and is the holder of a distinct personality.

7)I never luk down on ppl.

8)I easily giv up arguments.

9)I am short tempered .Thanks to my college friends i hav changed a lot.

10)My favourite colour is red.

11)I am highly air sick.

12)I am an engineering student.

13)I like paper craft and still die to hear fairy tales.

14)I luv indian epics.

15)I am a believer .

16)I live in "the gods own country".

17)I am a proud indian.

18)I want a lilac flower.

19)I think a piece of appreciation can bringout wonderful results.

20)I believe feel of guilt is never the solution for the pain u caused to a person.

21)I dont hear much songs but my frnds say i m a wonderful singer.

22)I admire people who are really gud at maths.

23)I luv walking through the seashore .

24)My house is half a kilometer from the sea.

25)I usually hav fierceful dreams of Tsunami striking, but me standing not hurt and i will jump on my bed .

26)I wear specs.

27)I dont cry with my frnds, i just keep them happy.

28)I had the most wonderful childhood days with neighbour frnds and wonderful cousins.

29)I hav my daily prayers.

30)I have an elder sister and a baby niece.

31)My favourite cartoon is Tom and Jerry.

32)I wanna see the pyramids of Egypt.

33)I am interested in ghost stories.(But dont say me one is there around u ""ayyooooooooooo!!!!")

34)I cant speak if i m too much frightened.

35)I dont fear lightning and thunder.

36)I hav an hp laptop of dv6 series.

37)I am a hindu but i have gone to church and prayed.

38)I cant think abt betraying the god for anything but i complaint ,shout at him and finally thank him.

39)I never think if i were a boy, i m always happy being a girl.

40)I luv watching the night sky and finding the constellations.

41)I have no reluctance to show my appreciation for others.

42)I luv the innocence of children.

43)I wake up early in the morning ,thanks to my mom.

45)I am traditional.

46)I am tough in my decisions.

47)The first fact i learnt abt computer is that it is a ....................

Convenient Operating Machine Provides Unique Technical Electronic Results.

48) I hate those english films that provide the ""laughing sound"" after showing the comedy.
So doesnt it show that, they really doubt whether it is really funny??????/

49) I like eating shewerma.

50)I wont share cashewnuts hi hi hi hi hi,...........

51)My first computer game was "super mario", then i do like prince ,dave ,roadrash,tarzan....

52) I wanna become an encryption specialist.(he....he too much of a dream,hey frnds dont pull me okkkkkkkkkkk, we shuld always dream high :D)

53)I dont speak when someone irritate me too much .

54)I dont go fb frequently, but i spend more time in ep.

55)I dont try convincing people like, i m this way, unless they are so dear to me.

56)I dont like small children talking big.

57)I like the offwhite and parrot green combination.

58) I belive that to share without discrimination,to talk without intention and to support without expectation is the heart of a true friend.

59) I luv the poem"The Rime of The Ancient Mariner" by S.T Coleridge

60) I wanna read the story of dracula.

61)My sunsign is cancer.

62)"Five point someone" is a book that i recently luved reading.

63)I am interested in the "Botanicall kit".

64)I never thought it would be such difficult finding hundred things abt me. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

65)In my childhood days ,i always expected a star from the night sky falling to my hand.

66)Our english teacher taught us Julius Caesar which i heard with wonder and only wonder, in my primary classes, that i still remember certain phrases from it.

67)I enjoy the cool breeze from sea

68)My heart goes to prayers when i hear the ringing bells from temples.

69)I have a very dear childhood friend and she is married now.

70)I hav a beautiful garden at home.

71)I luv the smell of sand after rain.

72)I miss my first friend in ep.

73)I like coconut water than any other drink.

74)I feel comfortable wearing a churidar.with shall.

75)I like flat heels.

76)I like a tree house.

77)I like to read books but only wen i am interested i m not a book worm.

78)I hav watched lot of sufferings around me.

79)I understand life is not so easygoing .

80)I like homely food.

81)I used to hav two pets at home .

82)I hav green fields near my home eventhough no cultivation is practiced.

83)I understand the fact that each person around me is special in one way or other.

84)I dont wanna do anything without completing this.hahahahha

85)I dont fear seeing lizards and spiders ,unless they fall on me.

86)I like to play carroms.

87)I like to hv fun with friends.

88)I giv great value for friendship.

89)I think a blue shirt and black jeans suit every man.

90)I wish to hav two wings being in the human form.

91)However i am afraid of great heights.

92)I get dizzy when i m in a moving elevator .

93)I luv to play stone paper scissors.

94)For a stranger i seem to be very much reserved but for my friends i m the most talkative.

95)I wish if someone make a new calendar for the mayan ppl :):):):):)

96)oopssssss only four more to go hurrayyyyyyyyyyy

97)I hate hitler .

98)I mimic my teachers.

99)I like the strawberry flavour for icecream.

100)All the above said details are true to my knowledge :):):):):):)

mellifluousme mellifluousme
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I do 6 and 8. thanks for sharing with us.

Nice to know that U r from " God's own country ". :))


I loved reading about you. New to EP. Randomly stumbling upon stories. Thanks for sharing

ur welcome
and thanks for reading

A very interesting and colorful list there. Thanks for sharing this with us here..............

thank s for ur time to read

I wonder how long it took to write such long story. :P

thanks for ur time reading this

nah.. i just read only 53. The rest i go tomorrow. :P sugamano ?

haha u r a lazy person
by the way sughamanu
how abt u

Nalla sugam. :)
Indeed i am lazy. ;)

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Cheers for 51th: My childhood was spent with the same set of computer games i:e Mario, Dave, Roadrash...


Nice to read that... Kerela is a wonderful place... Like to visit there once more...

Thank you for sharing with us a comprehensive introduction too yourself. Being Australian, there are some terms you used that I don't understand ,,, shewerma and churida - perhaps you could explain what they are? And tell me ... do you follow cricket at all?

shewerma is a fud stuff like the meat roll
and churidar is an indian dress
i hav no interest in cricket :P


you described the same picture of yours that i had in my mind, you are soo true...
i like your identification of a true friend's heart at pt.58.
You are simple and sweet, its very simple to be different but very difficult to be simple.

Thanks for sharing

so #58 comes as ur fav
glad to know that
and so sweet of u for that comment


100 things are hard to write but u did it, interesting facts abt u, i wanna listen to ur singing someday

yup yaar
i just went insane writing it
anyways thanks u read it

I m also writing 100 facts about me, u motivated me lol :p

go ahead

i also wrote it lol :p without doing any other work and without any stop hahah

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