100 Facts About Me

1) I joined that site because I was lonely that time

2) I am very social person

3) I wanna keep my identity secret here, but if u become my close friends i wont mind giving u my facebook and personal details

4) Have been in one online relationship and loved her more than anyone else

5) Got broken hearted and got betrayed by an unfaithful beloved

6) I dont play sports

7) I stay at home, i dont like outings and hangout with friends

8) I am public speaker

9) I like politics so much

10) I wanna become the Prime minister of Pakistan someday

11) I dream big

12) I loved somebody who did not love me but I never said I love you to my first love

13) Was too shy to purpose any girl in life, even it took a lot of strength to purpose my ex on internet

14) I get shy while talking face to face with girls

15) I am not very religious but I want to become more religious

16) I write poetry

17) I wrote my first poem after I got broken heart because of the girl I loved

18) I was a Failure whole my life but now I m good student of my university

20) I was very un-confident boy of my college and I could not raise my hand to answer any question or to ask any question from a teacher, but I fought with all my fears and now I am one of the best speaker of my university

21) I like attending seminars, workshops and conferences

22) I have learnt to convert my weakness into my strength

23) I am the student of life

24) I believe we can do anything , all we need is to start doing that thing and we will end it for sure.

25) I like participation in speech and debates

26) I cant see people sad

27) I find beggars on my way to give them money whenever i am going somewhere

28) I am a business graduate

29) I am doing job in finance field and I am perusing my MBA in HR :p (After MBA I would find job in relevant filed)

30) I dont help beggars to increase my good deeds or to go in the paradise , I just help them and i dont want anything in return from God for it, i think its my duty.

32) i m honest

33) I want to perform my duties

34) I believe that our every duty is someone else's right and if we wont perform our any duty then we are not giving someone his right.

35) I think getting education is not our right but its our duty.

36) I  believe in that rule "first deserve then desire"

37) I keep people around me happy

38) i try to keep myself happy always

39) whenever i get sad i start counting my blessings to feel happy

40) I am writing this after getting inspired by my friend who wrote 100 facts about herself

41) I am humble

42) people like me so much

43) I was very famous in the highschool and i m also very famous in my university

44) many people know me but i dont know them

47) I dont like those girls who do stupid things to get attention

48) I want to break a world record someday

49) I like lucid dreaming during sleep ( u  guys might not know about lucid dreaming, its a interesting thing if u wanna read it google it, or just leave it)

50) I had many astral projections during sleep ( u  might also not know about astral projections, its a interesting thing if u wanna read it google it, or just leave tht point too :p )

51) I used to write all my dreams in my computer, which i dreamed during sleep

52) I have many same dreams many times during sleep

53) I dont believe that parents/ family is always right, i have my own views, and my many views differ from my family

54) I respect differing views of people

55) I dont like to impose my views on others, i believe that we should respect differing views

56) I am not superior to you, i m not inferior to u, i m not even equal to u, i m just differnt from u, and i believe we all are different, nobody is better or worst

57) i see things from others perspective or from their point of view

58) I am positive thinker

59) My country is earth and i m the citizen of world

60) i read news, watch news, watch current affairs of the whole world, political talk shows, i like politics so much

61) as a speaker obama is my biggest inspiration, i want to learn form him and become fluent and good speaker like him

62) i dont watch movies and dramas, i just watch news etc on tv

63) i listen to songs so much, i love music

64) i am writing these all points about myself without stopping, i think i know many things about myself but i think my family or friends dont know that much about me which i am writing now lol :p i never expressed myself that much to anyone in my life :p

65) i think i can write 10000 things about myself if i want to write

66) i dont want to impress people, i do what i enjoy and i enjoy what i do

67) i m a type of person who do many things at a time in life

68) i m from pakistan

69) my fav color is blue

70) i am 20 years old

71) i am a multi talented guy

72) I see my career bright

74) i wanted to go to USA for my studies but my f1 visa was denied so i continued my studies in my own country

75) i dont regret anything, i think life is too short to regret

76) i think everything happens for a reason and we should be happy even when we dont get what we want

77) i dont forget things easily, my memory is very strong

78) my favorite poet is Allama Iqbal

79) i like to read inspirational stories and quotes

80) my inspiration in politics is ban ki moon (S.G of united nations)

81) I want to remove poverty from the whole world, i get sad when i see homeless people and poor people who dont have anything to eat

82) i want to spend my money by helping others

83) i m not selfish

84) i dont like rude people

85) i have never smoked ciggerate in my whole life, and i dont want to get addicted to it

86) i think my height is 5.9 but i m not sure

87) i have less privacy on my facebook profile so that when i die people who are not in my friend list can still read my words and my words are always alive, even after thousands of years later if someone accidently visit my profile he can read me.

88) i learn many things from others

89) i have leadership qualities and i think i can become a good leader

90) i want to marry a disabled girl (anyone without foot or maybe without hands / eyes, etc) to love her and make her realize what she is worth and she is not useless and give him all the love which she did not get in life.

91) i believe that living for others is a way of life, we should think of others too

92) i wont like fights, even if a weaker person would hit me i wont hit him back

93) i was a green belt of taekwondo (korean karate) but i left it

94) my family always support me, they never scolded me even when i failed in my whole school life and that is why i am a good student now.

95) i never regret failures

96) i try to make sad people happy

98) i have many bad qualities but i want to become a good human being

99) i dont like playboys, i cant see my friends playing with girls emotions, i forbade them to do that, i think girls are not toys to play with, we must respect them.

100) I would never play with any girl in my life, I wont say i love u until i really mean it..
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Can we be bff's


Amazing........... amazong..... kmaaaaaaal yaaaaar........... and i like u.....

i don't like u bcz u ne sub acha acha likha.......... but i like the thing.... u beleive in ur self........ u love ur self..... u have confidence........ dunia ki hr cheez tmare qudmo mein hogi..........agr zindagi k yhin asool rhe...... or i pray to God...... k tme hr wo chiz mile jis k tum huqdaar ho......

Thank u so much for liking me, I like my all friends too, InsSHALLAH, jazakALLAH, Ameen, and i pray to God ke tumhe bhi har hapiness mile aur har cheez mile jo bhi tumhare liye behtar ho, we all the born to get success, May we get success of world and success of aakhirah too.
This shair for u
"Apne muqaddar ka tou mil hi jayega ae khuda, lekin wo cheez ata kar jo naseeb main na ho."

in return...... jitni dusen din...... sub wubul ho.....ameen... or sher acha hai. ameen... tumbhi dunia mein or akhtprt mein surhuruh... ameen

Ameen Ameen

aur shair maine type kia jhai tou acha hi hoga na dhakkan :p

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Wow this is super cool u can do alooootttt if amazing things r u really a lucid dreamer wats tht like i tryed to do tht a few times never works and i should try #39 anyway this is really kool and intersting:)

lucid dreaming and astral projections are fun, lucid dreaming is easy u can easily do it, i will tell u how if u r interested, astral projection takes time to learn and to have command on, Thank u so much for ur time in reading my garbage and liking it.

If u dont mind id really like to know how message me? And its not garbage its really intersting

ok let me msg u. thanks for liking it and taking interest in my story.

as you are good speaker and likes politics too, i hope one day you will use these qualities for the benefit of your country(earth).

i like many good qualities of yours.

i respect you for pt.90, but i will be more happy if you change the word "help" to "love". its a really big decision and possibly your parents may not agree with that.

Thanks for sharing, its good to know more about a really good person.

thank u so much sir for your time for reading this garbage, and your appereciation and respect, good view about point 90, i changed it, good to know at least u think I am a good person.

and u wrote it within no time

thanks for reading it, i thought that nobody will read it, but u read it, thanks for ur time and comments.

yes i wrote very quickly hahah, i could write more but it would break the rule of 100 things so i wrote 100 only

#56 rockssssss
#40 rocks better
coz thats on me

hahah thank u so much, yes both points rock lol :p

u rockkkk

you rock too...!!!