A Hundred Things You Didn't Need To Know

I'm really bad about opening up to people generally. If I have a conversation with someone, I will turn it around so that I'm the one asking all the questions about their lives, and hardly, if ever, answering any about my own. So in an effort to be open...here's 100 things you don't really need to know about me.
  1. I have yellowish-brown, hazel eyes. They change colors to bright gold sometimes.
  2. I am fascinated by all forms of plant life, but specifically trees and medicinal, wild greenery.
  3. I have four tattoos.
  4. I cannot eat wheat, it makes my intestines very sad.
  5. I have two pet rats.
  6. My family's nickname for me is "The Dog Whisperer," because it only takes me a few days to completely win over a dogs affection to where they don't even listen or pay attention to the people who raised them anymore. lol
  7. I haven't really experienced much in the way of trauma, even though I constantly put myself in the positions to starve, be raped, molested, poisoned, hit by cars, accidentally shot, etc.
  8. What I haven't experienced in that, I make up for in emotional trauma.
  9. I regret none of my decisions in life. Each one is a learning experience that has built me to who I am today.
  10. I believe that for happiness, not contentment but happiness, you must share it with someone else or it does not last.
  11. I meditate everyday.
  12. I started drinking coffee a few months ago, despite hating it completely before. I love it so.
  13. My favorite book is Watership Down.
  14. I knit.
  15. I haven't really, truly watched TV in 7+ years.
  16. I sometimes have dreams about the future, but it's usually years and years later, with people I had never met at that time, and doing really insignificant things. And don't remember them until that moment in which they actually happen.
  17. I love the smell of pine sap.
  18. I am empathic and clairsentient. I feel things, like other peoples emotions, vibes, and energies.
  19. I can often mind-shift, in where I can see someone across the room at a restaurant or something, and then be able to experience what they're experiencing for a short time. Recently learned this is not abnormal, just related to empaths.
  20. I paint with watercolors, india ink, and acrylics.
  21. I start hundreds of projects but usually never get past the first few hours with them before losing interest.
  22. I like comfy clothes. I always pick baggy, soft things over "fashionable", tight things.
  23. I only wear dark colors or earth tones.
  24. I've only been in two relationships.
  25. I do a lot of book buying/borrowing, but not a TON of reading. A lot, but not a ton.
  26. My vision isn't perfect in my left eye. Far sighted.
  27. I LOVE PBS Nature and BBC Earth.
  28. Since elementary school, I've collected library cards from the places I've lived.
  29. I've never had close friends, or much beyond acquaintanceship. I had one for a few years, but bridges got burned. Aside from that, I'm a complete loner.
  30. I have issues with thought to speech transition. Thought to written word is perfect though.
  31. I practice yoga when I feel inspired to.
  32. I went to college for a year, for environmental science.
  33. I attempted suicide 3 times last spring.
  34. I love doing nature themed jigsaw puzzles.
  35. I really like indian food. Mmm...curry, malai kofta, mango lassi...
  36. My favorite breed of dog is an Irish Wolfhound. Or medium to large breeds that have high intelligence.
  37. I love to take photographs.
  38. I have about 20 journals, that I don't write in because I feel like they're too pretty for me to deface with my thoughts.
  39. I am not religious.
  40. I am spiritual.
  41. I do not find silences uncomfortable.
  42. I feel really awkward speaking to people I don't know that well. I usually just say something weird, nod, and stare off to the side.
  43. My favorite colors are moss green and a dusty light brown.
  44. My music tastes are mostly within classical, folk, and indie.
  45. My favorite animals are wolves, bats, horses, dogs, deer, rabbits, and tons of other random ones like weedy seadragons, pikas, markhor, and muntjacs.
  46. I don't like closed-minded people.
  47. I make postcards and send them to people across the world. (In case you're interested, it's called Postcrossing. Google it.)
  48. I have an awesome chess board. It's handmade, inlaid with bone and geometric patterns in each square, and around all the edges. But no one will play with me. ):
  49. I love someone with all my heart. <3
  50. I don't have a cellphone.
  51. I live without electricity, running water, plumbing, and heating...but not without good company!
  52. I think bioluminescence is incredibly beautiful.
  53. I don't wear perfumes because strong fake smells disgust me. If I even pass someone wearing it I cant help but gag.
  54. I read tarot cards.
  55. I believe in using all parts of an animal.
  56. I have an archery bow. It is beautiful. My shot is not. lol
  57. I want to live off the land, in the wild woods, as one with nature.
  58. I really like baking, but for some reason do not have the same talents for cooking. I'm not terrible at it. I just don't understand the mixtures of flavors as well.
  59. As a kid, I thought the world actually used to be in black and white like how the old movies showed.
  60. I also thought babies came out of belly buttons.
  61. I do not want children. Probably ever.
  62. I don't wear jewelry unless it's somehow very significant to me. So it's pretty much just the same one necklace every single day and nothing else.
  63. My ears are double pierced, but I don't wear earrings. Too easily pulled out and ripped by someone else.
  64. I am alright with my body weight. The only time it was perfect to me was when I was working outside on a farm 11 hours a day, 6 days a week. I looked f**cking awesome.
  65. I am interested in deep conversations about metaphysics and quantum theory.
  66. I firmly believe that plants are just as sentient as any other animals, we just don't slow down enough to hear them speak.
  67. I hate sitting in chairs, I usually stretch out on the floor.
  68. I have very little self control around dark chocolate.
  69. I have had kidney stones. They hurt.
  70. I'm demisexual. (Have absolutely no sex drive, nor attraction, or interest in sex whatsoever towards anyone unless I am ridiculously in love with them.)
  71. I think dogs paws smell wonderful.
  72. I really like to swim, but next to never get the chance to.
  73. I am learning astral travel.
  74. In case you haven't gotten the hint form the rest of this....I love nature.
  75. I hate human society.
  76. Every christmas my mom buys me a new toothbrush.
  77. I really enjoy hiking and camping.
  78. It's difficult to make me truly angry.
  79. I'm not straight edge, but not addicted or a frequent user of anything. I'm just sort of...go with the flow. If someone offers stuff and I'm in the right mood, then why not?
  80. I love vegetables!! Yummy~
  81. I'm considering becoming a tattoo artist.
  82. I love David Attenborough's voice.
  83. My favorite composers are Satie and Debussy.
  84. I have played violin, trombone, banjo, and ocarina. But I can't read notes for the life of me.
  85. I find ego and pride to be a huge turn off.
  86. I'm extremely neutral towards how I see others. I see everyone as equals.
  87. I'm stubborn. I just get locked in on an idea if I really want something. But never in an argumentative way.
  88. I over-analyze the relationships I have when I let people get close to me.
  89. I believe in reincarnation.
  90. When I'm given a massage I can't help but groan the entire time. They feel sooo goooood...
  91. I have hitch hiked.
  92. I get anxiety attacks when I feel alone or at large parties.
  93. I'm often told I have an air of innocence about me, but no one can tell me why.
  94. I don't like cake.
  95. I have never felt human. I don't feel right in this body.
  96. When visiting family, I hide in one room and avoid everyone.
  97. I love thought provoking quotes about life.
  98. I love unconditionally.
  99. I have an extremely specific, extremely weird sense of humor.
  100. I don't believe in meeting other people's expectations. I live true to myself, that is all.

So there you have it.
If you read through all of this...just wow. lol.
Fernwolf Fernwolf
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4 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I needed to know each and every word of this. Although you think your alone,your not. I'm your friend. And always will be.

Aww. That really means a lot... (: Thank you~

You really mean a lot to me Fernwolf. Your welcome :)

Can totally relate to number 16. It confuses me because i don't believe in any paranormal activity or esp of that kind. Certainly seems strange to me.

yeah, it's something thats been happening for as long as I could remember, long before I believed in anything supernatural. maybe it's just the future timelines intersecting with the present, but we only notice the difference while dreaming. fun to think about anyway.

What an AMAZING list
So many interesting points - astral travel!! Wow
Tarot, bioluminence, no utility's, So many things I could chat to you about-
I am honestly amazed by this list- it is fantastic.
Fabulous post, that I will read again at some point today - thank you very much for posting it- awesome

Mark xx

Sorry - should have said on the end of my post- I have one of these list on my profile- would love you to have a look

Haha, thanks for reading! Glad you liked it. (:

Fascinating. Thank you very much for sharing.

Hah, thanks for reading. (: