Oh Wow...

I'm not sure I can come up with a lot of things, but I'll try...

1) I'm 19 years of age, going on 20
2) I'm in University
3) I'm originally from Kingston, Ontario
4) I'm a natural redhead
5) I'm approximately 5'10"
6) I have hazel eyes
7) I love to wear black
8) I've had a pierced ear since Grade 7, but nothing beyond that
9) I absolutely LOVE animals
10) I have no problem with needles
11) I love the colour red
12) I'm a fanfiction writer (no, not that kind)
13) I have a massive guilt complex
14) I love to draw
15) Most conversations I have with females consist of me asking endless strings of questions because I want the conversation to be about them
16) I love my roommate (in a bro way)
17) I'm a mix of English, Irish, Scotish, French and German
18) I love foreign languages
19) I love to drink socially
20) I fantasize a lot
21) I'm a nationalist
22) I love mathematics if they have real-world applications
23) I enjoy structured debates
24) I cannot stand rap
25) I'm sarcastic and at times condescending
26) I struggle with negative self-image
27) I'm an obsessive personality
28) I love to be the comedian in a conversation
29) I've had some of the most Seinfeldian conversations ever (consult tvtropes if you don't know what that means)
30) I was a big chess player when I was younger, but the last couple years I haven't had much opportunity to play
31) I love to slip song references into conversations
32) I'm often up until 1am doing random stuff
33) I'm socially open sometimes to the point where it bothers other people
34) I love trench coats, they add 10 degrees of badass to anyone
35) I'm an avid tea drinker
36) I get along with girls better than guys. As you can imagine, I'm friend-zoned more often than Cheech and Chong were zoned out
37) I have political aspirations
38) I once tried to make a CCG with some friends of mine. It didn't really work out
39) I use music as a means to escape the world around me
40) I am progressive
41) I value logic over emotion
42) I'm accepting of other people to a point. Some people just get under my skin
43) I love spicy food. Most of my family and friends do not. *sigh*
44) As any Canadian should (come on guys, admit it), I have smoked pot
45) I can be a grammar Nazi, but I usually save that for when it's funny
46) I swear like a sailor
47) I make more innuendos than a writer for a sitcom
48) I love horror and sci-fi. Horror-scifi is epic to me.
49) I can do mental math, though not necessarily in a timely fashion
50) I am a quiet drunk
51) I am prone to self-injury. I have put holes in both my knees and had my foot run over by a truck
52) I've worked with my father in the summers for 9 years. He's a contractor. So yes, I can help put up drywall in your addition.
53) I'm not overly tech-savvy, largely because my parents are tech-clueless
54) I have a sister old enough to be my mother. Yes, I was a planned pregnancy
55) I love spiders. I think they're awesome
56) I want very badly to be a husband and father
57) I have tried online dating, and failed miserably
58) I despise the US Government. Not the entity, the current cabinet. They're utterly useless and their screw-ups are dragging my country down with them
59) I love uploading photos to Facebook just to snark them
60) I have never been to a romantic comedy. Even my ex-girlfriend didn't link them.
61) I love vampire fiction, but mostly the older stuff. Dracula, Carmilla, et al
62) I like to play minor practical jokes on people
63) I constantly worry about being late because I won't be able to find a place, then I get there 10 minutes early
64) I occasionally like to sleep naked. As you can imagine, I don't get to do that much with a roommate.
65) I'm compulsively up earlier than I need to be, so I'm not in conflict with anybody else's bathroom schedule
66) I will always love living in the country, but I also love the opportunities of the city. Guess I'd best live in the suburbs.
67) I occasionally speak in Japanese apropos of nothing. It always gets a great reaction, which was the point
68) I like music with uniqueness to it. Variants of metal are really good, as is classical crossover (see Sarah Brightman for example)
69) I used to get the flu every year in January or February like clockwork, until Grade 8, and I've yet to have a relapse since.
70) I worry about my friends' problems more than my own
71) I pride myself on my academic performance, and it's a cornerstone of my identity.
72) In spite of that, I rarely put a significant amount of effort into things because I simply don't need to.
73) I have been known to start a conversation with a particular personal question in mind, and try to work my way to the topic as smoothly as possible
74) As of writing this, I'm currently in counseling for emotional issues
75) My sexuality has been called into question more than once. I can conclusively say I'm heterosexual, but I have nothing against other sexualities
76) I have been mistaken for a woman 3 times. The third one was particularly idiotic because I hadn't shaved in a few days.
77) On any regular day, I couldn't care less about my clothes. Tell me I'm going to an event, and I'll want to look nice
78) I'm an incredibly nervous driver, but I'm told my technical skill is actually very high.
79) I love to imitate accents. I have at least 3 English accents, 2 Australian (including Steve Irwin), Scotish, Irish, a somewhat-offensive Middle Eastern, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Bush, Jean Cretien, Quebecois... Yeah
80) I don't really speak them, but I can generally tell East Asian languages apart easily enough.
81) I'm agnostic, and I can't assert enough that I don't mean Atheist; I'm open to the possibility of a God, but I don't believe in religion. As William Peterson once put it, "I don't believe in rules that tell me how I should live."
82) I once lit my friends' and my cigars with an acetylene torch because the matches kept going out in the wind
83) Skinny dipping? All for it
84) When making new friends, I'm almost always the one to make the first move. Ironically, my very first relationship was the other way around
85) I have a tendency to become silent and hang my head when I'm being yelled at by my parents, even in situations where I can actually defend myself
86) Grade 12 English has left me looking for subtext in all conversations, which has several times resulted in me putting word in people's mouths
87) I can't write a story as I go. I have to plan it out beforehand. By contrast, I write essays better when I free-write
88) I have a tendency to say "gute nacht meine fraulein" when ending a conversation with a girl because they're going to bed
89) I only ever get carded if I'm the youngest person in a group. If there's anybody there younger than me or I'm alone, they never ask for ID.
90) I am constantly talking to a specific friend of mine about one thing or particular, usually one of out writing endeavors
91) I compulsively use formal speech in English. Ironically, I prefer informal Japanese
92) I love giving gifts to people. It can't be said I'm selfish with my money.
93) I almost always sit on the floor in my friends' dorm rooms, even if they have open chairs
94) I have a graduate ring that was originally sized for my ring finger, but now fits somewhat loosely on my middle finger
95) I was once called a Nazi sympathizer for wearing a trench coat. I proceeded to point out the trench coat was invented by World War ONE Germany.
96) I love to write sentimental messages in cards, not just sign my name
97) I have an extremely high pain tolerance and double-jointed shoulders. Lots of fun has been had with them
98) I always try to see both sides of an argument, and will state facts to support either side. As a result, I'm often the neutral third party
99) I tried bungee jumping for the first time this year. WOOOOOOOOH!
100) I will never find what I'm looking for until I stop looking for it

Well, after all that I'm guessing you have everything you need to know who I am as a person.
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