100 Things About Me :)

1) I am a full time college student
2) I study Psychology
3) Animals are my passion
4) Purple is my favorite color
5) I am a cat person
6) I am a feminist
7) I hate racism
8) I hate homophobia
9) I cannot eat gluten
10) I love to read
11) I love to write
12) I love school
13) I believe family is very important
14) I have trust issues
15) I have been through a lot
16) I am tired of being involved with ********
17) I ma one of truest and nicest people you will ever meet
18) I get jealous easily
19) I am a helpless romantic
20) I can be emotional
21) I love feeling special
22) I give awesome advice
23) I am a genius when it comes to love
24) I love people
25) I hate people
26) I am addicted to social networking sites
27) I was a sufferer of depression
28) I love doing hair and makeup
29) I love companionship
30) I love alone time
31) Music is one of lifes greatest pleasures
32) I am pro-choice
33) I believe true love never dies
34) I am scared of being too close to someone
35) I have changed a lot in the last year
36) I am confident with myself
37) I want to study abroad
38) I support Obama
39) I love to sleep
40) I believe you must learn to love yourself before you can share your life with anyone else
41) I love pink and black
42) I love to find cute quotes
43) I love life
44) I love to shower
45) I have small hands
46) I have lived in Florida my entire life
47) I love to help people
48) People who want a bf/gf just to have a bf/gf annoy me
49) I love to text
50) I don’t have any TRUE friends
51) My favorite jewelry are rings
52) My ears are not pierced
53) My favorite kind of weather is stormy and rainy
54) I always to have socks on my feet
55) I hate feet
56) I hate gum
57) I have a nose stud
58) I prefer apple over windows
59) My future husband is Josh Hutcherson
60) My favorite actress is Mila Kunis
61) I love the beach at night
62) I HATE the beach during the day
63) I don’t follow sports
64) My favorite sport to play is basketball
65) I love to daydream
66) I have insomnia
67) I want to die as an old lady in my sleep
68) My idol growing up was Hilary Duff
69) I played the flute in middle school and high school
70) I played piano in elementary and middle school
71) I love smoothies
72) I prefer pepsi over coke
73) I prefer the indoors to the outdoors
74) I have a cat that means the world to me
75) I don’t like when people are cocky
76) I had an evil stepmother and 2 stepbrothers for about 10 years
77) I was in marching band in high school
78) I like to meet new people
79) History is my worst subject
80) I don’t dance but I love to go to parties and clubs
81) I don’t sext
82) I don’t watch ****
83) I don’t have one night stands
84) I love chocolate
85) I have never had a 3-some nor do I want to
86) I love cookie dough
87) I love to express myself
88) I good at organization
89) My favorite restaurant is Outback
90) I hate long distance relationships
91) I try to stay away from military for that reason
92) I don’t lie
93) I don’t give up easily
94) I don’t watch tv
95) I don’t play video games
96) I have been to England, Spain, Italy, France, Gibralter, Ireland, and Canada
97) I am addicted to the internet
98) My name is Jill
99) My favorite band is skillet
100) I get cold easily
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This is awesome :D you seem really cool btw

Aw thanks! :)

Thank You :)