This Looked Fun

Well, here goes.

1) I'm a girl (obviously).
2) I'm a freshman in high school.
3) I hate homework, like a lot.
4) I'm a Christian.
5) Despite that I haven't been baptized yet.
6) I pray everyday, mostly it's for my loved ones.
7) I don't have the happiest home life.
8) I love my family.
9) I see a therapist.
10) I sometimes feel like there's no one who knows absolutely everything about me.
11) When I do feel that way, I wish there was someone.
12) I'm in love.
13) There're people on this site I care a lot about.
14) I love to sing, though I don't believe my voice is that pretty.
15) I love to write, though I don't think I'm great at that either.
16) I have some weird interests.
17) Wedgies is one of them.
18) Spankings is the other.
19) I hate being judged, especially about the two above.
20) I've never told anyone outside the internet about them.
21) I worry easily.
22) I'm optimistic.
23) I have a lot of contradicting traits.
24) This is gonna take longer than I thought.
25) I'm obsessed with candy canes.
26) I'm not really happy with my appearance most of the time.
27) I love coffee.
28) I'm not allowed to drink it.
29) My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.
30) I loooove butterfingers.
31) My favorite drink is Monster Energy.
32) I love pretty much any food involving pasta.
33) I've always wanted to travel.
34) First to visit friends.
35) Then all over Europe.
36) And lastly Japan, 'cause I'm obsessed with anime/manga.
37) My fav manga is Fruits Basket.
38) My fav anime is Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) or Toradora!
39) I have an iPhone 4S.
40) I got it for free.
41) It's case looks like a panda.
42) I love anything with pandas, clothes, toys, trinkets, etc.
43) I hope to one day have panda's on one of everything in my wardrobe: Shirt, bra, pants, panties, hat, socks, shoes, etc.
44) I love anything with hello kitty too.
45) Same thing on 43 but with hello kitty as well.
46) I look good in dark colors.
47) Purple is my favorite color.
48) I really hope I'm not repeating things on here.
49) My fav fruit are brae burn apples. (Could've misspelled it.)
50) Halfway there!~
51) My fav book is Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.
52) My fav restaurant is the Olive Garden.
53) I'm easily entertained.
54) I love to wear hats.
55) I think A Day to Remember is awesome.
56) I've seen Hot Chelle Rae in concert.
57) I've also seen One Republic.
58) I took a friend with me each time.
59) I wanna be a pokémon trainer for Halloween.
60) I'm having a hard time thinking of which one I could base my costume off of.
61) I would love some advice on it!
62) I have posters all over my room.
63) I have many stuffed animals.
64) My room is almost always messy.
65) I love sleeping.
66) Pecan is my favorite pie.
67) Red velvet is my favorite cake.
68) Seven layer are my favorite cookies.
69) This number is forever ruined to me. >.>
70) I love dressing up in costumes.
71) I love making my own.
72) I have a babysitting job.
73) I have my permit.
74) My fav season is fall.
75) I think I may have repeated that.
76) I've never kissed anyone, anywhere but the cheek.
77) I've done that with two guys.
78) One was a dare.
79) I'm almost done!
80) I love caramel frapachinos.
81) I spelled that wrong.
82) My ringtone is "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction.
83) I was home schooled up until 4th grade.
84) I've gone to the same school since then.
85) I hope to move soon.
84) Not far, just out of the house I'm currently in.
85) I've been cheating on a lot of these by just extending stuff, lol.
86) I hope to have 2 or 4 kids.
87) A boy first.
88) I wanna name him Jason.
89) Then I wanna have a girl.
90) And name her Naomi.
91) I hope she has my hair color.
92) I tend to give material things sentimental value.
93) That's probably the reason my room is messy.
94) I have quite a few blonde moments.
95) I use my hands a lot when I talk.
96) I do weird stuff when I'm bored.
97) I love Symphony Hershey bars.
98) I like Cashews.
99) I like butterscotch pudding.
100) I'm so happy I finished this! :D
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Wow, we have a lot in common. Now if only that whole situation didn't go down. I'd really like to talk to you again.

She'll come back if and when she's ready, and putting a bunch of pressure on her isn't going to make her come back any sooner.

Alright, boy. Calm down. Don't want to hit my Eminem button.

Lol, "boy". I'm older than you, son. And I think that response right there shows you haven't changed from when you used to harass her. Doubt she'd want to talk to you again anyway.

Alright b!tch. You may be older but, you can go back to doing you sh!t. You just hit that Eminem button.

Eminem button...? You're weird. Also, swearing doesn't make you sound any older. Like, at all.

Yeah, got an issue with that? Weird? No I'm abnormal. Don't you have a life. Go back to your McDonalds job.

You got something to say? You wanna f uck with someone who has ended people on EP and raised by the early Eminem?

Yeah, okay. Obviously you believe you're so big and powerful, so I'll let you keep living in your alternate reality. Also, you never knew Eminem.

Sh!t bro, go home. He is big and powerful. Known in the rap game in EP. Maybe it's your alternate reality. But, when you listen to Eminem you learn a few things, but, you listen to Souja Boy.

Lol, wow, you both are pathetic. Obviously your wet dream is to meet Eminem, but he's never going to care about meeting messed up little boys who think they're him. Also, PinkButterfly is never going to talk to you, 'cause you've again proven that you're just going to be the same weird disrespectful kid. So later, kiddies.

Your wet dream is to get a girl to look you way. Luck if you can get your boyfriend too. Sh!t you shouldn't have messed with the Outlawz. Later @sshole. PinkButterfly never like me anyways, so you can go suck a transgendered ****.

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I think you should go as may or dawn. (misty is kinda overdone :/ )

do you have a kik?


add me nickharris1533

This is amazing. I love how well everything flowed. It didn't feel like you were cheating to me. I just loved it, because it seems like you really poured your heart out into some of these (like the first few). Honestly, I feel horrible not knowing some of these things. :( But I'll have to talk to you about that later. Beautiful story.

It's completely fine.

Okay, good. Well, moving on, I'm going to comment on some of these:
14. That's great! I have to hear you sing sometime! Maybe that song with the cups. :)
22. Love that about you.
27. Me too! :O
40. Got my Droid for free too! Though I guess I already told you that. :p
53. Same. :)
69. Aw, I feel your pain. :/ It'll take a few years, but when you're alone (or around mature people), you can treat it like just a number again. I got better from hating that number, you can too! (Especially since we're so alike.) :)
76. Same! Did I tell you about that? :)
80. Me too! Maybe we'll have to get some together next year. :D
97. Me too, haha! They're not my favorite, but I love them anyway. Lol, I know what we'll be having for meals. :P

lol I love this I think I'm gonna post one too :P

Awesome! Can't wait to read yours!

will you add me we have a lot in common


lol wow

Haha :)

Understood though I did something similar



This is the randomest thing I've read yet :)

Lol you like? :P

Of course

Thanks. :)