100 Things About Me (1-25)

1. I am canadian and proud of it
2. Im to kind and trusting to everyone and thats why i always get hurt
3. I almost never lie unless i have to but i dont like to
4. I am an athiest (dont hate)
5. I dont judge others based on religion or fight about it unless someone tried to push it on me
6. I am always there for anyone even if ive only talked to them one time, ill alwasy be there to help
7. I never fallow my own advice
8. I have tried to kill myself many times due to depression
9. I was a cutter in high school
10. In my spair time i help people with depression,suicide,and cutting
11. My relationships always end the same way with them playing me or cheating on me
12. I love music and cant live with out it
13. I love rap country screamo rock metal and the list goes on lol
14. I love to dirtbike and ride on atv's
15. I am a good driver and love to drift, go 4x4, or racing
16. My fav color(s) is blood red black and purple
17. I have beaten the crap out of people and friends for hitting girls/girlfriend
18. I am a smoker
19. I am pro choice (dont hate)
20. dont ask me why but i know ever word to every backstreet boy song even the ones i havent heard before
21. I love CSI and Flashpoint
22. I like to sing,wright poems, and songs
23. I love anime like hellsing and gundam and so on
24. I am a Chevy/GMC guy and that wont change
25. I love animal's
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18-21, M
Jan 14, 2013