100 Things About Me (26-50)

26. I have broken my ankles many times and now my left one is weak
27. I cant run well cuz of my ankle
28. At first im a shy guy around women till i get to know them
30. Im not the thiniest guy around but im not that big eather
31. As of right now it been over two years since the last time i have had sex
32. I see no point to have a gun
33. I LOVE japan and its history/culture
34. I love tattos of all kind
35. I have hazel eyes but they can change color sometimes(one time one eye was green the other brown)
36. My mother passed away when i was 12 in 2003 and every year since i have had a friend or loved one die every year since
37. I have been bullied my hole life
38. I support LGBT rights cuz no one should be judged on what gender they love or what gender they are
39. I am related to shania twain (not a lie)
40. I cry when a canadian soilder dies
41. I hate when people think they have the right to control others because of there belief
42. I love my PS3 (not a fan of xbox)
43. I am an ex pot head
44. I am a master at massages
45. I like to party and drink with friends
46. I feel the way the world is going is pathetic
47. I dont have a pic on my profile cuz i have people i know on here
48. Most of the groups im in are just to see what crazy things people have done
49. Steve Irwin was my hero
50. I can act like a kid come times cuz u some times u just have to relax in life and have fun
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18-21, M
Jan 14, 2013