100 Things About Me (51-75)

51. I have some kinky fetishs
52. I have been kissed/kissed 5 guys due to truth or dare (drunk nights)
53. It takes alot not get me drunk
54. I have only ever blacked out once due to drinking
55. I have slept with one of my best friends girlfriend
56. I love going down on a girl
57. My friends brother held a knife to my throat
58. I love my step sister even though were not blood she is my real sister and i would kill for her
59. I have always wanted to go on a trip around the world
60. My fav bands are eminem,escape the fate,actually if u want to know just ask
61. I aim to help as many people as i can
62. I work in fort Mcmurry
63. I love scary movies
64. I have been in many car crashes
65. No matter how much time goes by there are days that i feel like giving up on life
66. I love the show the walking dead
67. I think the 90's were the best years to grow up cuz todays world is just going to hell
68. I was born on October 25 1991
69. I love to 69 lol little funny how i love 69 on number 69
70. I feel as that im never going to find a gf that will stay cuz in todays world it seems all that matters is a big **** a six pack and them being ********
71. In a relationship im to trusting but inside me im always worried that they might cheat on me with one of my friends
72. I am german scottish irish and canadian
73. There arnt really any rides that scare me
74. I will try anything atleats once
75. Back in school i wasnt that smart but when it comes to things about life im smarter then alot of people
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18-21, M
Jan 14, 2013