100 Things About Me (76-100)

76. I hate chearters
77. I love to ride bikes around town
78. I love to swim i could do it for hours
79. My father is the most importent person in my life
80. I was a loser back in high school
81. Back in high school i was in band and yes i went to band camp lol (one time at band camp)
82. I have woken up to my friends having sex in my bed right next to me
83. Almost all my friends have had sex in my bed
84. I would fight for someone i dont even know
85. I used to play hockey for over 5 years till i quit and took up durt biking
86. When i was in third grade i got fed up with one of my bullies and well it took 3 grown male teachers to pull me of the kid
87. Me and my 2 friends still hold the record for most detentions in one year
88. i love psychology class
89. i have been jumped by 6 guys before for standing up for a gay guy
90. Every GF i have had has been bi
91. I have always wanted a ********* lol
92. I am a romantic at times
93. I will never cheat no matter what when im dating
94. I treat women like gold
95. I tend to say **** alot lol
96. I have friends around the world that i have never met in real life and have been better friends to me then the ones i have here
97. I can admit my flaws and that im not perfict
98. I will never change just to make someone happy ever again i stay true to myself
99. I dont fear death at all when its my time its my time
100. I can admit that i dont have that big of a **** but for what i lack in size make up for with my hands and tounge lol
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18-21, M
Jan 14, 2013