Ok Here Goes..

1.I'm a virgin and I wanna keep it that way until I marry.
2. I am emo and proud
3.I hate my life
4. I am gonna run away and never look back someday.
5.I love my boyfriend james..
6. I am adopted
7.I am depressed alot
8.I was stalked once by a 22 year old when I was 11
9.I am afraid to sleep because I am afraid I'll dream about my stalker taking and reaping me ..
10. I tried to kill myself with scissors.
11.I am a girl
12. I'm not 70+
13. I hate going to school.
14. I almost had sex at 10
15. My name is Alicia morninstar fehr..
16. I lost my sister to drugs.
17. I use to smoke
18. I use to drink
19. I tried drugs.
20. I fall in love to fast...
21. I am afraid to eat.
22. I wanna be aNorexic
23. My favorite color is black.
24. I have a hard time with trusting people.
25. I once dated my ex boyfriends brother
26. I am a ***** and I'ts my fault
27. I am afraid of men to a point where I could cry.
28. I was lied to by my birth mom
29. I wanted to be a princess my whole childhood.
30. I am running out of things to say..
31. I like tacos
32.my favorite color is black blue and purple.
33. I have scars all over my face ... They are from trying to peel my skin completley off... Not from my dog.
34. I watched **** once.. I almost threw up.
35.I am afraid to be out in public.
36. I once slept through a whole day..
37. I snore in my sleep
38. I like green jellybeans the most.
39. I never listen to my own advice.
40.I dated the boy who bullied me.
41. I wrote a deperate life note to my mom and she laughed at me.
42. My parents hate me and try to buy my love.
43. I wanna be a werewolf.
44. I use to have to sleep with all my furniture up against my door.
45. My sister stabbed me... With a screw driver in the arm
46. My uncle is dying of cancer.
47. My dad got so drunk once and scared me half to death.
48. I need my tonsils out soon
49. I'm going to disneyworld in 10days
50. I am a great artist but don't want others to know it.
51. I have writen like 20 some books in my life.
52. I am good at school but try to suck at it.
53.I like talking with guys and not girls
54. I'm dating my best friend.
55. I fainted in class during a presentation once.
56. I need more friends.
57. I wanna clif dive someday... :D
58. I use to think I was an angel sent from God to save people.
59 . I am running out of things to say actually.
60. I am secretly a spy jk
61. I am bored
62. I live in canada.
63. I like guys a bit older then me.. :/
64. I am afraid of getting judged.
65. My dog died this summer.
66. I like to be a girly girl sometimes.
67. I like tight hugs
68. I hate wearing make-up but do anyways.
69. I don't know how to do hair.
70. Uum... I wanna dye my hair blue.
71. On my 18th birthday I'm getting a tattoo for sure.
72. I wanna drive a lotus.. Or a mercedes benz
73. I can't afford a sports car.
74. I will drive a dodge pickup or something when I'm 16
75. I wanna be famous.
76. I love haters because they make me stronger in life.
77. I can be very rude when you get me mad.
78. I go to an academy and wear a uniform.
79. I wore a dress to schoolonce ... And never will again.
80. I am a flirt sometimes.
81. I like to tease my boyfriend.
82. I am the jealous type.
83. I hate people feeling sorry for me.
84.my birth day tried to say sorry to me the other day... I told him he's a nasty old guy and he isn't my dad.
85. I cuss :(
86. I drunk vodka during clss at my old school.
87. I like Emo guys and tough guys :3
88. I like to doodle.
89. I'm glad this is almost over.
90. I want to have sex with my bf someday ( like in 1 year)
91. I hate guys who are always horny it makes me sick.
92. I hate looking in my mirror.
93. I want to go to fat camp and loose so much weight ... But I can't because I'm already thin enough.
94. I want to get married after I graduate.
95. I think too much
96. I think my family hates me so I hate them back.
97. I like being alone ..with one me and one other person.
98. I never like talking to girls because they gossip to much.
99. Even as a girl ... I find girls confusing.
100. I am so glad that i never killed myself last month.

*no hate*
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Jan 15, 2013