Here Goes

Haha so let's see if I can do this.

1. I'm a girl :P
2. I tend to state the obvious
3. I am a Christian
4. I'm 15
5. and I'm a sophomore
6. I'm the oldest child in my fam
7. I have 3 younger sisters
8. two of them are adopted
9. I've always wanted an older brother
10. I'm homeschooled
11. I'm definitely NOT unsocial because of it though
12.I like coffee
13. I can't have any right now though :'(
14. I have really strict parents
15. they really frustrate me
16. I love them anyways
17. I like wedgies
18. And spanking
19. I've never actually told anyone that
20. I'm pretty sure my parents would freak if they knew
30. I'm weird :P
31. and I love it its a lot more fun :)
32. I would be dating someone if my parents would let me
33. this is taking a long time lol :P
34.I aabsolutely love singing
35. People say I have a really pretty voice
36. I don't always believe them
37. I read my Bible every day
38. it really helps me get through stuff
39. Sometimes it seems my friends always expect me to be their personal therapist
40. I like helping people with their probs
41. I get worn out though
42. no one seems to realize I need someone to talk about my problems too
43. well except for my pretty much boyfriend he' s always there for me
44. I am moving this month
45. Sometimes I feel invisible
46. All I really want is to just to feel accepted
47. I have crafty sperts where I like to draw and paint all the time :P
48. I am a talker I could talk literally all day long
49. I have long brown hair
50. I'm finally halfway done with this :D
51. A lot of people think I look like Mandy Moore
52. I don't see it though
53. I like wearing hats :P
54. I have a ton of them
55. Sometimes I wish I wasn't the oldest
56. like when I have to babysit
57. I always text with faces XD
58. I Can be really super random at times xXx
59. My favorite color is lime green
60. I have neon shoes that I wear everywhere
61. I have had too many sleepovers to count :)
62. I love my friends
63. an my family
64. I like anime
65. I would like some suggestions bc I can't find the rest of the one I'm watching
67. I am learning Spanish
68. I am a horrid speller
69.this is getting hard
70. I get depressed some times
71. I really really want to go to winterJam next month
72. I think relient k is my favorite band atm
73. I also like we the kings
74. I really should be doing homework right now
75. I've written a few songs
76. I can play piano
77. I am learning guitar
78. I also play trombone
79. and everyone thinks it's weird cause I'm a girl
80. I've never kissed anyone
81.I have some crazy friends
82. I miss the fun times I had in middleschool
83. I listen to loud music when I'm mad
84. I don't spent too much time on my hair when I'm going places
85. I can be really emotional
86 I put sentimental value on lots of things
87. I tape my favorite quotes to my bedside lamp
88. I'm almost done with this :)
88. I like ice cream :P
89. My favorite movie is princess bride
90. it's pretty old but I still love it
91. I lo've reading
92. I read the whole Percy Jackson series last week
93. I have over 100 Bible verses memorized
94. I like chocolate :)
95. I don't like eggs
96 Bacon is the best food ever
97. I'm hungry if you can't tell lol
98. this has been fun :)
99. I hope someone takes the time to read all this randomness that is me
100. I love Jesus!!
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3 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Things we have in common:
We are both underage :0
We are both Christian
We both have a great relationship the the lord!
17 which I struggle with. Does that count as a sin? I have a really over active contunce? (The feeling of doing something wrong) please message me @ becky411 my "legal" channel

Your faviorit color is lime green. Do you have panties of that color? As for spankings what is your worst spanking you got from mom or dad.?You said they are very strict.

Great list! I love green too. I thought I cared about your problems enough for you though. :/ I hope to write a list like this one, except maybe more personal.

You do care enough :) remember I haven't really been able to get on here and talk to you in like 2 months though. And I can't wait for yours this was as personal as I felt like being toward everyone so yeah :P

Oh, good. :) Yeah, it's been a long 2 months. This was fine though, I learned some things about you, and this is really personal and open for you, so good for you! I'm glad you're opening up. I'll have to make mine one of these days. :)