100 Things About Me

1.- I love flowers
2.- I am named after a flower
3.- No, I am not Italian
4.- I am Maltese on my dads side
5.- I am half Swedish on my moms side
6.- And I hate Ikea
7.- I LOVE to smoke cigarettes
8.- And I LOVE to drink coffee
9.- Starbucks Sumatra is my fav. blend
10.- I am engaged
11.- But we're not getting married
12.- We've been together 14 years
13.- We have a cat named Sweet Pea
14.- I love animals and nature
15.- I am spiritual not religious
16.- I am pagan / wiccan
17.- I have hair down to my @ss
18.- But I don't have a hairy @ss (hahaha)
19.- I am light brunette/red with hazel green eyes
20.- I am tall at 5'9"
21.- I am extremely creative
22.- I have a small jewelry making business at home
23.- I also make gift baskets
24.- I make my own candles, soaps, and bath salts, etc.
25.- I have my own craft room fully stocked
26.- I love archery
27.- I love to read . . . fiction novels
28.- My favorite author is Dean Koontz
29.- I've never been bored in my life
30.- I am a curious soul
31.- I am easily distracted
32.- I am a Pisces
33.- I find astrology fascinating
34.- I love the paranormal and everything occult
35.- I don't believe in coincidences
36.- I do believe in multiple soul mates
37.- My spirit animal is the jaguar
38.- I read tarot and regular cards
39.- I collect rocks, minerals, and crystals
40.- I have many collections: tarot cards, divination tools, religious and cultural icons, victorian jewelry, coins, books, stamps, dolls, vases, miniatures, brass incense burners, brass bells, antique craft and sewing tools, antique kitchen utensils, roses; boxes, luster ware, pestle and mortars, mini colored glass bottles, picture frames, perfume bottles, victorian tins, mini toys, cast iron trivits, bird figurines, cat figurines, art and jewelry supplies, very small chairs, envelope openers, shot glasses and coffee mugs . . . oh and dust.
41.- I love science . . . especially quantum physics and theories
42.- I think Michio Kaku is the man
43.- I am fascinated with the process of and not the end results
44.- I love the feeling of accomplishment
45,- I want to get a tattoo of the maltese cross on my left upper arm
46.- I wear sunglasses when I am out ALL the time even at night
47.- I have an extremely rare eye condition called "posterior polymorphous cornial dystrophy" . . . basically my eyesight changes with every blink of my eyes
48.- I will eventually need a double cornia transplant
49.- I have diagnosed fibromyalgia
50.- I have diagnosed schizotypal personality disorder
51.- Meaning I do not trust people and have some paranoia issues
52.- I have attempted suicide because of it
53.- But I am normal now due to proper medicine called Abilify
54.- And now I LOVE LIFE . . . yay me . . . hahahaha
55.- I LOVE to laugh and have years to make up for
56.- I have a great sense of humor and can laugh at myself
57.- I love to clean . . . yes that's right . . . I love to clean . . . lol
58.- Especially when I am stressed, the more tedious the stress, the more tedious I clean . . . excellent thing to do when you have alot to work through in your thoughts
59.- I am a bit OCD . . . once I start something it's hard to stop
60.- I am extremely organized . . . probably due to ocd
61.- I have absolutely no fear of death
62.- I plan to be cremated and ashes tossed into the ocean
63.- The ocean is my happy place
64.- I respect different beliefs and values
65.- I am extremely open minded
66.- I am a people pleaser to the core
67.- I am submissive sexually
68.- I am very sensitive in many ways except emotionally I have toughened
69.- I LOVE the feeling of soft . . . again very sensitive
70.- So sensitive I can actually feel color
71.- I prefer night to day and adore the moon
72.- My favorite color is butter yellow, aqua blue, black, purple, depends
73.- I cannot make a decision to save my life . . . lol
74.- I write poetry and short stories
75.- I have been published before in 85, 86, and 87
76.- I adore 18th century poetry
77.- I have a signature perfume I've worn since I was in high school . . . Jovan Musk
78.- I love to draw, write, paint, color. and stipple
79.- I am extremely compassionate and am considered an empath
80.- I am a very good listener and keeper of secrets
81.- I love long drives with no particular destination
82.- I enjoy playing the card game gin rummy 500 and often do with my dad
83.- I prefer the country over a city . . . eeesh
84.- I enjoy all kinds of music but not so much country and rap . . . Eminem being about the only exception
85.- I love walking and hiking in a nature setting
86.- I prefer the cold weather as opposed to the hot weather . . . eeesh . . . I HATE the hot weather . . . makes me physically sick
87.- I love anything to do with interior decorating
88.- My favorite tv channel is HGTV
89.- I hate surfing the web and truely believe modern technology hates me . . . lol
90.- I do love hidden object computer games and the like
91.- I am patient, adaptable, gentle, and kind
92.- But if you harm me I WILL crush you
93.- I am a klutz and probably should be wrapped in bubble wrap
94.- I do not fear change and I know it's truely the only constant
95.- I am grateful and thankful everyday
96.- Halloween is my favorite holiday
97.- I am pro choice . . . with no political affiliations
98.- I always anticipate the worst, but hope for the best
99.- I have a fetish for handbags and purses
100.- I realize I'm at 100 and still have more to tell

maltesemermaid maltesemermaid
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5 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I enjoyed reading that... and also the next one!
It's good that you love life :)

WOW . . . you should get a medal . . . HAHAHAHAHA . . . that's alot of reading . . . thank you my friend . . . 8D

I just read this again and love it even more then the first time....We could totally have fun redecorating! I'd share my bubble wrap with you too! and chocolate!! :D

YOU ARE SUCH A TREASURE SIERRA . . . hahahaha . . . love you . . . 8D

Wow.What an awesome person you are.I might have to Mug Dr Who for his Tardis and visit you. You are a true sister on the aether.

wow . . . I am ? . . . hahahahaha . . . please do come visit . . . would love to have you here . . . sister of mine . . . thank you for taking the time to read and comment shweetie . . . love you . . . 8D

I *loved* your list so much Ms. Mermaid. *smile* We have a lot in common too...with us both being artists and all. I wasn't surprised that you had been published before...because your poems are beautiful. I'm so happy you found a medication that has helped you so much. What a blessing. Numbers 18 and 93 made me giggle. Thanks for sharing your list with us. I thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

YOU are the BEST Miss Kat . . . such thorough and attentive commentary . . . thank YOU for reading that whole thing and always appreciate you stopping by . . . I love that we have so much in common . . . how cool is that . . . I remember your beautiful card works . . . definitely a lover of crafts . . . and thank you for your compliments . . . and am glad you actually enjoyed it . . . awww you make me blush . . . hahahaha . . . love you chickie . . . CRAFT ON . . . . 8D

Wow...What a great list! I'd totally love to look around your craft room.... One of my big plans for 2013 is too learn to make my own candles....I know where to look for help and tips now!!
I loved reading this...Thanks for sharing.... Maybe do another 100!! Everybody should always have more to tell....We are all just books being written by us.... with each minute we live!! :)

oh Sie you are sooo totally invited to my craft oasis . . . lol . . . by all means stop by for tips and tricks . . . hope you do make your own . . . it's really rewarding . . . and just soo much fun . . . not only can you create anything your imagination comes up with but it also makes the place smell soooo beautiful . . . I love making the soaps too for the same reason . . . plus it's soap . . . so clean up is a breeze . . . lol . . . thank YOU for reading sweetie . . . so true chickie . . . everyone is a book being written as we go . . . I love that . . . very cool . . . and yeah . . . I think I will do another . . . thanx Sie . . . 8D . . .

mmmmmmm soap sounds awesome too! I love the way candles make my house smell.... Yayyy on doing another 100 too!! :)