Smiles Go For Miles! :)

Well, here it goes! Eek! :)

1. My name is androgynous, which I like
2. I'm ftm trans
3. I'm pan (not that it really matters?)
4. My EP name comes from the Pokémon game mystery dungeon explorers of sky
5. If SmilesGoForMiles was taken, I would have died! XP
6. I'm generally happy
7. I'm the only one in my ceramics class that enjoys the slip bin
8. I have a pretty suckish family...
9. I have 2 dogs, Max and Maggie
10. My dog Maggie and I share the same initials, all cause Maggie is her middle name
11. We also share a birthday
12. We're both only children
13. We're both hyper
14. We're both pretty clueless
15. I just realized I have more in common with my dog than anyone else
16. I like being alone
17. I've been picked on my whole life
18. I hate history
19. I love bio and English
20. I'm a poet and story writer
21. One of my pen names is "The Play Master"
22. I have at least 5 pen names....ouch
23. I'm weird cuz I write different for each pen name...mainly cuz I like having my work secret
24. Sonnets and villanelles are my favorite poems to write
25. I'm horrible at ballads
26. I love mythology
27. Especially Norse myths
28. My favorite Norse myth is of Fenrir
29. If I were a Norse god, I'd be the god of lightning, because right now I'm really
30. I make a LOT of puns :P
31. I see the world differently than most
32. Some of my poetry is based on dreams
33. I have odd dreams
34. I've had night terrors more than a few times
35. Sometimes my heart goes too fast...
36. I like hello kitty, but I try to be manly about it XD
37. I can sing, but I don't like being heard because I sing like a girl...for obvious reasons >_>'
38. Learning to play a guitar! Whooot! >:D
39. My favorite music is metal and hardcore stuff, but also symphonic metal
40. My favorite band is not the most hardcore's Leaves Eyes
41. But my favorite song is "I'm still here" from the movie Treasure Planet
42. But my favorite movie is, and always has been, attack of the killer tomatoes
43. Jaws doesn't scare me
44. The Ring does
45. I had a dream about that creepy chick coming out of my tv
46. I once dreamt of two zombie rodents trying to kill me...
47. My favorite tv show is....wait for it....THE BIG BANG THEORY!
48. It is cuz I can relate to those nerds, and I know what they're along about
49. My favorite animated show (but not anime) is thundercats
50. My favorite anime is bleach, but black butler comes close
51. Grell Sutcliff is my favorite anime character
52. I can draw anime, but not very well
53. My drawings are all OC
54. My favorite OC of mine is this guy named Shin Yoshida, a psychopath who is constantly switching sides
55. There is no good or evil in my original anime
56. I love nature
57. I love winter
58. It's really hard for me to be cold, but I can't stand being warm!
59. I think I have extra sweat glands ;P
60. Adopted by my grandfather and step grandmother
61. My mother is also my sister and my half siblings are my nieces and nephew...
62. I messed up the family tree
63. My cousin reminds me of my boyfriend
64. I can never find any of those named name is too uncommon
65. But it's growing in popularity recently
66. It means "Elfin King"
67. I am a king *strikes a regal pose*
68. Some day, I will fly
69. I read Szayelapporo Grantz's wiki thing, and now I know what his "fornicaras" and "la lujuriosa" are all about O,o
70. I've seen both yaoi and yuri...I confess...I like yuri more
71. I'm surprised so much fanfic is so gay
72. I have nothing against rainbows
73. I ate lucky charms for breakfast as a kid, but only for the marshmallows
74. I used to think volleyball was ballyball
75. I now hate volleyball
76. I love field hockey (goalie), tennis, table tennis, lacrosse (goalie), and badminton...see a theme there?
77. I love playing handball in gym, our team always wins
78. Our team is the underdogs
79. We have all the Mexicans
80. One of the Mexicans called me an American't
81. And it's true nuff
82. I hate "Ikr" and "ttyl" and "brb"
83. But BYOB is fine with me!
84. I've never had chop suey...
85. But I have done a deer dance
86. And I lost a cake walk
87. The blonde girl got the big yummy cake
88. I'm part crow Indian...
89. But mostly Irish and Scottish! Gimme me irn bru!
90. I actually do like corned beef and cabbage for Saint Patty's day!
91. I also have leek soup
92. I can actually cook
93. My family is from south, we make cornbread stuffing
94. I have a little bit of an accent
95. My voice is high and annoying
96. When I was a kid, I genuinely thought I was a boy...
97. I like Disney movies, yes, but I don't usually admit it
98. I like riddles and puzzles
99. It took me a while to figure out what a paradox was
100! I am so LaVeyan! >:P
SmilesGoForMiles SmilesGoForMiles
18-21, M
Jan 21, 2013