100 Things

Just 100 random things about me that popped into my head they aren't in any particular order.... I'm not that interesting but... oh well..

1)I'm seventeen
2) I'm a girl :P
3) I am a Capricorn but I think the sign of the Virgo suits me better
4) I have naturally blond hair.... I come from an entire family of towheads
5) My eyes are this grayish greenish blue color.... they tend to change color frequently
6) I am the youngest child out of three..... one older brother.... deceased sister
7) My mom is a lawyer and real estate broker
8) My dad is a neurosurgeon/neuropsychiatrist
7) I go to one of the most prestigious high schools in the country
8) The overall workload, competition, requirements is overwhelming.
9) I think my high school has one of the highest suicide rates... (i think)
10) I am extremely nerdy.... don't be fooled by the blonde hair!
11) I love blonde jokes but find them irrelevant since a persons intelligence has nothing to do with their hair color
12) I share a name with a Disney princess :/ ... (hint:sleeping beauty)
13) I was named after the Aurora Borealis (whoops gave away my name!)
14) I'm a tall girl (compared to the U.S average height for a women which is somewhere around 5'4) :P... I'm 5'11 or 1.80 m or 180 cm... I wish I were shorter sometimes
15) It seems as though the only guys taller than me are my brother and my father
16) My weight fluctuates a lot anywhere from 130-150 lbs
17) I almost got a perfect score the first time I took the SAT.... 120 points away!
18) I am a "people person"... or so I've been told..I do have my moments of isolation though
19) I appreciate all genres of music but have a passion for rap, hip hop, rock, funk and folk music
20) I live in New York City and due to my parents occupations have lived in all five boroughs .... Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island.
21) I get severe migraines along with auras :(.... I've been hospitalized for them in many cases
22) I'm extremely ambitous and competitive.... I blame my competitive high school
23) I rarely ever eat breakfast.... I just can't I end up throwing it all up an hour later >.<
24) I think I have eye contact issues..... 0_0..... blaming my father for this one
25) I LOVE my family... cliche but not any less true
26) I was born out of wedlock... my parents did eventually get married :)
27) My parents got married on my 8th birthday... so I share my birthday w/ their wedding anniversary
28) I love cooking and cleaning :P
29) I procrastinate so much.... goddess of procrastination;high priest of inertia
30) I love animals...some days more than people :O
31) I currently have 2 cats and a dog
32) I named one of my cats after myself
33) I named the other one Fred
34) I lost one of my beloved dogs two years ago on new years eve
35) I also have 5 birds one Parrot, one Cockatoo, two Parakeets and one African Grey Parrot (they are a LOT of work)
36) I also have a bala shark, Discus, Angel fish and a Neon Tetra
37) My mom is a superwoman.... :)
38) I have the world's best dad!
39) I have a very close relationship with my brother.. make that my entire family
40) I care way too much about what other people think of me
41) I try to be a positive upbeat optimistic person (try)
42) I have a lot of fair-weather "friends"
43) I was a huge baby..... 9 lbs and 22 inches
44) I think I look older than I actually am
45) I sometimes have to get custom made jeans >.>
46) I think I've taken enough computer classes for enough years to qualify as technologically enhanced
47) I am an aspiring lawyer...
48) I've never had a boyfriend (not really just a lot of crushes)  <-  Currently with someone (kind of) :)
49) I haven't even had my first kiss... I am dreamer so just waiting for "the one"   .> 
50) It's so much more satisfying to give rather than take...
51) My favorite season is fall.... the leaves are so colorful... the weather is also just right not too cold or hot
52) I constantly doubt and second guess myself
53) I worry too much too often
54) I am contemplating graduating high school early
55) I am listening to Voodoo Chile by Jimi Hendrix right now
56) I wish I was born in August instead of January
57) My favorite colors are purple, blue, black, orange, red, green, yellow.... okay I don't have a favorite color
58) I wish I had dark hair and dark eyes...
59) I wish I was shorter... did I say that already?
60) I have long hair
61) I wear glasses... or clear contacts
62) I can play the piano and all the string instruments... learned piano by ear
63) I like chess... was part of the chess team in middle school
64) I play ice hockey, BASKETBALL, European handball, soccer, and volleyball
65) I am part of the co ed basketball team at my school
66) I love a good chick flick :D
67) My earliest injury was a thumb fracture ....one too many monkey bars
68) I fractured my knee last year on Friday the 13th 0_0
69) I like the number 69
70) I don't like hospitals :(
71) I eat too much chocolate
72) I have read all the harry potter books
73) I am ambidextrous.... it tends to run in my family my mom and brother are as well
74) I still go trick or treating... never too old?
75) I have NEVER in my life gotten below an 83 on an exam
76) I have very vivid dreams.... nightmares
77) I have long eyelashes ...
78) Someone once compared me to a swan <3
79) I know English, Spanish, Pig Latin, Modern Greek and a bit of Italian
80) I'm a movie buff
81) I watch too many sci-fi movies
82) I draw anime and do digital art (not as often anymore)
83) I have an unhealthy obsession for anime/manga
84) I am NOT photogenic
85) My eye just twitched
86) I visited London last summer and loved it!
87) I've been told I'm a very compassionate, personable and friendly person :D
88) I have my drivers licence.... it's restricted though... damn age restrictions!
89) Now I'm listening to Lose Yourself by Eminem
90) I tend to find beauty in many things...even where most others would not find it.
91) I love running .... it's a great stress reliever for me
92) I have 4 bookshelves full of books I've read
93) I love adventures, learning, and trying new things.
94) I am a hopeless romantic
95) I try to see the best in people
96) I like to think of myself as responsible, goal-oriented, open minded, and hardworking
97) People have told me I'm stubborn
98) I am friends with people for who they are, not what they look like or the 'popularity status' they hold.
99) My mom says I'm very outspoken.... that's a good thing right?
100) I appreciate the little things in life

Finally it's complete! ≧◡≦

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9 Responses Jan 23, 2013

You have questions to answer, ha

I got to 83 and then I stopped reading. WOW girl. You have done it all. Well, not exactly, but still. Hats off.

your a clever girl with supportive parents

look at the bright side - your too clever to avoid that

totally knocking on your door in a year....

Jeezus. That's a lot of info all at once. I think you are being way humble on that first part :)

You have lots of pets, family is great, and... you play Hockey?!

Damn, you are one tough New Yorker.

But I did read your story ;)

Did you just call yourself not interesting? You're incredibly interesting! :D
And also quite intimidating, lol. You've done way more stuff than I have. :)

You and i share a LOT of common things!!!
Pts no 2,10,17,22,23,25,28,29,30,48,49,50,52,53,60,61,62,70,71,72,75,76,90,92,93,94,95,96,97,
98,99 and 100!!! You're awesome!! :)

Wow..your blessed! Thats really cool I found some similarities like the Real estate mom thing (not the lawyer part), the unhealthy obsession with anime/manga, the procrastination issue, and the liking people for them not there social status. & Yeah, you do match a virgo (Total astrology/zodiac sign lover coming at cha!) My boyfriends also a Virgo lol. There very independent. I think this was cool & think tag other people to do it that way we can learn more about eachother lol :) Anyway RATE UP from me!! Loved it.

u r cute:) ...